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First Week of 2010

It’s been a while since I last posted. I am supposed to be translating some reflections right now, but instead, I’ve been setting up a new blog for the past few hours. Yes, this is me procrastinating. I kind of hate it, but I couldn’t stop it.

So before I go and start translating (yes, I’ll cram it in a bit), let’s see what happened in the past days of 2010.

Wakes and Birthdays.
The first weekend of 2010 had me going to two events that celebrate life: a wake and a birthday party. My teammate’s mom passed away a day before 2010, and it was really a sad thing. I can’t find the words to describe the pain, possibly because I don’t know the pain of losing someone close to me. And I pray that I don’t get to experience it anytime soon. :( The wake taught me, once again, to treasure the people around me, especially the ones I love.

The next day, I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend that we organized. It was a fun, fun, fun party, because the surprise was (almost) complete and we had a grand time screaming like it was the fans day that it was. :) Oh, and my friends and I fell in love with Grimace — look how cute he/she/it is when he/she/it sat down like a purple…well, poop? :)

Grimace! :)
Grimace! :)

After that party, it seemed like everyone will be getting surprise parties this year. Hm, interesting. Would this be the year I’ll get my own surprise? Who knows? Let’s see. :)

Work, work, work
It’s back to work, too, and good thing we don’t have too much work this week, yet. It’s proving to be a very challenging year, though, but it’s going to be fun. :)

Bad moods galore
I experienced the worst kind of mood swing last Tuesday, and until now I still feel ashamed of it. I snapped at a ton of people then, and I didn’t feel like talking to anyone at all. :( I figure it was just hormones, plus lack of sleep…and probably some other stuff, and every girl gets into a mood swing every now and then. I hope it doesn’t happen again, though.

Holiday fats begone!
I was serious in workout again this week because of everything I gained last Christmas. I wasn’t sure if my results were good for the week because I didn’t get to lift weights as much. So I was ready for less than stellar results for last Thursday, but surprise surprise: I lost all my holiday fats. :D My muscle mass went up, so there’s no change in the overall weight, but still! FATS ARE GONE! Wohoo~

Thesismates Reunion

This was us 4 years ago
This was us 4 years ago

Met up with my thesismates last Thursday before Ramie left. It was also the first time I went to Trinoma too — cue loser music here! :P Trinoma was an okay mall, I didn’t get to explore it yet, but I’m sure there are no outdoor fireplaces there. I don’t see the need, anyway.

Spent Thursday night eating and chatting with the three important guys in my school life. :) It was nice to talk to them and catch up and realize that, well, other than being thesismates, we are good friends. It didn’t feel like we haven’t seen each other for more than a year — and I guess that’s real friendship there.

Next big event for us (and for other blockmates, I guess) is *drumroll* Ramie’s wedding! It’s not until the end of this year, but I’m sure it’s going to be one big highlight of the year. :)

RPM, Baby
Earlier today was my second time to do RPM class — cycling class for those who aren’t familiar with the class — and even if I felt like fainting in the middle of the class, I managed to stand up at all parts of the class that needed standing. What a work out. I plan to master that class. :P

One More Page
After much thinking and realizing how much book posts are eating up my space here at my personal blog…I finally decided to set up my own book blog: One More Page. I’ve had a couple of posts inside already, so why not drop by and visit? :)

This blog would mean that there would be less book related posts here…which means I should get posting more…er, personal posts here.

That’s my first week of 2010 so far. I really should start working on my translations already…so I shall end my post here. How has your week been so far?

Goodbye September, hello October

It’s the first two days of October and I’m nursing a runny nose and a just-healed sore throat, but I’m starting to get my bearings again after such a busy month. There’s still some leftover stuff that aren’t finished from September, but it’s almost done so there’ll be more breathing room, hopefully.

So October. The tenth month of the year — how fast does 2008 go? I can’t believe the year’s almost over. Pretty soon it’ll be November (NaNoWriMo time — please make sure and visit Pinoywrimos.com!) and then it’s December, and it’s the year-end party at work (last major project!) and then the year’s over! Whew.

