PBB, the Psychologist's Dream

This is the moment where I wish I didn’t close down my PBB blog because things are getting hot inside the house. If you’re not watching, I won’t recommend that you watch unless you’re really curious or you want to be stressed all because of Wendy.

Don’t we all just love Wendy?

Yes, I’m being sarcastic there.

Being best friends with a psychologist allowed me to acquire some behavior analyzing stuff from her, and I bet the things happening inside the house entire (Pinoy) Big Brother thing is a psychologist’s dream, you know? And even if I don’t have a degree in the said field, it’s so fun to speculate, to write, to talk and sometimes make fun of the people inside.

So anyway, for those who don’t know, the latest thing they’re showing on Primetime right now is the big Wendy vs. Gee-Ann and Bea fight. They had a face to face nomination two weeks ago, and Gee-Ann gave Wendy 1 point during the nomination because she had the advantage of being outside already (which is true). Wendy said it was okay, but during this survey Kuya made, Wendy (and her minion, Bruce) voted for Gee-Ann as the one who is being plastic and one who doesn’t deserve to win. Of course, being inside the game, Kuya played the audio of the voting and eventually the video. Gee-Ann, hurt, exploded to Kuya, with the oh-so-memorable line, “She’s playing God!” And then Kuya called for a mock nomination, where they had to vote three people who they think do not deserve to win. Gee-Ann and Bea voted for both Wendy and Bruce, and Wendy got hurt.

Okay, before anything else, I want to say that Gee-Ann has been my personal favorite ever since the season started, and I really never liked Wendy even before, so there may be a bit of bias on what I’m writing here.

Well, I understand both sides, sort of, but it’s the reactions that are hilarious. Or the lack of, on the side of Gee and Bea. Wendy just kept on talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. As in talking and talking against the two to all the other housemates in a really bad palengkera way, to provoke them, but they just don’t react.  Hmmm…Maricris, is this you?

Now being a nonconfrontational person myself, I’d probably go down the road Gee-Ann and Bea took and not say a word until time comes when I can see that it’s easier to do it, rather than clash. But if I were a maldita and I chose to pick a fight, I probably would’ve slapped Wendy so hard on the face, that she won’t be able to talk anymore. Yes, I’ll also do that to Bruce, since he’s not thinking AT ALL. As I mentioned earlier, I never really liked Wendy even before. I always thought she focused too much on her poverty, which is why she kept on voting for Gee-Ann. I personally think she is insecure of the latter’s status in life and she wants the same thing. I think Gee-Ann, on the other hand, admires Wendy’s strength, that’s why she kept on calling her “Ate”, out of respect and admiration (and maybe a bit of intimidation too).

As for the issue of being real…how does one define what being real is? I know some people who really do not get provoked or do not react when someone annoys them (heck, I’m one of them), and I know for sure I’m being real. I know someone who gets angry immediately, and that’s not being plastic. Choosing not to say anything in the heat of the moment is not equivalent to being plastic, my dear. Telling someone it’s okay but then talking to someone else behind his/her back that it’s not okay and you still bear a grudge is. Why does Wendy insist that they’re not being real because they’re not reacting to her in the way she wanted to? How narrow minded can you get? 

And BRUCE! I liked you at first but ever since you fell in love (yes, I am stressing the quotes), your world revolved around Wendy. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! One word from her and you follow her, just like the princess you treat her to be. Only you’re not his prince, but a servant. Be a man, Bruce! Don’t be afraid of going against her if you think she’s wrong — just because you’re “in love” doesn’t mean you have to lose your opinion to her and you two think as one.

I also kind of wish that Bea and Gee-Ann would react somehow, just like how Maricris and Bea shouted at each other. You know, just to make  things interesting, all in the name of good TV.

Hay, I could rant and rant and rant and rant about Wendy (and Bruce), but I don’t want to, since this is just a TV show. An effective TV show, if I might add, since it can get a lot of reactions from the people around. Does it stress you too?

