End of Difficult Weeks, I Hope

Ah, Saturday!

It’s no news that the past days/weeks has been a bit of hectic for me, because of all the things I’ve signed myself up to do. The past weeks has been difficult — physically, mentally and emotionally. But I think I’m finally done with everything…okay, almost everything. I think I still have some leftover stuff I need to do, but most of the pending stuff are done. :)

Admittedly the past week has been better than the last few ones, probably because I’m not worrying about Australia anymore.  I guess it really is a blessing in disguise that I didn’t push through because if I was, I probably be wouldn’t blogging right now, plus I’d probably be going crazy right now with preparing. Not to mention bankrupt with all the things I need to buy for my trip. No regrets. :)

Townhall Team - Photo by Sam YaokasinLast night was our company’s townhall ((A company-wide meeting where the bosses give updates about the company and its initiatives)), and I was a part of the townhall committee. It was a month-long preparation, and I’m really glad I survived it. :D I got to head the creatives team, which I chose to be a part of mostly because of what I do for the club I am a part of at work — make email announcements. Turns out there’s so much more stuff to do for the team — from the program concept to the script to the sounds! ACK! Thank God I was with a great team! It was stressful, yes, but it was all a great learning experience. In the span of two weeks, I learned how to animate in Flash ((Yes, I know Flash, but I’m more of an Action Script person than animation)) and edit sounds in Garageband (overnight!). I also made a simple Flash presentation in the span of an hour. That’s a personal record. :D

The townhall was a success, at least in my point of view. It may not be as grand as the kick-off early this year, but I know we gave all our best here. There’s still one more townhall on Monday which I have to sit out on since I really need to rest. But that’s one thing off my Big Rocks list for the next week. :) Yay.

Oh, but there was a surprising moment yesterday! On the second part of the awarding ceremony at the townhall, they were showing some videos about employees who have embodied one of the company’s values. On the fourth video, there was a news report of sorts by none other than our club president and other friends, and then all of a sudden, I saw my face (and four other friends’ faces) onscreen. Haha, turns out, we were being honored for being dedicated to the club! Surprise galore? So that’s why MM said something about everything being worth it in the end. Haha. So again, even if I said this in the email last Friday, let me say it once again: THANK YOU! :)

After last night’s second run, I met up with my successor in the project team I’ve been heading for the past two quarters, and I’m really glad that my term for being lead is over. :) I like what I do, but it’s kind of tiring being the lead. Plus, it’s time for someone else to take over. :)

I went home and slept like a log until almost noon. I watched Horton Hears a Who on DVD and then some TV and finally went to Galleria to go online. Obviously I’m still here, and I’m still deciding if I should get a pedicure later to treat myself. But maybe after I finish accounting my funds.

So it’s a relatively slow Saturday. I’ve got some little stuff I need to do, but like I said, it’s little. I want to spend some time alone for a while because I’ve been surrounded by people lately. Me time, me time.

I just realized how…novel-ish this situation is. I’m sitting at a coffee shop with my laptop, iPod plugged into my ear, cellphone beside me and a book waiting to be read. Plus I’ll be going home to the condo later, and for a few hours I’d be sitting there alone because my brother’s going home late. How…grown-up. Ha, I feel like I’m Rain.:P

Here’s to a relatively quiet weekend. :) Starting next week I’ll be going back home to our house because condo living is expensive. Sure, it feels more posh to live in a condo but it’s definitely cheaper to just go home. I guess…here’s to a relatively quiet week ahead. :D

Happy weekend everyone!

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