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An Insignificant Speck

I finally got to watch Spider-man 3 earlier, and I watched it with my mom, using the leftover Mother’s Day money our dad sent for us to spend. My mom initially didn’t want to watch it, but she agreed to, and she ended up liking it (even if it is a bit dragging since it’s longer than the past movies).

The journey to finding someone to watch Spider-man 3 with me was a hard journey. I didn’t join the crowds in watching it during the first week. My brother watched it with his girlfriend a few days after its opening, I missed the SFC Spider-man 3 gimmick because it was on a Sunday night, and when I finally saw that it is safe ((By safe, I mean there are less crowds. Have I mentioned that I hate watching movies in a filled up cinema?)) to watch, all people I ask either watched it already, do not want to watch it again, busy, or just did not reply to my invitation.

How sad. I’m such a social loser.

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