Oh, and Kuya’s conclusion at the end of Primetime today rocks! About how they all failed the test of friendship (which is right; why let a simple nomination go between your friendship when you clearly know this is a game?), and how Bruce got scolded by Kuya about his world revolving around Wendy (This is a winner!). Kudos to Kuya!

I don’t have a Big 4 yet, except I know for sure that Gee-Ann and Bea will be inside. Mickey, most probably. If people want more action, get Wendy inside, but I’d really prefer not to have her there. Please, enough is enough!

One week to go before the Big Night! Gee Ann for the win!

13 thoughts on “PBB, the Psychologist's Dream”

  1. Grrrr. Kainiss!! Hindi ko napanood!! Nakatulog ako. Haha. Pero anu ba, it doesnt look like I missed a lot. It’s like the situation yesterday didn’t change at all.

    For what it’s worth I think your opinion is not biased. Because I feel it too, and I agree with all your points. And take it from someone who used to like Wendy and Bruce. Hehe. Really, I kindof liked them, kasi parang they’re underdogs, because they’re “not rich” and all. But the latest happenings are giving me the headache too! I swear. Pati dito sa apartment nagsisigawan kame sa inis nung mga roommates ko hahaha.

    Aside from everything that you said, I really think it’s unacceptable for Wendy to be getting drunk on national TV. I mean, seriously. It’s not the question of “being real” eh. So okay, mejo parang naintindihan ko na she was acting rather absurdly when she was drunk, na she was demanding for people to explain to her and all. Lasing eh. BUT NO, the next day, when she’s all sober na, mas grumabe pa siya. And to think ganun kababaw yung reason nya ha for acting that way. Oh come on. The guys voted for each other too, but nobody reacted the same way Wendy did.

    Tas she keeps on accusing everyone na mukang pera, hehe, eh sino kayang mukang pera? When Mikey asked her (in last night’s episode) why she voted Bodie when he’s supposed to be her friend too, she said because he didnt need the money. And Mikey was like, let’s not focus on the money. And Wendy was like, that’s my only reason why I voted him. Heller? So sinong mukang pera.

    I think Wendy just lost her chances of winning, or getting in the top 4 even. Tsaka come on ha, kung pano nya hampas hampasin si bruce and i-boss around, para tuloy siyang psychotic. Hehe.

    Ang dame kong sinabi. Grr. Teka nga, hintayin ko yung Uplate. Haha.

  2. I agree with you. I don’t even understand how Wendy is so proud of her “pagpapakatotoo.” What’s the use of being sincere when you’re sincerely evil? And there are people who actually admire her for that, unbelievable. And why does she doubt Bea and Gee-Ann’s sincerity? Why can’t she just accept the fact that even if nobody’s perfect, some people are just sincerely good-natured? How immature talaga.

    Anyway, among all the HMs, Im rooting for Mickey, and Bea, and Gee-Ann.

    Forget Bruce, nagpapa-under lang siya.

  3. Riz: Oh yeah, that drunk scene. Sheesh. How’d they get that wine ba? Was that leftover from Uma’s stay?

    Grabe talaga super inis pag nanonood! Hahaha tawa na nga kami ng tawa ng friend ko, I was asking him if I had to confess all the things I say about Wendy while watching; super kainis talaga! Sarap salaksakin yung bunganga pag nagsasalita eh!

    What I disliked about her reasons for voting Gee-Ann before was her reason nga na she doesn’t need it anymore, just like Bodie. If she wants 1M then she shouldn’t have joined PBB, she should’ve joined Wowowee nalang, e di mas mabilis pa.

    Frances: Exactly. Being real doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to get provoked. When does choosing not to strike back become playing safe? So does that mean I’m always playing safe because I would choose the way Bea and Gee-Ann took if I were in their place? Hay, in my best friend’s words, how pathetic.

