Bitter, Bitter

Aaaand it’s Valentine’s Week. I couldn’t let this week pass up without making somewhat of a Valentine’s post. So I take a pause on book, music and Phentermine reviews to write something just for this day. ;)

One of the questions in Dave Barnes’ website talked about bitterness during Valentine’s Day. Specifically, What do bitter people do on Valentine’s Day?

Ah, let me count the ways. :>

Haha, okay, seriously now. It’s no secret that I’m still single, and it doesn’t help that Valentine’s Day is so commercialized that it tends to amplify the fact that yes, I am single, and change in that status can hardly be seen over the horizon.

Ah bitterness. Curse whoever thought Valentine’s Day should be celebrated with flowers to their loved ones. Worry over the fact that all your friends who are in a relationship would be going out on dates on the 14th and lament over the fact that you are not one of them. Wonder if the guy/girl you like would respond to any “moves” for that day. Eat tons of chocolates (that you bought for yourself), watch sappy chick flicks and romantic comedies and laugh, but inside wonder when those things will ever happen to you. Wear black on the 14th and stock up on anti-Valentine’s day quotes. Or even start Valentine’s day groups, like MAMS: Mabuhay ang mga Single or something similar.

Ah bitterness. Just like coffee with no sugar. :P

So yes, I did succumb to bitterness. Still do, more often than not. I remember back in college, we used to wear black during Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t until I got back to YFC and told myself there’s no reason to be bitter on that day that I actually stopped being bitter over it. Well, a little.

I don’t know if it’s because of my upbringing in YFC or because of all the books about singlehood I’ve read, but I realized that bitterness over Valentine’s Day is just a state of mind. It’s something you choose to be or to be not whenever February rolls around. Just as how someone chooses to wear red like the rest of the world does on the 14th instead of wearing black to make a statement. It’s appreciating the idea — no matter how selfish it seems — that you won’t be spending so much for anyone or you won’t be stuck with the crowds all over the Metro on the 14th to go on a date.

Really, there’s no reason to be bitter. No matter how dismal or how single you are on V-Day (take it from me, haha), in the end the 14th is really just a day. And don’t tell me it’s love day, because love day can be everyday, not just February. :P


So this 14th of February, I’ll have fun. I don’t know what I’ll do yet, but I’ll definitely do my best to enjoy the day, no matter how very single I am. :P Really, it’s more worth it. :)