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Afternoon productivity and job thoughts

Today was a relatively relaxed day, after getting a lot of sleep last night. :) Except when I started doing an inventory of my books, which took me around all afternoon. But it was fun. I realized that I lost some of the books that I loved to read before, such as those Sweet Valley Twins books Goodbye Middle School and Twins at College. I know I had them there somewhere…unless someone borrowed it and I forgot again. Or they’re just somewhere around the room, waiting to be unearthed. Ohwell.

But get this. I have a total of 324 books. That includes all novels, series, self-help/religious and even the kids books I have in my room. I can’t believe it. But then again, I’ll be selling some of it sometime soon, once I get to sorting the list out and send them to Booktopia. I could use some space and cash. :) Now the thing is, what should I let go of. I should start that tonight. :D

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Leaps of Faith

I figure it’s time for some serious blogging, aside from reviews. I’ve been talking too much about the things I’ve watched and read lately that this is becoming a review blog.

I’m almost done with my self-imposed vacation, and I shall start my job hunting tomorrow. Well, I’ll start it on Monday, actually, since tomorrow isn’t a business day. But tomorrow, I shall fix my resume, beef up my portfolio a bit and then fix my JobStreet and JobsDB resumes as well. And then it’s work time…or at least, job hunt time.

I make it sound so easy, but you know what? I’m terrified. I still feel like a fish out of the water, a chicken running around with its head cut off. I still feel so inadequate and to think I graduated from one of the top universities in the country.

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