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Creative Carnival: Double Mistake

I decided to join Write Stuff‘s Creative Carnival as a writing exercise. :) Here’s my first contribution. I used this particular idea in an old story that I never finished. This wasn’t written in detail in the story before, but this seemed appropriate for this month’s theme. I don’t think it’s as good as I want it to be because I just wrote this now. :P Here we go. :D

It was Saturday, and Jason could not be more than thankful. School has been pretty rough with him last week, with all the midterm exams he had to study for, but now that it’s all over, he was looking forward to a well-deserved day of rest and relaxation.

It was almost noon, and Jason was sprawled on a bean bag chair in the living room, remote control in hand and a can of Coke on the other. A half-empty bowl of chips sat beside him on the floor, and beside it, their blue cordless phone sat, within immediate answering reach.

After channel surfing for a minute, Jason finally settled with HBO and put the remote control down. He leaned back comfortably, got the chips and was about to put some into his mouth when the phone rang.

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Of things I love to do and "lost" friendships

Okay, I think I’m done with my share of work for today. I’ve finished one module in our freelance project in Flash a while earlier, and now I’m about to send it to my workmate/former thesismate Micko to do the debugging. This is what happens when your groupmate gets a job and you don’t and you have a pending freelance project with them: you get stuck with putting it together and they get to do the debugging. Then again, debugging is bloodier, so I’m okay with this. :P Haha.

But believe it or not, I’m actually enjoying programming. I know that I sometimes complain about these things and how they make my brain feel like mush, but I actually do like to program. Call me geeky and all, but I like the challenge. :) I just realized that I actually like being able to solve complicated programming problems and finding ways on how to make a long string of code shorter and faster. :-B I guess all the four years being in Computer Science paid off, eh? Now if only I could learn to love Java, I bet I’d be able to work in any company I want. Haha, right. ;)

And speaking of things I love doing, I finished my second NaNoWriMo novel last weekend. :) I don’t know why I forgot to blog about it, but apparently, I did. ^^; The novel’s title is A Page is Turned, which talks about the life of two best friends, Isaac and Rebekah, who are seemingly destined to be with each other — or are they? It’s actually more of a friendship story than a love story, but I really love the twist I put at the ending. :P It’s probably my most creative story yet. It still has to undergo some editing, and I’ll post a preview of it in my Writings page.

I have my next novel in mind already, and I’m having fun imagining the main character her quirks. My genre for this year would be chicklit, much thanks to all Christian chicklit I just finished reading. :) I still have to figure out my character’s main conflict but I have time. I don’t want it to be a typical story, you know, like weight loss and if the character needs to take metabolism booster pills — I want something deeper. I think I’m going to really enjoy writing this one. :) Haha, bring it on, NaNo 2006! Hopefully this time I could get it published at Lulu. :D

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Writer's Block

Oh yeah, update! I updated some of the content of the RefineMe.org. :) Look up there at the menu under the header graphic. :) I’m not yet done writing the About section, but the Faith and Writings are already done. I still have some more additions in the Writings sections that I have yet to add, plus I need to figure out a hack that would let excerpts show in the link. Haha. Anyway, I’d really appreciate comments any of the stories I posted. :)

I believe in the power of positive prophecy. And because of that, I will write it down here for anyone who cares enough to read this to know: Sometime in the near future, I will write and publish a book.


Sweet Valley Kids (image courtesy of readingwell.com)The first writer I got introduced to is Elizabeth Wakefield. Yes, Elizabeth Wakefield of Sweet Valley fame. I know she’s not a real writer, but reading so much about her during my childhood years influenced me to want to be a writer. I loved their stories so much and I was so amused that Elizabeth could already write stories when she was seven that I thought, I could do that too.

And I tried to do it. I think I started writing stories when I was in Grade 3. I can’t remember what my first story was about exactly, but most of my stories then were about a group of friends who got into different adventures and mis-adventures — I thank Francine Pascal and Sweet Valley for that. :p The first real series I made was about a group of friends named Sarah Springfield, Carmella Churnichan, Jericho Villa, Patrick Grange, Veronica and Ericka, I think. I can’t remember the names of the rest. They were a group of friends who all live in Ireland and formed some kind of club and whatnot. They have this awesome clubhouse that my friends and I can only dream about, as well as love teams: Jericho and Sarah (my favorite) and Carmella and Patrick. I knew that their group got bigger and there were even French twins where one of them was psychic and the last solid story I remembered about them was that they were investigating in a haunted house (against the warnings of their group’s resident psychic) in their town where a vampire was supposed to live. Sarah got hypnotized by the vampire and eventually became one, and Jericho had to do something about it or else Sarah would be gone from him forever. He ends up killing Sarah the vampire and then he wakes up, realizing it was only a dream.

Boring huh.

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