I still owe a lot of entries, which I need to write before November rolls in since I’ll be pretty busy come that month. If only I could tear myself away from the TV shows (major distraction I tell you — especially FRIENDS!), and the plotting. But for tonight, I’m sleeping early to rest. After watching two more episodes of FRIENDS. :P

Next up, a post on the Cebu trip. Hopefully. If not, a post on the Tree Planting. :P Let’s see. :)

Labor Day

It’s way past May 1 already, but…belated Happy Labor Day! I am so happy that I am following Philippine holidays because it would be such a pain to go to work on holidays where all your friends are going out. Although that means there’s more complimentary day offs, I still love being off work on days when everyone else is also. ;)

So today I spent the morning fixing ticket orders for the Hillsong United event (just 24 days!), and then afternoon receiving payments and giving tickets for orders. Hahaha. It was crazy, I tell you, with me ordering tickets and getting a reply that there are still some then a minute later they’re gone. Crazy. I had some taray mode earlier, which is something I feel bad doing so but some can be just so annoying, it’s…annoying! But things were okay at the end of the day, so it’s all good.

Then I met up with some high school friends for a trip at Bonifacio High Street. Not a near place to hang out, but I love that place for its relaxed atmosphere, even if the stores are expensive. I got this cute star note-holder for my station at work at Hobbes and Landes (did I get it right?) for Php 75, which isn’t bad at all. :)

I know I’m like the social loser in my high school after high school (I think I posted something about this already; if not, I’ll probably post about this soon), but it’s always fun to hang out with my (small) circle of high school friends. :D Although I really love my college friends, the connection with my high school friends (or like what one of them has been saying: our wavelengths haha) is just solid. We could talk about anything, even life insurance rates, and we’d probably be laughing about it.

The only thing I didn’t like that happened is that I didn’t bring a camera. :| Our old digicam (Sony Cybershot something) is like a TV with the broken LCD and Chimon is such a pain to bring (and it’s more of Kuya’s camera). I was considering buying a Canon 450D at the end of the year but I realized that if I wanted to get one I should really be into the hobby…which I am really not. Well, not yet. So I’m thinking of buying a better digicam first (Canon Powershot probably?) then considering the dSLR again. Let’s see. :)

Anyway it’s almost 1:00am and I should sleep! I still have work! Happy Friday everyone.

An Attempt to Reconnect

So today was another busy day, with me having to attend to three requests in the morning and finishing my training presentation that afternoon. I know it’s going to be a long day since I arrived at the office at almost 9:00am (the latest I’ve been in, except for the time when I had to adjust my shift because of the Switchfoot press conference), and my brother would fetch me late…so I had time.

Fast forward to evening, I was finished with my requests, finished with part 1 of my presentation for tomorrow and off we go to dinner. After that, I packed up and decided to go around Eastwood for a while to kill time. I wasn’t really in the mood to window shop so I just stopped by National Bookstore and tried calling some friends to talk.

I got to talk to some, which was really cool, but because of unreliable signal, or because the other person is busy, I had to hang up earlier than I wanted to. I checked my Smart bill and realized I have a lot of minutes left (I always do — I have 200 free minutes a month, which I hardly use up) so I decided to call some friends to chat.

Three times around my I-can’t-remember-how-many-people-are-there phonebook, I realized…there’s no one to call ((Of course, I removed the people I could’ve called in my Sun phone with this conclusion)). I texted some people, asked if they are busy but I guess they are because they did not reply so I browsed around again…but there was no one I could talk to for an instant gabfest. Or at least, some catching up.

How sad.

Am I that pathetic? My goodness, and I thought I had like, lots of people I could talk to. Yeah, well, okay, I do have lots of friends, but besides the usual people I talk to (Hi Tue, Happy, Jomar), where are the others? Anyone else I could just call and chat with, you know, randomly?

Argh, I suck at my social skills. And I thought I was getting good at keeping in touch already. Pfft.

So now I’m thinking. Maybe I should launch a similar project like what Ganns did (or is still doing). Because I still suck at keeping in touch, and I want to be better at it. I want to talk to my old friends…other than the people I usually talk to, of course. You know.

Or maybe tonight just happened to be a busy night for all. Hmm.

