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My good friend "Dory"

Happy Birthday, RJ!

So where do I start? Haha, it’s only been almost two years but I feel like I’ve known you for a long time already. I’ve never met someone who has the shortest short-term memory as you, and the one who has a SERIES (take note, a SERIES!) of corny jokes until you came along. Now that’s talent. ;) Okay fine, let’s put in the guitar playing (and violin?) and also the judo…so now you’re very talentado. :P Naks. ;)

I certainly miss our random kwentuhans at school, the joke times with you and your friends along Gox fourth floor, your rare presence at the tambayan and your oh-so interesting stories about your “special friends”. Haha. I hope you get what I mean…if not, I’ll explain when we see each other…if you don’t forget. Haha.

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, RJ! May your short term memory be better this year and may you never lose that smile that you always wear and share to other people. :) And may you never run out of corny jokes EVER. :P Haha, kwentuhan mo ko pag may GG ka na. *nudge nudge wink wink* Haha, God bless you dude! :)

P.S. Purple cap? Haha. Just kidding. Oh yeah, if ever we get the chance to do paint ball again, I promise to make my aim better and hit you already. I still want to do that. :P Pis!

To the footwear saver

Happy Birthday, Noel!

The “es-twenty gentleman”. The corny and sentimental one. The one whose name we couldn’t remember during the first es-twenty lunch. And most especially, the one who saved me on that fateful day my sandals broke. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOEL! =) You’re certainly one of the reasons why my college life was cornier. :P God bless you!

To our not so little Prince


One of my favorite stories about you is the first time I got to talk to you. It was during your camp, and I was asking you if you were okay because you seem pissed off or something. Your reply totally left me a big impression, and I didn’t talk to you as much after that. :P I think it went something like this: Okay lang ako…bakit mo tinatanong? Ayoko nang tinatanong ako kung okay ako. =))

It’s one of my favorite stories because I don’t think people would believe that about you anymore. You’ve changed so much from the first time I met you, and I know you know that. Sometimes I really can’t believe that you used to be that quiet guy who I’d often find at the tambayan studying quietly (and truth be told, I don’t really talk to you that much because of that impression back in camp :p). I’m sure a lot of people agree with me on this. :D And when you were placed in my household, I have no idea how I’m going to talk to you.

But you know what? I believe that everything was in God’s plan. Two reasons. First is because He wanted me to learn how to take care of people who didn’t leave a nice impression on me at first, to teach me that first impressions don’t last, and two, He wanted me to see how He works in other people besides me. You were (and still is) a proof of how God can bring out the best in people. You never fail to make us “oldies” smile because we know that you allowed God to mold you and continue to mold you into a person that you are and you will become. It was a big blessing for me to be able to witness you grow up in your faith, because when everything seemed like a failure, God used you to remind me that it’s never a failure. :)

I could go on and on and on, but this might end up being the longest birthday greeting I’ve ever made here (so far this greeting holds the record for the largest image :p) and I might run out of space. :P So I’ll cut this short now, by saying…HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE DARHYL ANTHONY RYAN! =) I thank God for making our paths cross and I pray that this God-centered friendship/sisterhood-brotherhood we share will last for many many more years. May God fill your twentieth (Haha, you’re as old as I am na! :P) year with even more blessings than the past year. :) You will always be the Prince in my life (haha, kung sino man yung para sakin, si Prince Charming, so iba ka pa rin). May you grow more in love with God (haha, boldfaced for emphasis) and may He grant you your heart’s desires…may you grow to be the man of God we all pray you become…and may you never lose that smile and cheerfulness that I have seen you put on since the day I met you. :)

Okay, I’ve talked long enough. See you on Friday, I think. I’ll always be here for you, Princester. :) God bless! Waboo! ♥

In a lot of ways, I'm just like you

Yesterday was a busy day for me and my feet are paying for all the walking I did. Late last Tuesday night, I got a call from Isla Lipana & Co, asking me to go to their office for an exam because they were considering me for a position. And because I have nothing better to do, I decided to go ahead. In the same night, I also submitted my application to other companies I’ve been meaning to apply to. Talon lang! :)

So Wednesday morning, I headed over to the shuttle service at our village’s gate to ride to Makati. It’s been a long time since I last rode there — more than a year ago. As I rode the FX, I felt kind of shaken because I realize that once I really do start working, I’d have to wake up this early to get to my office always. If it’s in Makati; I’ll be riding there, if it’s in Ortigas or somewhere else it’s a different route…but I’d be waking up that early again. I’d be going out 5 days a week to work…and you know what I really thought of? I’ll be missing most of my Disney shows in the morning. Haha, shallow, I know.

But I think it’s a good thing too…I just have to get used to it, you know? This is an uprooting and I should be thankful for it…because it would make me grow. So…bring it on, Lord!


L-R: Jasper, Chris, Toni the birthday boy, Jeka, Pauleen and me, @ Figaro, Brick Road

After a good lunch and long chat with some good friends, I headed home for Toni’s surprise at Figaro. I got to see some of my old high school friends again like Jessa and Jasper, who I haven’t seen for a long time. Toni had absolutely no idea with the surprise and it was nice to see his expression. I think the Figaro people were annoyed at our noise though. :P After finishing the cake, we went to Tiendesitas to eat again. I looked at the animals there and was sooooo in love with the big dogs they have there. ♥ And then we ate again, had some chats and then went home. It was tiring, but it was fun, and it proved that high school friends are indeed good friends…people who would be with you for a long time. We’ve changed, and but there is still a common bond there that makes us stick together, you know?

