Holiday Weekend

The holiday weekend is almost ending, and let me just say: this is probably the weekend I really went out a lot. Interesting. I’m really more of a homebody even if I’m trying hard to be a social butterfly. But I figured that it’s payday weekend and after this, I’d be saving up for the new laptop which I plan to buy at the end of the year (or sooner, God-willing), I’d better make the most out of this weekend.

The first order of the weekend started Thursday night, where my teammates and I trooped over to Marikina to eat dinner at this Dampa-like place at Riverbanks. None of us took pictures of the amount of food we all took in, but trust me, we were stuffed. The dinner consisted of sisig, liempo, stuffed grilled tilapia, stuffed squid, sinigang na maya maya, ensaladang mangga, talong and bagoong, baked clams with cheese, sizzling tuna and lots of rice. Yes siree, I broke whatever diet I’m trying to follow that night. :P But that doesn’t really matter, because the food was so good. And as a treat to our team leader who has been treating us countless times whenever we all eat out at Eastwood (we’re spoiled that way), we all chipped in so he won’t have to pay for his food. After all that stuffing, we headed to Figaro to hang out for a while over cold drinks and hot chocolate and spent the next hour laughing and talking about our first three months together. :) As Grace told me the next day, we spent more than three hours eating and laughing. Good times. Thank You Lord for these people. :)

Saturday Friday was a day spent with my favorite girls. It was a looooong awaited and planned “reunion” which almost didn’t push through with us being complete, but I’m really happy that Bea caught us at Seattle’s Best even if she could only stay for a while. :) Unfortunately, our photo booth pictures in Tuesday’s new toy were deleted accidentally so we don’t have a group photo, but we do have individual photos, so this should work:

Godchicks - 10.12.07

Yes, that’s all in the same place, only taken at different times. Please ignore our goofy faces in the center photo. :)

Elisa, Tuesday's MacBook with green crystal caseAnyway, I met up with Happy and Tuesday at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Eastwood (yes, I never get tired of that place) first, and we planned to hang out there for a while. Then Tuesday said she wanted to go to Bonifacio High Street to buy her new toy a crystal case, so off we went to The Fort. Now, I’m not really a BHS person, and to be honest, the last time I went to Serendra left me feeling very awkward. But being with my girls made it feel very comfortable. And oh so sosyal. Haha kidding. Happy bought her brown Havs (as shown in the photo), and then we chipped in to buy Tuesday’s green crystal case for her brand new toy, Elisa. Pretty, pretty.

After buying the crystal case, we went to Seattle’s Best to hang out and Happy treated us to drinks. That was my second coffee shop drink for the day — how elitistang burgis. :)) Bea arrived with Migs, hung out for a while and then I gave her my gifts and off they went to dinner. The three of us stayed for a little while and then Tuesday dropped us back at Eastwood and Happy dropped me off at the tricycle terminal and off we went. I love these girls. Oh, and we definitely have a lot coming up for the Godchicks website, so please excuse the non-activity for now and we’ll be back up very very soon. :)

The Thesismates - Starbucks, 10.13.07

Saturday found me in another coffee shop, this time, Starbucks. From all girls, I went to an all guys thing (yes, the guy includes me, figure it out) and met with the thesismates to talk about some unfinished business. I told myself I wouldn’t be spending on any drink after the two coffee-shop drinks I had the day before, but I ended up getting some. Pfft. Oh well. We talked about the project for about ten minutes and then talked about other things for the rest of the time. :)) But we’re really finishing this project — all for the MacBook! (More on this later) After that, Rye, Micko and I ate lunch at a group favorite, A Venetto and then I had to rush to Medical City to accompany my brother to the dermatologist. Then I went home and fiddled with Flash, and realized how much I don’t know about it anymore. Eeep.

Finally, Sunday. My gimmicks were cancelled, so I just tagged along with grocery shopping with my mom and brother, then slept the afternoon away. My weekend has been fun, and tomorrow it’s back to work. And let me just sa (for the nth time): I love that I’m not dreading Mondays anymore. :)

There are some things I didn’t get to do this weekend, such as watch Stardust with old YFC friends or help a high school friend buy his laptop (and now that I think of it, if all my plans pushed through, this would’ve been a reunion packed weekend), but it’s okay. I’ll find time for these. But this by far, is one of my favorite weekends ever. :)

This is such a long and personal entry that I won’t be surprised if people didn’t finish it. So if you read way up to here…well, good for you. :P

Have a great week ahead everyone!