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day four.

Finally, it’s Friday. I feel like it’s been such a long week even when it’s really not. I’ve just been really busy, I guess. And I know I said I love my job and all, but loving it doesn’t mean I don’t love my weekends. :P

…Although there came a time when I did dislike not going to work (I know, right?!?!) because…well, not only because I like my work but for other reasons. I’d really rather not elaborate, thankyouverymuch.

So anyway, Friday! And weekend!

A couple of days ago, Earl and I were talking about our own luxuries in life and why we seem to be running out of money all the time (haha). One of my major luxuries is books, of course (which is why I’m fasting from buying them now), followed closely by food (of course). I kind of wish I spent more on clothes before, because it’s kind of painful to shop for them today. But I don’t think I’d love books as much if I spent more on clothes. :P

Anyway. After some thinking, I realized that another thing I spend money on lately is all my weekend gimmicks with friends. Thinking back, I realized that I seem to be out every weekend, save for one weekend that I try to be at home. Ever since January, I’ve been out to birthday parties, movies, musicals, gym days and fun runs, trips, concerts and all kinds of stuff with my friends. I’m not complaining, of course. It’s fun to be out with awesome people, who can discuss movies, plan parties with, given the chance. I did say my friends are awesome, right? :) Who needs a guy when you have awesome friends? (I just have to say that :p)

This weekend, although low on funds (oh, but wait, I got a blessing earlier from work, so yay!), I’m going to enjoy it. :D Here’s the line up:

  • Gym tomorrow morning — Body Combat with my gym friends.
  • Pamper day – hair treatment and possibly foot spa and pedicure, because my hair and feet need it, badly.
  • Shopping day, if there’s time. I swear, I need to make time for this, but I don’t know if I can make time/have enough money to do this tomorrow!
  • Alice in Wonderland!
  • Sunday with the family.

I’m declaring it an extended weekend too, even if I have to go to work on Monday. Because…

Yeah. Weekend (and then some), here I come. :)

Long Weekend

In our line of work, not everyone follows whatever holiday the government declare. Since most of the people at work follow different clients/timezones/countries, they’d have to follow what their client/timezone/country calls especially with holidays. But, since we’re servicing global clients, our team follows Philippine holidays, and because our country has so many holidays, you know what that means. :P

Yes, I love Philippine holidays. I don’t really agree about moving the holidays to Mondays and all, but I admit that I love having long weekends. :)

Let’s take this four-day weekend for example. Friday night was movie night at work, and my friends and I watched Wall-E, which was a really cute movie. :D It was followed by dinner with some friends and then preparations for the next day’s outing, a first for my team. There weren’t too many of us that we’d need to buy a bus to transport us all there, but there were a lot of people who came, which made it a fun event still. :D

Saturday and Sunday was a trip to Laguna with my teammates and other friends from the account and friend of friends. Fun times playing cards, videoke, billiards, swimming and of course, drinking. :P It’s been a while since I did this; and last summer outing doesn’t count because I was the organizer and this time I was just a participant. :D Got home Sunday with a major headache (haha),  and slept it off until mass time.

Yesterday, I spent the day at Shang, roaming around looking for clothes and books while waiting for my best friend who I was supposed to meet. It was fun meeting up with her again since the last time we saw each other was last…May, and we hardly talk lately because of our busy schedules. Yummy (but expensive) dinner at Green Tomato, but good company, so it makes up for it.

Today, the last day of my long weekend, is the day I am supposed to do some extra curricular stuff at work so I can get a headstart on them. Of course, lazy me hasn’t started yet, but I will…in a while. :) I’ll be doing some baking tonight too, just for kicks and for a friend’s birthday this week. If this goes well, I’ll probably be baking this for the holidays too.

So that’s my long weekend. :D How was yours? :)

Sunday Randomness

The last time I sat here at Robinson’s Galleria’s Starbucks with my laptop (ole Ginger, not Aslan) was back November 2006, where I sat at the corner, busy writing my NaNoWriMo novel. That was such a long time ago…I can’t believe it’s been more than a year. :) That was way before I did some admin job search…which was more than a year ago too. Now I’m back, because I’m sick of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and nothing beats Starbucks’ iced mocha (but I’m saying that only because I think it tastes like their Dark Mocha…or does it?). However, there’s always so many people here, it’s hard to find a nice seat where I can be privy to my own thoughts. Bah. :P I miss Seattle’s Best.