  4. Wendy looks slutty nga talaga. I even heard na kaya daw pumapasa siya sa mga subjects niya is because she sleeps with her professors. I dunno if that’s true, though. Pero based on her actions inside the house, she does indeed seem like a slut. But men love bitchy women :-)

  5. Er, okay, na-cut yung comment ko, I meant, that line, I think you have to confess that. Hahaha joke. :)

    Haynaku. Let’s wait what happens later. I really dont think Wendy should be in the final 4. I mean, seriously. Marami na ngang nainis nung binalik siya! Tsaka kung ganyan siya ka-pikon under pressure, eh gudlak naman sa final 4. Hehe.

  6. Prudence: I’ve read that too, pero no idea if it’s true. Don’t really want to know either. It’s sad for her, but it’s her choice if she really did it. To be honest, I think she’s hungry for love, but the love she wants is not the real love. I read somewhere that it seems like the love Wendy wants is the adoring kind, which is exactly what Bruce is giving her. And which is what she expects others to do so too, but unfortunately that’s not what real love is.

    Riz: Hahaha! Natatawa pa nga kami ng friend ko, what if we confess it nga, and then the priest turns out to be a PBB fan din. Hahaha naku.

    This is posted in the forums din, sinabi daw ni Asia sa PBB sa Studio 23: if you’re not confrontational by nature eh hindi ibig sabihin nun ay plastic ka na. Hindi rin ibig sabihin na kung pinapakita mo ang tunay na kasamaan mo gaya ni Wendy eh deserving ka na ng respect / admiration ng mga tao. Eh kung ganun pala ang rule eh di dapat we praise the murderers, thieves car nappers kasi pinapakita nila tunay nilang kulay. How true.

  7. Actually, I stopped watching PBB regularly when Wendy re-entered the house. It’s all about the money, the fame, the house and lot for WENDY nothing else. Sorry but that’s what I’m hearing from her every time she’ll open her mouth.

    Remember when Bea said something about being the ala-alagad ng kontrabida? That is Bea’s shining moment! (Sorry like ko talaga siya :) )

  8. thanks for the details. i was soo curious..am not watching tv na lately eh heheh sa you tube n lang kaso incomplete…

    hay with all the reactions, pissed off watchers, etc….it seems n succesful nga ang pbb2 :d

  9. Ang masasabi ko lang about Wendy e masyado na cguro syang maraming pinagdaanan kaya nag sstruggle sya ng ganito. Kaya siguro sumabog na lang sya ng ganon. Ang hirap kase nung lumaki ka na parang walang nagmamahal sayo, then you’re investing feelings towards other people na hindi mo cgurado kung mahal ka tlaga or hindi. More on greediness kase ang nangyayari sa kanya kase sa dami ng pinagdaanan nya cguro money na lang talaga ang reason why she’s still surviving. With Gee-Ann naman she’s rich that’s why naisip na rin ni Wendy na whatever happens inside the house e may future pa rin si Gee-Ann. Same with Bodie… I admire wendy for being strong na kahit sya na lang mag isa hindi pa rin papatalo even may pagka maldita sya. Kase in this world full of plastic people ganon talga, hindi pwedeng tatangatanga ka na lang at magiging push over.

  10. I don’t like other people saying how bad other people are, kase especially yung mga artista na nag cocomment about Wendy, kase sila man marami ring mga ginagawang scandal sa buhay nila. Kaya hindi rin sila admirable gaano man sila kaganda, kase yung mga artista ang tunay na plastic, wala ng iba.

  11. It’s all entertainment! Hehe. I find those people who really get riled up about Wendy more entertaining though. They literally lose their cool due to a TV show. Now that’s funny! :p

    I used to watch season one, but after realizing that there was no strategy involved, I didn’t bother what happened in non-nomination and non-eviction episodes. The show offers the chance to assess the preferences of the voters and that’s always interesting to observe.

  12. Naku bwisit na bwisit ako kay Wendy at Bruce. Ang gusto ko e si Bea.

    Si Bruce parang sunud-sunuran lang ke Wendy. Si Wendy naman sarap plantsahin mukha!

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