Twenty Three

23rd Birthday

This is a super delayed post, thanks to everything that happened this week. So I apologize for now, but hey, this post has pictures! (Like that’s any consolation :P)

ANYWAY. I’d go through paragraphs and paragraphs of how my birthday went but I realized it may be a bit boring to read…so instead, I’ll go for timelines. So…how did my twenty-third birthday go?

March 16, 2009

7:00pm – received a call from Niki, and when I answered, all the YFC DLSU present at the worship (16 of them, I heard) sang me “Happy birthday”. ♥ I have no idea who everyone was there, but thank you! ♥

7:30pm – received a groupcard in my work inbox. Hey, it’s a Group Card from my IBM friends! A day early but what the heck. Thank you!

9:00 – 11:00pm – had the longest call of our training ever. I was chatting with Grace, Cors and Reggie all the while and I kept getting asked what time my call would end and all. Reggie then asked if I wanted to go get ice cream later after the call which was kind of weird since he’s on a diet. The call ended, and I started fixing my stuff. But wait, there’s another call! Reggie calls me and tells me someone was waiting for me outside, though, so…

11:00pm – I headed out to the reception area and saw Cors’ shoes immediately. I saw her carrying a cake with a candle and was already surprised, but not until Happy popped out from behind the reception table with a bouquet of flowers and the yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Whoaaaa. I accepted the flowers, gaped at Happy’s presence at the office and then blew the candle out. Then I noticed, right in the middle of the bouquet was a SUNFLOWER. AWWWW talk about finally crossing that out of my wishlist! :P

11:10pm-11:45pm – I had to go back inside because I still had one call, so Cors put the cake in the box again and Happy said she’ll wait for me downstairs. I went back in and got back into another call, but still shaking from the surprise and amazed at how pretty a sunflower looks in real life. We had the call and then headed down to go home.

March 17, 2009

12:10am – arrived at home, and Happy and I set up the cake and took photos. I blew the candle off again and then it was cake time!

12:20-2:00am – ate cake and talked with Happy. And marveled again at how pretty the sunflower is. :P Ahaha, I’ve never really spent the first few hours of my birthday with a friend so this is a first. :) Thanks Happs. ♥

2:00am-3:00am – Birthday prayer time! :)

9:00am – woke up with text messages in my phone with the usual greetings. I headed back to my computer and saw my gMail inbox was filled with Facebook notifications. Overwhelming, man. And they kept on coming! :D

12:00pm-1:00pm – arrived at SM Megamall to hear mass. Met up with brother’s girlfriend after the mass then we hunted for a place to eat.

1:00pm-2:00pm – Lunch at Bigby’s, my treat! Yummy salad, yummy steak, yummy shake, oh and I got a free cake! And a birthday song. My brother’s girlfriend also gave me a really nice present — something I could definitely use in my commute. :P I’ll post about that sometime soon. Bigby’s was a lot like TGI Friday’s with really nice decor. Our waiter was really nice, and very friendly — I bet he’d also be good at sales jobs. :) Oh, it’s my first time to be greeted at a restaurant too. :P

3:30pm – Got to work, and saw a present from some office friends on my table. Opened my email and saw an overwhelming number of emails and Facebook messages again. Haha.

5:00pm – Headed to Haagen Dasz (sp?) with Grace to buy ice cream for the team…and then headed to 7-11 instead. I dreamt of Haagen Dasz, but it’s waaaaaay out of my budget. So…no thanks. Pistachio ice cream is nice. :)

7:00pm-10:00pm – Found out there were two episodes of The Listener for download! Wohoo, Craig Olejnik! ♥ It’s like another birthday gift, haha! Anyway, I spent the rest of the night at work, finishing some things and then went home when my brother arrived.

11:30pm – full with ice cream and cake, I looked at the sunflower again and then went back to my room to watch The Listener episodes with Macy.

March 18, 2009

12:30am – Felt a bit bummed that someone I know and is close to forgot my birthday. I don’t know what’s up, really…but it kinda stung. Oh well. Maybe I’ll post about it sometime, but not now. I want good vibes.

7:00pm – Birthday dinner with Cors, Gel, Anj and Grace at Pancake House. We missed you, Bel and Rosco! Talked about lots of stuff, got another present (thanks for the very pink journal :P), and took pictures for Marvs who we were all missing. :P

March 19, 2009

12:45pm-2:00pm – Met up with Jomar after a loooong time, and had lunch and talked about books, blogs, music, media and all the things that Joms and I talk about. Haha. Then had dessert at Red Mango while he played with Macy and I played NFS with his phone.

The rest of the week was filled with a game of charades, issues at work and the general feeling of being older. Haha. The “birthday” glow has long faded, as far as I can tell, but being 23 isn’t so bad. I just feel…well, older but in a good sense.

I’m happy at how my week turned out. Plus there were so many firsts in this birthday that it’s really going to be memorable, just as how every other birthday has been. :) I mean, come on, it’s another year to celebrate life, how could it not be memorable?

So, I thank everyone who’s greeted me, made an effort to make my day special (that’s you, Happy! :P), the people I fed, those who left Facebook messages, text messages, YM messages, Multiply comments, and comments in my previous post, and who greeted me in every way possible. :) Thanks to my family for allowing me to get the iPod Touch, haha!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. ♥

And most of all, thank You Lord. I know I don’t deserve any of Your grace or Your love, yet You give them anyway, and that is reason enough to be even more thankful. Thank You for another year, and I pray that this year be a year that I get to know You and love You better. Thank You. ♥

Here’s to 23. :)