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So Ends Crazy November

November has indeed been crazy, but let me just say: IT’S (ALMOST) OVER!

My posts for this blog has been considerably few for this month, and I blame it all on National Novel Writing Month. Writing a 50,000 word novel in a month is no joke, and this year it’s hard because I’m not so in love with my story as I used to the past years. Then again, my past three novels have self-insertions in it, and most of the other charaters are based on the people around me, so it’s easy to write. This year, there’s no self-insertion as the characters are based on mostly my imagination, not on other people I know (So teammates, no one is in the novel this year. Maybe next year?), though my friends and I made a cameo (Heh. That’s blatant self-insertion!).

NaNoWriMo 2007 winner!Oh yeah, I reached 50,121 words today, and once I saw my word count was enough, I stopped writing and I intend to bury that novel in Aslan until I can look at it again in the face. It’s not that I do not like my novel this year — I do. I just don’t like the way I wrote it. I feel like I lost my writing skills in the middle of the month, and you would not believe the amount of word padding I did in this novel just so I can get to my word count. Bah. Quantity over quality. I’ll get back to it when I feel like it. David and Marianne can wait (and oh yeah, I scrapped the entire Marianne recovering from drug rehab thing…it’s to heavy to write). Right now, let me rest and start making a dent on my long overdue reading list. Pride and Prejudice, here I come!

The next crazy thing that’s about to end together with this month is my first time as night shift for work. Hay, finally! Okay, I admit that I might have complained a bit about my being night shift but I did shut up in the middle of the month and managed being on night shift quite well. It was interesting to see so many people on our floor and to see how many things I can finish doing at night. I admit that I wrote a lot for NaNo during my shift, when I’m out of things to do. The only thing that made this month’s shift crazy is that we have this really demanding client, plus all our extracurricular activities that we all said yes to. O_o; Okay, it was a nice kind of busy, but it kept me too much on my toes that now, I just want to relax. And do the normal work we used to do.

Today’s my last day of night shift for this year (since tomorrow we’ll be on holiday), and come Monday, I am a happy morning person again. :) Yay. Will I go on night shift again or try mid-shift next time? It would depend on the need, actually. See, being on night shift has really nice financial perks. :> But let’s see how it goes. I’m not even sure when my next schedule is. :P

Hopefully the craziness with work especially this particular client would be over by today, just so it’s some kind of a clean slate by Monday. :)

So it’s almost December! My tentative list of things to do for December are:

  • Get that Dreamhost hosting plan and start transferring my files.
  • Change domain name registrars.
  • Make a new layout.
  • Start putting more effort on Mission: Sydney
  • Organize NaNoWriMo Thank God it’s Over (TGIO) meet up.
  • Christmas shopping!
  • Christmas parties (first one on Saturday for work)
  • Read, read, read!

And now I shall go to work. Later I shall post about something serious, and Enchanted ♥ ♥ ♥ . Keep safe, everyone. :)

The One Bookshelf

Forgive me for the lack of posts. Being on night shift does not give me a lot of time, and until now I’m still lacking words for my NaNo novel, and it’s seriously draining me. I’ve never written anything this serious before and my characters are refusing to talk to each other like they should. Gah.

But this post is not about that. :) Earlier today yesterday, I watched the theater adaptation Dogeaters with Julie. I loved the play, and it made me want to buy the book to read how it is. I did not buy the book, not only because I do not want to charge it in my card, but because I do not have space to keep it at home.

Okay, so maybe I do, but it’s all a mess.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been campaigning for since my brother moved the sofa bed to his own room was my own bookshelf. The state of my room is, my computer is on my desk, where my favorite books are, while the other books that I have (all 300+ of them) are spread all around the room. I really want to clear the one on my desk and on my chest of drawers because it’s so messy, but there’s nowhere to put it. No bookshelf. :(

I want a good and solid bookshelf. I don’t want a plastic one as it will collapse after some time. I want one made of wood, like the ones below which I found in Ikea (which also sells nice baby cribs and baby furniture), which could definitely hold my books:

Flarke Bookcase

Looks nice, diba?

If my room was big eough, I’d get something like this:

Billy Combi Beech Bookcase

Or maybe something bigger. Like a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Hmmm. :-?

I swear, after NaNoWriMo, I’m gonna read, read, read. I am so disappointed at how bad my writing and vocabulary is for this year’s NaNo. Argh. :( From December until October next year, I will build my vocabulary and read!

I am such a geek for writing a post about bookcases. Haha. Can anyone tell me where I can buy really nice bookcases in Manila? If only we have Ikea here, I would get it there. Wait…I’m gonna make someone get it there. ;) Hello, Christmas list. :D

If at some point you found this post not making sense, it’s just me still awake at 3:00am so I would adjust to night shift tonight. Hay. Two more weeks!

Back to NaNo-ing. Good morning everyone!