Anyway, I’ll make this simple (and informal for now). If you’re an old friend of mine (elementary, high school, college, YFC, first job — you know who you are!) who happened to stumble on this site and we shared more than a few conversations together, tell me if you’ll be around the Eastwood area during weekdays or Pasig during weekends, and let’s catch up. Bring other people we know for fun. I’m not promising a treat, just good conversation and pictures. Okay, maybe an ice cream cone too, if you want. Or some baked treats if I happened to bake before that. :P

Comment away and I’ll reply to you through email. :) Please, no random strangers asking for meet ups. I must know you somewhere before (again, I repeat: elementary, high school, college, YFC, first job). If you’re not even a slightest bit familiar and you don’t tell me where we met before, I won’t reply.

What Happened When I Was Five?

In connection to my upcoming 21st birthday, I’m going to do a Rico Mossesgeld (haha, hi Rico!) and answer the same questions he answered in his blog. Except of course the twenty-five thing since I’m far from that age. ;)

So now…What happened when I was five?

I just finished kindergarten, and now moved on to Prep. I was a talkative kid, as always, and I found out that I was actually quite, well, smart. I skipped nursery, yes, but I remember being down because I didn’t get any award during recognition days during Kinder. But why was I there, anyway? I don’t know why.

Anyway, during Prep, I made some good friends in school — Patrese, Jessica and Michelle. I considered Patrese as my best friend but we had this weird friendship: we’d keep on having little “fights” and we won’t talk to each other, but then we’d become friends again. There was a time when we’d bring toys to school and she’d have the “better” ones, but I usually don’t mind. There were also times when we’d send “hate mail” to each other. How? By coloring really ugly colors (black, brown, gray, and other colors that are not our favorite or do not match) and give them to each other. :P

Prep was the year I discovered that I was smart, as I mentioned earlier. Modesty aside, I found myself following the lessons easily, sometimes even getting ahead of the teacher, especially in Language subject. I was afraid of making mistakes though, or admitting to them. Like one time, we were doing this art project with egg shells. We were supposed to make an egg shell mosaic with our name, and our teacher lent us different colors of oil pastel (Craypas). She told us not to break the Craypas since we would return it, but as luck would have it, I broke mine in two. I never returned it, even if our teacher kept on calling for it. I think my teacher knew it was with me, but never asked. ^^; Was that stealing? I didn’t mean to, I promise. I was just ashamed to return a broken pastel (even if others broke theirs).

I remember performing for this Christmas dance in Prep, as well as this flower dance during the school’s Foundation Day. I was a good student (still am, I think), and I do think my teacher liked me then. :D

Oh, I was also a sickly kid — always getting fevers, asthma attacks and whatnot. It’s a miracle I managed to stay on top of the class. Remembering this made me see how God has been faithful to me ever since I was a kid. :) Praise God for that.

Tomorrow, we talk about being ten. ;) I’ll try to post some pictures of me when I was five and ten and so on, but let’s see. :) 11 days to go!

Word overflow on a weekend

I realized lately that working in a telecommunications company wipes out the fun for me about anything related to mobile technology. For example, last Friday, I was holding SIM cards and cellphone load all day to prepare for this User Acceptance Testing I was conducting. A few months ago, I would’ve been really amazed at the amount of credits and SIM cards I was holding then…but at the end of the day last Friday, I was sick of it. Being the one who goes through the UAT of the promos we have, by the time the promo comes out in the market, I have no intention of taking advantage of anymore because I have used it a lot of times before it was released and I know every bug I’ve encountered that other people might see too.

Or like one of my officemates, who holds different kinds of cellphones everyday to test. She gets to see and hold and play with the latest Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola handsets, and she can tell you which phone is the best to suit your lifestyle. But when we talk, she tells me she’s tired of seeing all those phones because they’re all the same and there’s always something missing with the new unit. Being around new cellphones everday wiped out the amazement and wonder she used to get whenever a new unit comes out.

Hay, this is the work life, I guess.

