Handwriting Meme

I’m stalling. Fine, fine, I’m procrastinating. I have one more thing to finish today (well two things actually, but one can wait until tomorrow), but I haven’t done a thing. Argh. It’s 9pm, I should get moving…but after this post. :D

This meme has been done a couple of times over at LJ, but since I update this more than I do my LiveJournal, I’ll post it here. Rules are simple:

On a piece of paper, write and answer the following and then take a picture/scan it:
Current music:
Favorite movie:
Favorite book:
Describe yourself in 5 words:
Something weird about yourself:

So…here we go:


I was too lazy to scan it, so I just took a picture using Aslan’s iSight through PhotoBooth and edited it via Photoshop.

I remember taking a picture of my own handwriting a couple of years ago, when I still participated in message boards. :D My teammate told me last Friday my handwriting looked like it was computerized…but I really don’t think so. I personally think it’s still messy, with the non-uniformed size letters and whatnot. Or maybe I’m just being OC. Heh. I’m glad it’s not too chicken-scratch handwriting, though, or doctor-style penmanship, like the ones who do plastic surgery in Baltimore have. My cursive is okay, reminds me of a teacher’s handwriting. :D Oh, and I can write straight in unlined paper, so yay, because I like unlined paper for my journals.

I’m always curious about other people’s handwriting. So come on, do this! If you have did this, or have done this before I posted, do post your entry so I can check them out. :)

But first…I will work. NOW. Must finish this before 10pm. I’ve got 40 minutes.

9 thoughts on “Handwriting Meme”

  1. hehehe. ayos to ah. pagaya ah. :P malabo lang magaya yung penmanship mo kase yung saken daig pa yung kinahig ng manok. lol.

  2. tina: to become ambidextrous, you have to practise writing with your left hand quite often, i jsut write my thoughts with my left hand, to practise. it works; at first, it’ll be barely legible, but as you do it more often, it’ll start feeling more natural. in a few weeks, it’ll look great. i like to write the left page with my right hand and the right page with my left hand, that way, my hand doesn’t slip off the page and feel all awkward. forgive the lack of capitals, i type faster without them. lol
    i hope you start writing with your left hand, it sometimes makes things easier, like when you have a soda in your right hand, you can drink and write. i love it, and strongly encourage you to practise. have fun!

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