Great God

Also known as: My first SFC ICON experience

So they say.

It was during a sort-of impromptu meet-up with my Europe friends that it all happened. We were talking about possible missions for 2012 when we started talking about the upcoming SFC International Conference (ICON). It was about two weeks to the conference but I have long accepted that I wouldn’t be going. For one thing, I couldn’t take a leave from work. Another, I already had an event lined up for that week.

So we were talking about mission trips, right? Then they told me, “You have to be at the ICON if you want to go on a mission.”

“For real?” I asked, worried.

“Yes! You can’t go to a mission trip if you don’t go there!”

Truth be told, I didn’t really believe it. However, they were all very insistent (and I mean everyone at the table, even the ones who were still in YFC). Even if I can’t file a leave they said I can fly in on Saturday. Whatever argument I give, they have something to say back.

And I really, really wanted to go to a mission trip. Especially if it’s in Europe for this year. So if I want that, I have to go to the ICON, right?

So I finally said yes. Within a few hours, I got to register at the last minute (thanks to my two chapter heads present at the meet-up) and in less than 48 hours, I had my flight booked. At first, I didn’t even know if I would be able to afford it, especially since this was sort of an impulse trip. But like what my friend Dodge said, if the impulse was Spirit led, God will take care of it.

And take care of it He did. If you must know, I found cheap airfare and I actually spent a lot less than what I expected in the entire trip.

But let’s not get ahead.

So there. Before that week ended, it was sure: I will be attending my first SFC International Conference this year.

* * *