Also known as: When fear grips you like a vise

Have you ever had that moment when you were doing okay one moment, and then something happens — you got a call, discovered something, saw/heard/read something and then everything changes.

And then it comes. It makes your heart beat faster (and not in a nice way). Your chest tightens and your hands feel colder. You feel like the air is being sucked around you and from you. It grips you like a vise, immobilizing you, but it also makes you want to run, fast and far, with no definite destination, just away.

Fear. It cuts like a sharp knife and if you try to ignore it, it becomes a teeny tiny voice that keeps you distracted, that tries to take everything away from you until you’re so far from who you were before it attacked you and all you can wonder is how you got to that point. But you know how you got there, really — you just don’t really know how to get out.

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