A Nugget of Wisdom from The Lion King

Well, last week wasn’t really a long week, as I predicted last Monday night. Things actually started looking up by Tuesday, and it’s funny how God surprises me by answering my prayers in the most unexpected way and at the most unexpected time. Basta, all I can say is God is good, and I know that I am in very safe hands. :)

I spent the rest of the week reading, and going out with my mom; by Friday, I went to school to support Tuesday on her defense and to meet up with some friends who I haven’t seen for a long time. My brother’s iPod went bye bye (the sad iPod picture showed…it’s cute, even if I know the iPod is dead), talked to friends and then went to the Elim Singles table talk with Happy. It was fun, and half the time Happy, Bea and I were laughing. :P Then I spent two lazy days at home, just reading and watching TV. What a life, eh?

I know this kind of bum life is going to end soon, and I am trying to prepare myself. Or, starting to prepare myself. Thing is, I don’t know how…and I have this thing of “crossing the bridge” when I get there. Tomorrow is a day that I know would change my life (I was thinking of something less drastic, but I realized that tomorrow would probably change my life) and the choice I would make tomorrow morning would determine where I will be for the next two years or so. I’ve been waiting for this, though, but I still can’t help but be kind of scared because it’s a major decision. As in MAJOR. I’m kind of nervous, but as I was praying earlier today, I just let God handle it. After all, it’s useless to worry about tomorrow today, when today has enough worries of its own.

I’ve learned in the past days that it’s more important to deal with what you have now than to worry about what is about to happen. Take note that it’s not wrong to prepare for tomorrow, but it is wrong to keep your eyes on tomorrow and forget to deal with today. So now what I’m learning is to totally banish worrying from my life. As Simba, Pumbaa and Timon said, Hakuna Matata. No worries, because God is in control. I should not worry because God is taking care of me. I shouldn’t worry because I know that God loves me and whatever happens to me is part of His will. I shouldn’t worry because that’s just going to make things worse. You know? Worrying breeds some kind of fear of tomorrow, and God does not want us to live with fear.

Of course, it’s hard, but what matters is I try. :) So why don’t you try it with me? Try removing the word “worry” in your vocabulary for a day. Whenever you find yourself worrying, turn away from it, look to God and remind yourself that God is big enough and He is in control. See what you feel afterward. :)

Altogether now, HAKUNA MATATA! :)