Dissecting Depression

Also known as: A commercial, part 1

Yesterday I finally set out to clean out some of the plastic bags in my room where it’s been in the same state ever since we moved back to the house. This made my mom slightly happier at the state of my room and my OC tendencies slightly pleased too because there were two less plastic bags in my room.

But this isn’t a Housekeeping post.  While I did clean out some things and I basically organized some books, I found something else entirely interesting too: old journals. Some coming from 1998, if you will believe it. :P I had a grand time flipping through some of them and laughing at how petty some of my concerns were. And how stupid I sounded. Ah, journals, the perfect time machine.

Anyway, I had to laugh at how much I exaggerate things, too. Case in point, sometime in 2001, I wrote this:

This depression thing is very new to me. I’m somewhat always been in the verge of depression, but never truly depressed. That’s why I’m writing on you, maybe I can release my depression so I can function properly again.

And I really don’t want to be depressed. I bet this isn’t even major depression, and I don’t want to be depressed.

Say what, 15 year old me?

Anyway, I highly doubt that was depression anyway, but just good old teenage angst. I can’t believe I used that term so much back then, especially since depression is a serious thing. I haven’t experienced it and I don’t know someone who have experienced it, but I know that it’s something that should not be dismissed. Imagine waking up everyday and facing a black hole that you just don’t want to move. (Of course, I’m writing that line based on a book I read that had a depressed character, not because I had firsthand experience)

I found this really nifty infographic (Sidenote: I am loving infographs lately) about depression, and it has pretty much all the basic info needed about this condition, be it for yourself or someone you know. I guess I should be careful with using that word now — sometimes, these bouts of sadness are really just leftover angst.

Via: Canada Drug Center

Housekeeping: Office Drawer – Check!

Also known as: Like I said, this is a reason to blog. Clean up, part 1!

One of the things I keep on having to remind myself is this: things get done when you just do it. It’s very simple, but it’s always been the thing that goes away when I procrastinate over some things. Another thing I realized is the things I often procrastinate on doing usually don’t take too much time to do once I start doing it. You know how we put off some things for later because we feel like it would take ages to finish, but when you sit down and do it, it takes only a few minutes of your time? That. I am constantly realizing that, too.

The point is: I’ve decided to get moving on some of the things I listed down in my Housekeeping post. I managed to clean most of it in record time, and I am proud of myself. :D So part one of Clean! All! Things! to-do list is:

Organize my office cabinet. Or mobile pedestal, as we call it. Right now, I could fool myself into thinking that I have a nice, clean office cabinet since we got issued new ones after our nth move to another building in the last how many years. It barely contains anything — just some snacks, a notebook and my laptop when I go home after work — and I could think of so many ways to organize the things I can put in there…but alas. I can’t do that. Because I have an entire lateral cabinet-full of things that I have accumulated in the past four years I am in this company. And I need to clean that. Soon. Really soon.

A few days ago, I arrived at work with a note posted on my sort-of empty cabinet, about cataloging all the drawers and removing the ones that were unclaimed. I didn’t know if they also meant cleaning out the other lateral cabinets, but I thought it was…so I figured maybe I should stuff my things in there already and work on clearing it all out later on. Just to make sure my junk stuff are safe, you know?

So I got my things and I was surprised that it wasn’t really that bad. Okay, fine, I left some things at the lateral cabinet, things that I know I won’t be using anymore. The rest of the things, I was meaning to stuff in my drawer until I decided: What the heck. Let’s organize all these.

I ended up throwing some things, of course. The rest I managed to put in my cabinet and still have some leftover space. I know, I can hardly believe it either. Unfortunately, I don’t have before photos, but I have after!