Before I continue, let me just say that the previous paragraph sounded so elitistang burgis, as my thesismate would say. :P

On another note, I bought two books yesterday. I was originally planning to buy only one, so I dropped by Bestsellers to see if Jasper Fforde’s latest Thursday Next novel (First Among the Sequels) is already available in paperback. I didn’t find it there, but I really wanted to get a book to read (this is beside the fact that I have two unread books at the condo — Pride and Prejudice and Wicked, but I don’t feel like reading them), so I ended up getting something fluffy: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. After staying at Coffee Bean, I went around the mall for a while and decided to visit National Bookstore. Lo and behold, there was the paperback version of the first book I was hunting. Of course I bought it. :D I’m more than halfway done, and I kind of had a hard time adjusting to Fforde’s world again, but after a few pages, I’m back on track. I love this series, and if you haven’t read it, well, go to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of The Eyre Affair or The Big Over Easy! If you like reading books, you’d love this series — I mean that literally! :)

All these book talk suddenly reminded me: Book Fair is just around the corner! Ack, does this mean more books to be added to my To-Be-Read pile? Looks like it.^^;

And now from books, we go to writing. I’ve had a lot of alone time this weekend and I’m sad to say I did not do one bit of writing. :( I hardly even touched my journal. Sure, I carry it around, but I haven’t really gotten down to write anything on it. Ack, I suck. Aside from blogging and emails, my creative writing has taken a break. And I miss it. I so want to write something, maybe even a bit connected to what’s happening right now, or even write some bits of the novel I’m planning to write this year…but it’s either I’m too lazy to do so, or whenever I try to write, I just come out dry. :| This is one of the times I wish I had a friend like Thursday Next to get me a plot device from the BookWorld to play with my stories. Or…maybe I just need to exert more effort. :P

I’m getting out of Starbucks in a while to hear mass and probably go back to the condo to check if our bathroom is dry and mop it up if it’s not (don’t ask), and then head back here to get dinner and invade another coffee shop. Oh and probably buy that cute white shoes at Celine. Tomorrow’s the start of another work week, and I’m ready to conquer it (I think).

This random post is brought to you by Lifehouse, an iced mocha drink, the letter A and the number 427. Don’t ask. :P

Long Hours and Weekends

It’s Friday!

And I’m still at work! ACK!

I’ve been spending long hours at work lately because of all the…er, work, I have to do. For some reason, things have been piling up, both the real work and the extra curricular stuff. It feels like school all over again, with all the projects and extra curricular stuff that I used to be involved in. Couple that with the rainy season we seem to be experiencing lately, and I feel like Eastwood is my new Taft campus. Did that make sense?

In one of my meetings this past week, I was definitely feeling the stress (but that’s also because there was some kind of issue with the team before then, hence the more stress), but while I was at the meeting, I was feeling a bit…calm. My project teammates told me I look and act even more hyper when I have so much stuff to do. Eh, really? I didn’t notice.

But…maybe they’re right. Looking back, it’s not that I like having so many things to do, but my energy level doesn’t seem to die down, even if I was up to my ears with things to do. I’d like to believe I’m more focused than before and I finish everything on time, but that’s quite ambitious of me. :P I have learned, however, not to complain about the things I’ve committed to do. It’s pointless, see, when you accept some kind of responsibility and then end up complaining while you’re doing it. If the responsibility was forced on me, maybe I would complain, but I still had the choice to accept it or not. And once I’ve accepted a task, I always tell myself to follow through and to not utter any complaint when it gets hard…because it’s part of it. It’s like…buying prescription weight loss pills and then drinking them and then complaining of the possible side effects when it’s clearly written outside. Somekindalikethat. ;) Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, right? :)

Of course, I know I still complain every now and then…but I try as much as possible not to. So maybe that’s where my positive and hyper attitude is coming from despite of all the stress.

But…now it’s the weekend! Yes, and I think I’m done with all the things I need to do today. Which means, I can go home! FINALLY! And as of this writing, all my teammates have left. The night shift people aren’t in yet…so it’s only me in the team left in our area.

To all those on a trip this weekend, have a safe one and enjoy! To all those staying home (like me…sort of), enjoy your weekend too! :D

Last Weekend of April

April’s ending in 3 days! How fast does time fly? I had a very hectic, tiring but fun weekend, thank you very much. And because I’m too tired to construct proper paragraphs, I’ll go for bullets:

  • Overnight at a friend’s condo at Eastwood. This is to prepare for the outing the next day. It was fun talking to new friends (and seeing old ones; Hi Ate Xenia!), and it made me miss my dorm days when my school was just a few steps away. I swear, I really felt at home walking at Eastwood in my pambahay attire. Heh. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever live on my own in a nice condo with proper bathroom lighting somewhere near where I work.
  • Summer outing, second batch. It was…fun. Haha last week was more organized and we had a lot more things to do. This week had more people, but we also got to the resort late, so the games (which I was handling) was postponed. We decided to fill the balloons we have with water and throw it at each other. That was followed by swimming, throwing sand on each other, burying someone in the sand and then more sand throwing. :D The way home was filled with sound tripping and talking about stuff, which got my mind off some things but got me depressed over other things. Oh well, such is life. But the outing was fun, and it feels weird that its over — no more organizing (for now) and no more thinking about loot bags and games and whatnot. :D But I love my co-organizers. Go IBM Club! *group hug!* Loser moment though: I didn’t take any pictures. My camera decided to act up yesterday and I was too busy throwing sand at some people to actually take photos. Ohwell. Everyone had cameras anyway. :P
  • Sleepover! I got home last night late, and Happy was waiting for me at home for the sleepover. I was supposed to help her with WordPress but I was just too tired. I even fell asleep while she was talking. Oops. ^^; But it was fun, as usual. :D My moment of the night was when I woke up in the middle of the night coughing, and I went out to take a drink of water. When I got back, I had no voice. @_@ Oh, and there was when my mom stormed into the room to urge Happy to sleep on the folding bed, because my bed isn’t so wide. =))
  • Altar Boyz! I watched Altar Boyz again earlier with Reeya and Happy. It was their last show today and that made me feel sad, but I loved it as usual. I loved it as usual, and I’ve finally decided that my favorite Altar Boy is Luke. :) And yes, that is also because Reuben is the easiest to talk to among the Boyz and he also said my review was easy to read. *is 100x flattered :”>* Reeya was so amused that she’s looking into selling Altar Boyz to schools. I sure hope this pushes through. :D I have more thoughts about the show now that I have observed it more (the first review was all squealing and stuff haha), I’m gonna write a separate post. :D
  • Some other thoughts. This weekend does not excuse me from having more thoughts about some things that is not so easy to write about here. One thing I’d like to ask aloud though: Why is it whenever there seems to be something good coming out of something, there’s always something that happens that makes everything…I don’t know, complicated? Hay.
  • Last. Besides listening to the Altar Boyz soundtrack over and over again, I’m also loving an old song I know: Don’t Even Start by Dan Mackenzie, only because the lyrics hit me straight. Heh.

