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Designing, and then some

Let’s continue being geeky because I’ve got some updates. No, no new themes (yet), but just some plain domain updates. Look up at the navigation menu and you’ll see that there seems to be a lot of new things there. Well, you’re right, there are a lot of new things there. Let’s list them, shall we?

  • Domain Information – I delayed adding this before because I haven’t got the screenshots of the past two layouts up, plus I wanted to do some revisions. Anyway, they’re up now, with minor revisions, mainly on the content. Oh, and I just took a look at my entire layout history — man, I’ve been through so many years and layouts, what else can I do to add variety? Hmmm.
  • WP Themes – Yes, I’m standing up to this newfound geekness I started doing so I have a separate page for my WP Themes. I’m still thinking if I need to put up a separate page for each theme, but since I’m still new at this and I only have two themes up for now, one page will suffice.
  • Contact – I can’t find a place to stick the contact form other than this page, so here. :) I need to make new link buttons.
  • Writings Finally, I figured out how to manage my subpages! I didn’t want to put it up without proper navigation and after some short code tweaking, it works! I will put up some NaNoWriMo dedicated pages, but you may now hop over there and read old writings and maybe even comment. :P
    UPDATE 11:33PM: NaNoWriMo novel pages are up! :)
  • About Me – This is not new, but I put up some subpages there too. I still have to revise these pages just because I want to.

I also put up links to my (yet to be updated again) online portfolio and Godchicks, of course. =)

Can I just say I really enjoyed all the webdesign/programming things I’ve done since last week? Ahhh. I love it! I remember this is the main reason why I took up Computer Science in college. :-B Now if only I could really apply it in the real world, as in do this for a living. Now that would be fun. :D

Hello, Java

JAVA! (image courtesy of eia.udg.esI’m doing something I never thought I’d be doing again (until I get a new and faster laptop that is): I’m downloading the latest Java SE Development Kit (JDK 5.0). And when this is done (hopefully within the day before I run out of Internet), I’ll be downloading the latest NetBeans too.

Now to those who know me since college, you know that if there’s a programming language that I don’t like, it’s Java. It’s been almost two years since I last touched Java, and the last time I did that, I was crying my eyes out because of darn frustration (Hello WEBDEVE and JSF days). Though I did kind of liked JSP (which reminds me, I’ll also get Resin installed here), I still disliked the entire Java thing. It made my computer slow, and there’s so much that you have to know to be able to make a program that would run okay on a normal computer (like mine). Ever since then, I swore off Java and I told myself that I’d stick to PHP and whatever other language there is, as long as it’s not Java.

But here I am, eating my words. As I was thinking about it yesterday, most companies today are in search for people who know Java. I know a bit of it, but I won’t choose it over other languages that I know of. However, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt me (as much) if I go and re-learn Java all over again. I have two choices with this: I could go on and hate everything about Java, or at least try to make friends with it again (after swearing it as an enemy around junior year in college). The latter would be a better choice, and I have nothing to lose anyway. And, you know. It’s more productive than just surfing around everyday and looking at websites like www.bestwaytoloseweight.org or something.

My first project: I shall revive my OBJECTP days and try to remake my old Battle City Machine Project. :) (FYI: Yes, we had to make our own version of Battle City, that Family Computer game, back in freshmen year. I finished it halfway, but it’s not working well. Haha. I can shoot the enemies but they don’t disappear. :D Oops. ^^; ) And since I don’t have a copy of the old one, I’ll be doing it from scratch, I think. :P

Even if I’m done studying and I’m still unemployed, who says I should stop learning too? So with God’s grace, I will learn Java and eventually, I will learn to like it as well (no love first, that’s too soon :p). Yeahbah. :)

Of things I love to do and "lost" friendships

Okay, I think I’m done with my share of work for today. I’ve finished one module in our freelance project in Flash a while earlier, and now I’m about to send it to my workmate/former thesismate Micko to do the debugging. This is what happens when your groupmate gets a job and you don’t and you have a pending freelance project with them: you get stuck with putting it together and they get to do the debugging. Then again, debugging is bloodier, so I’m okay with this. :P Haha.

But believe it or not, I’m actually enjoying programming. I know that I sometimes complain about these things and how they make my brain feel like mush, but I actually do like to program. Call me geeky and all, but I like the challenge. :) I just realized that I actually like being able to solve complicated programming problems and finding ways on how to make a long string of code shorter and faster. :-B I guess all the four years being in Computer Science paid off, eh? Now if only I could learn to love Java, I bet I’d be able to work in any company I want. Haha, right. ;)

And speaking of things I love doing, I finished my second NaNoWriMo novel last weekend. :) I don’t know why I forgot to blog about it, but apparently, I did. ^^; The novel’s title is A Page is Turned, which talks about the life of two best friends, Isaac and Rebekah, who are seemingly destined to be with each other — or are they? It’s actually more of a friendship story than a love story, but I really love the twist I put at the ending. :P It’s probably my most creative story yet. It still has to undergo some editing, and I’ll post a preview of it in my Writings page.

I have my next novel in mind already, and I’m having fun imagining the main character her quirks. My genre for this year would be chicklit, much thanks to all Christian chicklit I just finished reading. :) I still have to figure out my character’s main conflict but I have time. I don’t want it to be a typical story, you know, like weight loss and if the character needs to take metabolism booster pills — I want something deeper. I think I’m going to really enjoy writing this one. :) Haha, bring it on, NaNo 2006! Hopefully this time I could get it published at Lulu. :D

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