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After spending four years in DLSU for college, one of the important things I have learned is this: food is not cheap. Yes, even for the stereotyped “rich Lasalistas”, we scrimp on food. The cheapest food we can get around the premises is around P25-P30, I think? But that still isn’t cheap, as compared to say, UP. So whenever there’s some kind of event — be it college week, YFC event, org event or university event — we’re all on the lookout for free food. We’re not patay gutom ((Okay, how do I translate this? Dead hungry?)), mind you, we can just be really stingy on food since everything else around us costs a lot.

And besides, a lot of orgs give out free food during their activities. Even if the food is basically the same, it’s still free lunch. :P

But that’s not the point; I just want to share that so I can segue to the event that Aileen is plugging (and yes, I know it’s not a smooth segue :p). Event details are as follows:

WHO: Pinoy Bloggers
WHAT: SM Hypermart invites Bloggers to get a “Taste of Asia”
WHERE: Taste Asia restaurant (beside SM Hypermart) in SM Mall of Asia
WHEN: July 3, 2007 (Tuesday), 7:30PM

Friends, this is free food! Not only that, you’ll get to meet fellow bloggers as well! Come one, come all!…

…wait, it’s only for the first 100 active bloggers who sign up pala. To sign up, post a comment on Aileen’s entry or on any of the coordinator’s blogs that can be found in the same entry (each coordinator leads a category, I think, like Yuga‘s looking for 10 Tech bloggers and Jomar‘s looking for 10 “Religious” Bloggers).

And to those bloggers who I owe something, like Pierre (the CDs) and Jun (some baked goodies, am I right?), please remind me about it the weekend before the event — I’m bound to forget it. ^^;

See you there!

6 thoughts on “Bloggers Taste Asia”

  1. ok… so sama ako dito. hehehehe… posted a comment already on aileen’s blog. although after 2 refreshes on her blog, i don’t see my comment. oh what the heck! hahaha!

  2. oh… on a sidenote… it’s been a while since i’ve been here and i’m liking the new layout. :D

    where’s my mockup site na? hehehe…

  3. I really envy you guys who are in the Philippines coz you get to attend all these blogger meetups and events.

    Baket naman malabo? Sayang, you’ll be missing a lot of fun and a great opportunity. I hope you can go. :)

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