I’ve made up my mind to go on gimmicks every weekend as this year started, and so far, I’ve been doing just so. Last year, I preferred staying at home during the weekends so I could rest, but I end up bumming around all day. For the past month, I’ve managed to go out every weekend and not be a party pooper. :P

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Your most attractive features are your heart and soul

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Yesterday, I met up with Pau to go to Robinson’s Junction for Chris‘ early birthday surprise. He was surprised even if he knew he was going to be surprised (much thanks to Toni’s missent message). We met up at Mocha Blends right beside Teletech and then ate half of his small Black Forest cake. Haha. Of course, since he has work, we cut the celebration short until Saturday, when we’ll be having a brunch somewhere in Eastwood.

Wow, sosyal. :P

Anyway, on our way to Robinson’s, Pauleen and I were talking and I was sharing with her some of my job hunting woes. What she said kind of surprised me: “I don’t know why you’re so afraid of not having a job. I know for a fact that you’d get a job like that, so why were you so worried?”

I had to smile what she said. Is that what people see in me? Or at least, what my high school friends see in me? When I think about my college years, it feels so far away already; what more for high school? It feels like it’s eons ago, and sometimes I don’t think I even know who the person I was back then. Well, okay, so maybe I do, but I can’t get over the fact that I was so immature back then (aren’t we all?). It’s just funny and flattering how Pau put me in a much higher level than I did myself.

Anyway, I was reading an old online friend’s past blog to pass time here, and I find myself smiling at how youthful she was. Well, she is still quite energetic and youthful as she has been, but things are a lot different for her now. And I also saw how much she went through and I wasn’t really there for her. We used to be really good friends way back. That’s the thing about having online friends: when you lose contact, you end up drifting apart. Maybe that’s why I’m not so keen on making online friends as much as I used to…because I know eventually, I’ll lose touch with them (because I really suck at doing so) and we’d barely say hi to each other when we “see” each other online after.
That was so negative, I know.

It’s just an hour and a half here at work, and to be honest, I really want to go home already. This week has been blah so far.

I should make a new layout. Like soon.

A Nugget of Wisdom from The Lion King

Well, last week wasn’t really a long week, as I predicted last Monday night. Things actually started looking up by Tuesday, and it’s funny how God surprises me by answering my prayers in the most unexpected way and at the most unexpected time. Basta, all I can say is God is good, and I know that I am in very safe hands. :)

I spent the rest of the week reading, and going out with my mom; by Friday, I went to school to support Tuesday on her defense and to meet up with some friends who I haven’t seen for a long time. My brother’s iPod went bye bye (the sad iPod picture showed…it’s cute, even if I know the iPod is dead), talked to friends and then went to the Elim Singles table talk with Happy. It was fun, and half the time Happy, Bea and I were laughing. :P Then I spent two lazy days at home, just reading and watching TV. What a life, eh?

I know this kind of bum life is going to end soon, and I am trying to prepare myself. Or, starting to prepare myself. Thing is, I don’t know how…and I have this thing of “crossing the bridge” when I get there. Tomorrow is a day that I know would change my life (I was thinking of something less drastic, but I realized that tomorrow would probably change my life) and the choice I would make tomorrow morning would determine where I will be for the next two years or so. I’ve been waiting for this, though, but I still can’t help but be kind of scared because it’s a major decision. As in MAJOR. I’m kind of nervous, but as I was praying earlier today, I just let God handle it. After all, it’s useless to worry about tomorrow today, when today has enough worries of its own.

I’ve learned in the past days that it’s more important to deal with what you have now than to worry about what is about to happen. Take note that it’s not wrong to prepare for tomorrow, but it is wrong to keep your eyes on tomorrow and forget to deal with today. So now what I’m learning is to totally banish worrying from my life. As Simba, Pumbaa and Timon said, Hakuna Matata. No worries, because God is in control. I should not worry because God is taking care of me. I shouldn’t worry because I know that God loves me and whatever happens to me is part of His will. I shouldn’t worry because that’s just going to make things worse. You know? Worrying breeds some kind of fear of tomorrow, and God does not want us to live with fear.

Of course, it’s hard, but what matters is I try. :) So why don’t you try it with me? Try removing the word “worry” in your vocabulary for a day. Whenever you find yourself worrying, turn away from it, look to God and remind yourself that God is big enough and He is in control. See what you feel afterward. :)

Altogether now, HAKUNA MATATA! :)