6 thoughts on “43 Days”

  1. Aha! Fall Like Rain! Haha Hindi mo papabasa sa akin ang nagawa mo na. Natapos mo na nga ba? Waahhh… Work!!! Hahahaha

  2. Tuesday: Hindi ko pa tapos! No time to write! :( Hahaha.

    Ganns: Yay, another Pinoy Wrimo! :) Go go go! It’s one of the writing highlights of the year. :D

  3. TINA!

    Write. Write. Write! You’ll figure out which you want to go forward with. Sit down and flesh out some new ideas or something. Brainstorm about which you might want to start and finish. Know what I mean? (=- Anyway, I hope to read it come December.

    You’ll figure it out sister. (=- Love ya’ *squeeze*

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