There you go, my weekend. Back to work tomorrow. I need to start writing my to-do list for tomorrow — focus focus! Good night everyone. :)

Holiday Weekend

The holiday weekend is almost ending, and let me just say: this is probably the weekend I really went out a lot. Interesting. I’m really more of a homebody even if I’m trying hard to be a social butterfly. But I figured that it’s payday weekend and after this, I’d be saving up for the new laptop which I plan to buy at the end of the year (or sooner, God-willing), I’d better make the most out of this weekend.

The first order of the weekend started Thursday night, where my teammates and I trooped over to Marikina to eat dinner at this Dampa-like place at Riverbanks. None of us took pictures of the amount of food we all took in, but trust me, we were stuffed. The dinner consisted of sisig, liempo, stuffed grilled tilapia, stuffed squid, sinigang na maya maya, ensaladang mangga, talong and bagoong, baked clams with cheese, sizzling tuna and lots of rice. Yes siree, I broke whatever diet I’m trying to follow that night. :P But that doesn’t really matter, because the food was so good. And as a treat to our team leader who has been treating us countless times whenever we all eat out at Eastwood (we’re spoiled that way), we all chipped in so he won’t have to pay for his food. After all that stuffing, we headed to Figaro to hang out for a while over cold drinks and hot chocolate and spent the next hour laughing and talking about our first three months together. :) As Grace told me the next day, we spent more than three hours eating and laughing. Good times. Thank You Lord for these people. :)

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"You're standing on my neck."

DariaThank God for DSL, I am now enjoying watching Daria. For those who don’t know, Daria is a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead. I got to watch Daria once in MTV, and as much as I wanted to watch it religiously, I couldn’t because I didn’t know the schedule. Now I just finished downloading Daria season 1. Wohoo! I’ve been watching since Friday and I’ve been giggling like an idiot here in my room. I love, love, love this cartoon. :) Ah, Daria, you are so hilarious. :) And yes, I was told I looked like Daria when I am wearing my glasses back in freshmen year in high school. :D I’m biased. ;)

Anyway, my long weekend was…well, long. Friday caught us with being half afraid of the typhoon, but rain didn’t even appear that day. How fun. I spent the day at home, doing some random testing and watched videos/TV.

Saturday, I was out half the day for the East A Sectoral Christmas Musicale. Stressful day, stressful pre-performance, but everything turned out well. It was then I felt that I belonged in the group, that East A2C is where God wanted me to be. :)

Finally, today, I spent the day watching Joan of Arcadia and Daria, and then went to my cousin’s house to eat for our grand aunt’s birthday. Now in some way, that is the highlight of my weekend. Because of my NaNoWriMo 2006 novel, I’m sorta kinda thinking a lot about cousinhood, and how we would get along and how I could get closer to my cousins, ever since it hit me again how we all don’t seem to be cousins at all. In fairness today, I listened and talked to my cousins after eating, and although we didn’t share “moments”…it was good enough for now. I’m patient. Although I really wish we’d get to share some more stories or something.

I noticed some things too, like how they talked about not going to Mass anymore. Maybe it’s just me, being that going to Mass is already part of my Sunday, and if I don’t get to Mass, I feel like my day isn’t complete. The way they talked about not having been to mass for more than a year was…well, shocking. It’s not something to be proud of…but they sounded like it. :( Okay, Lord I can feel a prayer urge coming in.

This has got to be one of the most boring entries I’ve ever written. Hmm. I shall write my usual ones within this week, hopefully. Gimme time, gimme time! And I should make the new layout this weekend. This long weekend hasn’t been a waste, although I could have done so much more.

On other news, my bedroom is looking less like a storage room of stuff and becoming more of a bedroom. :) I still want a bookshelf.

It’s DECEMBER! Wohoo! 22 days till Christmas! :) Have a great week everyone. :D