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Happy Birthday, Toni!

If I try to list all the things that we’ve been through, this space would not be enough. So I won’t. In fact, I’ll keep this birthday message short and sweet because I wrote what I have to say in the scrapbook. Okay, maybe I’ll add a bit more here. Haha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TONI! We’ve been friends for so long, and things have changed and are still changing…we’ve been through a lot, and right now we’re still going through some things, but through it all, we’re still friends. :) Remember that you’ll always be my friend whatever happens — don’t believe the way I act. Haha. But seriously. I thank you for being the friend you’ve been all these years. And I look forward to more years of friendship between us. :) I’m always here for you…if I don’t make paramdam, I probably don’t have load in Globe. Haha. BUT, rest assured, I’m always praying for you. :) Got that?

And you’re the only one who can understand the meaning of this title. HAHAHA. :P More birthdays and blessings to come! :) And again, here’s to more years of friendship together! *clink* Waboo! God loves you! ♥

To the "Glucose" of the "Fructose" :p

Happy Birthday, Mito!

I bet everyone still says this when they first meet you: you look like a drug addict. Haha. But seriously, the first time I met you, you looked like one too. :P And what surprised me then was you weren’t smoking that time. Aha, contradiction! :)

We started to get to know each other during RELSTWO class, when we’d end up laughing at whatever Dr. Gaerlan would be saying in class. Then it’s FYI CD Days and then ISTECH2 days. I have never seen such a mess like your place, but we had some good memories in your house, with Micko and Marfel and all other people who also stayed there. :P

You’re the person who created issues with me just for the heck of it, and fed on the issues until we laughed ourselves silly. You’re the one who gave me my worst nickname ever — Fetus. Haha. You were also my “editor”, who makes my stories cheesier and then twists them into something morbid for your taste. :P

And how could I forget the dorm days, when you became the semi-permanent extension and roommate in our dorm? Haha. That sure made my dorm stay interesting. :P

But seriously, you are one of my dearest friends in college. I knew that I’d always hear an honest comment from you, and that even if you say you’re all bad, you still have good blood inside of you. :) Don’t you dare deny it! And that you’d always stick to a friend’s side no matter what (except siguro kung ninakawan ka ng pera. :P).

Kaya halika na at tumawa! Labo, pero tawa tayo..yung tawa na walang tigil! Hahaha. :P HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MITO!!! Hoy manlibre ka naman na! :P Haha, joke. :) Sana pag sikat na sikat ka na hindi mo pa rin ako makalimutan. :P

Hapon Birthday

Happy birthday, Love!

The first time I really met you was during the second day of the LPEP, when you arrived with Louie. We didn’t really hang out until 2nd term frosh year, when we happened to be seatmates because our names come after each other. At first I thought you were too quiet for me, and I was wrong, because once I got to know you better, madaldal ka rin pala. :P

We grew closer come second year, and I remember you laptop because you’re nice like that. You were also there during the time I was oh-so in like (haha) with a close friend of yours, and you even did me a big favor by dropping him a big hint. ;) Haha, remember that? You were also the one who witnessed me crying in front of your laptop while debugging your MP back in AKIC. Mems, mehn!

I say this to almost everyone, but I really mean it: college would not have been the same without you. You listened to me without judgments, and you accepted me for who I am, faults and all. I’m happy that you finally found a place to call your own in this world, even after much failures. And I’m glad that even if we don’t see each other anymore, we’re still friends. :)

I know that your birthday usually brings you bad luck (how many cellphones have been stolen from you on your past birthdays?), and seeing your Y!M status just now…it seems like it’s another one of those birthdays again. *hugs* BUT, I hope that this birthday would still turn out differently and I hope that I made a difference with this simple greeting. If not, there’s the other birthdays to come, which I wish you as well. :) I miss you dude. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JHOSAREEN/LOVE/HAPON! You’re one of the reasons I am who I am today. :) Yesssh. Waboo! :)

P.S. I wanted to post this at exactly 12 midnight, but I was too slow in making the graphic. Ooops. :P

22 years of existence and 4 years of friendship

Happy 22nd birthday, Louie!

I remember I met you during the LPEP, while we were eating our snacks at the now-extinct Aquarium. You and Vida were so noisy at your table that it wasn’t hard not to notice you. We became inseperable during the LPEP, and you became unforgettable because of all the things you get yourself into. Who could forget your countless crushes — from your first block crush to the how many other crushes you have had ever since. It was always fun to be with you because you never failed to make other people good, to make other people laugh. You were one of my major ego boosters during some of my depressing periods in my college life, and you were also there during times when I celebrated (how could I forget being the first one I hugged when we finally passed IS-RESM?). If I try to list all the memories I have with you, I’d run out of room. :P

I just realized that I’ve never been to any of your birthday parties — starting from your debut four years ago. I hope I get to be with you during your birthday this year, before I finally bid goodbye to school.

I pray that more blessings come to your life. I pray that He gives you the courage and strength to face the challenges in your life, and you will be victorious. I also pray that you will soon meet the Prince Charming that you have been waiting for so long already. :P But, rest assured if he doesn’t come yet, you’re still a very beautiful princess that God and I love very much. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOUIESEXY! :) Thanks for everything, and may my graduation not mean an end to our friendship. Here’s to more lunch outs, outings and years of birthdays and friendships to come. I love you!