Long Hours and Weekends

It’s Friday!

And I’m still at work! ACK!

I’ve been spending long hours at work lately because of all the…er, work, I have to do. For some reason, things have been piling up, both the real work and the extra curricular stuff. It feels like school all over again, with all the projects and extra curricular stuff that I used to be involved in. Couple that with the rainy season we seem to be experiencing lately, and I feel like Eastwood is my new Taft campus. Did that make sense?

In one of my meetings this past week, I was definitely feeling the stress (but that’s also because there was some kind of issue with the team before then, hence the more stress), but while I was at the meeting, I was feeling a bit…calm. My project teammates told me I look and act even more hyper when I have so much stuff to do. Eh, really? I didn’t notice.

But…maybe they’re right. Looking back, it’s not that I like having so many things to do, but my energy level doesn’t seem to die down, even if I was up to my ears with things to do. I’d like to believe I’m more focused than before and I finish everything on time, but that’s quite ambitious of me. :P I have learned, however, not to complain about the things I’ve committed to do. It’s pointless, see, when you accept some kind of responsibility and then end up complaining while you’re doing it. If the responsibility was forced on me, maybe I would complain, but I still had the choice to accept it or not. And once I’ve accepted a task, I always tell myself to follow through and to not utter any complaint when it gets hard…because it’s part of it. It’s like…buying prescription weight loss pills and then drinking them and then complaining of the possible side effects when it’s clearly written outside. Somekindalikethat. ;) Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, right? :)

Of course, I know I still complain every now and then…but I try as much as possible not to. So maybe that’s where my positive and hyper attitude is coming from despite of all the stress.

But…now it’s the weekend! Yes, and I think I’m done with all the things I need to do today. Which means, I can go home! FINALLY! And as of this writing, all my teammates have left. The night shift people aren’t in yet…so it’s only me in the team left in our area.

To all those on a trip this weekend, have a safe one and enjoy! To all those staying home (like me…sort of), enjoy your weekend too! :D