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What Happened When I Was Five?

In connection to my upcoming 21st birthday, I’m going to do a Rico Mossesgeld (haha, hi Rico!) and answer the same questions he answered in his blog. Except of course the twenty-five thing since I’m far from that age. ;)

So now…What happened when I was five?

I just finished kindergarten, and now moved on to Prep. I was a talkative kid, as always, and I found out that I was actually quite, well, smart. I skipped nursery, yes, but I remember being down because I didn’t get any award during recognition days during Kinder. But why was I there, anyway? I don’t know why.

Anyway, during Prep, I made some good friends in school — Patrese, Jessica and Michelle. I considered Patrese as my best friend but we had this weird friendship: we’d keep on having little “fights” and we won’t talk to each other, but then we’d become friends again. There was a time when we’d bring toys to school and she’d have the “better” ones, but I usually don’t mind. There were also times when we’d send “hate mail” to each other. How? By coloring really ugly colors (black, brown, gray, and other colors that are not our favorite or do not match) and give them to each other. :P

Prep was the year I discovered that I was smart, as I mentioned earlier. Modesty aside, I found myself following the lessons easily, sometimes even getting ahead of the teacher, especially in Language subject. I was afraid of making mistakes though, or admitting to them. Like one time, we were doing this art project with egg shells. We were supposed to make an egg shell mosaic with our name, and our teacher lent us different colors of oil pastel (Craypas). She told us not to break the Craypas since we would return it, but as luck would have it, I broke mine in two. I never returned it, even if our teacher kept on calling for it. I think my teacher knew it was with me, but never asked. ^^; Was that stealing? I didn’t mean to, I promise. I was just ashamed to return a broken pastel (even if others broke theirs).

I remember performing for this Christmas dance in Prep, as well as this flower dance during the school’s Foundation Day. I was a good student (still am, I think), and I do think my teacher liked me then. :D

Oh, I was also a sickly kid — always getting fevers, asthma attacks and whatnot. It’s a miracle I managed to stay on top of the class. Remembering this made me see how God has been faithful to me ever since I was a kid. :) Praise God for that.

Tomorrow, we talk about being ten. ;) I’ll try to post some pictures of me when I was five and ten and so on, but let’s see. :) 11 days to go!