Afternoon productivity and job thoughts

Today was a relatively relaxed day, after getting a lot of sleep last night. :) Except when I started doing an inventory of my books, which took me around all afternoon. But it was fun. I realized that I lost some of the books that I loved to read before, such as those Sweet Valley Twins books Goodbye Middle School and Twins at College. I know I had them there somewhere…unless someone borrowed it and I forgot again. Or they’re just somewhere around the room, waiting to be unearthed. Ohwell.

But get this. I have a total of 324 books. That includes all novels, series, self-help/religious and even the kids books I have in my room. I can’t believe it. But then again, I’ll be selling some of it sometime soon, once I get to sorting the list out and send them to Booktopia. I could use some space and cash. :) Now the thing is, what should I let go of. I should start that tonight. :D

I’ve got my resume in Jobstreet and JobsDB done, and open for searching…now I wait. I still have to look for companies who have job openings. The thing is, whenever I see them, I read their qualifications and then start feeling oh-so inadequate all over again. My brain practically freezes when I read some of the requirements for application (management eklavu and whatnot)…probably because I’m not an IT graduate. I can’t believe some of the terms seems so alien to me, and there’s this nagging feeling that I should know them and then I’d feel stupid because I don’t.

But, I believe that those are just the devil whispering words of despair to me so I would not have the desire to work because I would always feel insufficient. No way, I won’t fall for that. Away from me, in Jesus’ name!

I believe that You will lead me to the right job, but I have to take the first step. Like sending my resume and all that. So that’s what I’m doing right now. Unilever, Smart and Globe down, whatever companies else to go. Haha, this is quite fun, actually.

I’m thinking of going to LTO tomorrow afternoon for my license, but I’m too lazy to do so. Hmm…that’s bad. Let’s see. But I have to go to LTO this week, that’s for sure.

I shall go and finish these applications and then finish what I’m reading already. :D I never realized having so many books can be so tiring as well. I have three more books on my reading list, not to mention the old ones that have been pushed all the way back. Haha, I can do this. :D

To all of my batchmates who are up to their ears with thesis: YOU CAN DO IT! =) *waves pompoms* Go go gooooo! Onti nalang!