Playing Picnic

Also known as: When Tina thinks about taking more pictures

So last Sunday afternoon, my friends and I had a last hurrah before we all went back to the daily grind. It was my friend Noel‘s “surprise” picnic party, which wasn’t really a surprise because he kind of knew that we had something up our sleeves.

My best friend, Toni, and I set out to UP early so we can set up, and I was particularly cheerful that day because it was so sunny. I love the sun, for obvious reasons, so yesterday’s weather was PERFECT. It was my first time to picnic at UP…wait. It was the first time I went to a picnic with my friends, period. I used to play picnic when I was a kid, with my favorite blanket and my current favorite tea set and pretend food with my dolls and all. When I grew up, we planned stuff, but never pushed through. Since 2011 is the year my friends and I are going to ACHIEVE! stuff, then anything is possible.

So a picnic it was, for the birthday boy.

It was a very fun picnic, despite everyone arriving late. I got the chance to enjoy the sun with my best friend while we shouted disclaimers that we were not on a date because it looked so much like it. :P I did not have the luxury of trees in my college campus, so being in UP was…well, different. I could have studied in UP in college, anyway, but I chose another path (no regrets, and that’s for another post. However, people do say I have a UP aura. :P), so being around that much ground and so many trees was really fun.

But the real point of this entry is (I’m sorry – I told you I ramble a lot!) is how it was so much fun to take photos that afternoon. I used to think I had the potential of being a photographer in college when I took that photography class, but as the years went on, I stopped taking photos and just let other people take it for me. Besides, if other people took the photo, then I’ll be in the photos. Right?


But I kind of miss it. I think I don’t have the same eye in photography like my friends do, but I try. And yesterday’s picnic and photo shoot is so much fun that I now want to start taking photos again.

You know, like these:

But you know what? I think I like being in front of the camera more.


Let’s see for the rest of the year, I guess?

And one more time for the birthday boy:

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