Busy, busy Bee

And suddenly, there’s so much work to do!

I don’t know if I should be happy…but it’s got me feeling…productive. And I like that feeling.

Hey, maybe that’s what I am supposed to do. Be productive. It doesn’t matter what field it may be…as long as I am productive, I am happy. Or at least, fulfilled.

Sooo…as for the job woes? I’m hanging on. Hanging by a moment, actually. I’m standing here until You make me move. I believe this is where You want me to be. Help me to trust You with all my heart, Lord.

Time to go home!  I have a  packed weekend, and the next few weeks are going to be packed as well, so I’d really appreciate some prayers. :) Thank you!

Now it’s time to go! I promise to write more once I get the time. I really do!

Oh, and don’t forget the Blog Parteeh! See you there on Saturday!

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