ADD Moments

day twenty-seven.

You know one thing that’s been catching me off guard with this challenge? It’s that every time I think I had something to write…it turns out I don’t. Or, I suddenly lose whatever idea I had for an entry. Maybe I’m just ADD.

So Sunday. If last Sunday was some kind of lazy, this week was far from it. I got home yesterday from my long day at around 1 in the morning. After posting my entry yesterday, I left Starbucks and headed to our condo, where my mom and brother were waiting. I ended up playing Cooking Dash until we had to go home, and then we agreed to get up early to hear Palm Sunday mass at Christ the King, then head to the Eloquente food tasting for my brother’s wedding at lunch, then at Trinoma, where my brother would be meeting a client and my mom and I would be shopping. Again.

And that’s just what we did. Lots of good food during lunch, and lots of clothes shopping in the afternoon. Mind you, I’ve been shopping since yesterday. I’m happy, my credit card was happy, but my bank account isn’t. At least, not now. ;) I’m still reeling with my expenses as I computed them earlier, and I’m pretty sure my credit report is going to be outrageous again this month…but then again, it’s not like I’m buying them out of plain want. I’m buying them out of need, because I need clothes that fit me better, like what I mentioned before. I’m almost sort of done, except that I still need more tops to mix and match and stuff. Sometimes I think I just have to accept that I really have to spend a bit on some pieces. Or be patient enough to try more clothes.

Or maybe I should just eat before shopping so I won’t get hungry and tired too fast.

Anyway. Enough about shopping. I’ve been thinking of what will happen after my 30 days of celebration is over. I’ll be ending this by March 31, and I won’t be online from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday…then what? What happens to this blog, next? I don’t know, honestly, except that I’m probably going to keep blogging the way I blog. This is a personal blog, after all. Lately, though, I’ve been getting comments from people I don’t know, and I’ve been hearing from some “lurkers” of the blog. I even saw someone on Twitter mention that they linked my blog. So I guess some people do read the stuff I write here, even if most of them are ramblings and personal things! Wow. My blog isn’t as popular as the other people I know but it’s nice to know that people who I don’t know in real life actually read this. :) So if you’re a lurker: hello there. :)

You know what I just realized now? I haven’t eaten dinner. And that’s bad for my diet, really. Oops. That is probably the reason why I forgot what I was supposed to blog about today. :P

Oh, but before I go! I want to do this before the end of this challenge. I signed up for Formspring on my birthday, and I’ve gotten a few questions in, but I sort of kind of want to answer more. I know, how vain of me. But this is my blog anyway. :P Anyway (again, for the third time in this entry), I’m going to post a bunch of the questions and answers here before the challenge ends, and I’d like it very much if you’d give me something to answer. :P So…come one, come all: ask me a question! :)

Of course, I reserve the right to ignore questions that are not appropriate. All for fun people, be nice. :)