Thursday Thirteen # 8: Happy Pills

This week’s Thursday Thirteen will focus on the happy stuff: the things that make me smile and laugh and giggle like an idiot. :P I’ll keep this short because my past TTs were long. :P

Thursday Thirteen # 8: The Happy Stuff
Thirteen of Tina’s Happy Pills

  1. Chocolates. There’s nothing like chocolates to cheer me up. I know this is fattening, but seriously, chocolate makes me smile. :) I remember one time during AD-FOTO class when I was crying in the photo lab (oh memories!) and then Baban gave me a KitKat Chunky bar because he knew I loved those. Even if I was still crying, I managed to laugh afterwards. :) Chocolate does that, really.
  2. Ice Cream. One time, I was on my way up to the office back from lunch when some people were eating ice cream as dessert. One lady said that you can’t eat ice cream without smiling. I don’t know if that is true, but sure enough, ice cream is a big mood booster!
  3. Stars. It’s my favorite shape, if that’s what it’s called. I love drawing stars, putting stars in my notebook and seeing them in decorations and such. :)
  4. Sunflowers. I think it’s because I was born during the summertime (here in the Philippines anyway) that’s why I love sunflowers. Sunflowers are just so bright and cheerful looking.
  5. Long emails from friends. I love writing, ergo I also love writing letters. I love sending and receiving long emails from friends, especially those I haven’t heard from in a while. :)
  6. Random text messages that show care. I don’t really quite SMS quotes, but I like receiving random text messages, like a simple “How are you?” or “I hope you’re fine” or even a “Take care”…or even a funny text conversation with a friend (thank God for unlimited texting!). I know it can be highly impersonal, but it’s nice to receive and save assurances from people who you know cares for you.
  7. Kittens, cats and puppies. Enough said. I love seeing pictures of these animals because they’re just so cute. That’s why these websites are always open in my browser. :P
  8. New books to read. Is it any obvious how much of a book-a-holic I am? :) I love book sales, second hand bookstores and just books! Having a stash of unread books waiting to be read just makes me smile. :)
  9. Heart to heart talks with friends. I’m not much of a “bar” or night out person because the loud music totally hinders me from being able to talk and to listen to the people around me. I love having lunches or dinners or coffee with friends where we talk and laugh over meals. :)
  10. Cheesy Pinoy movies. Guilty pleasure! :P I share this love with my brother. We love to watch cheesy Pinoy flicks, no matter how corny they can be. :)
  11. Encouragements and commendations from higher ups in the office. Self-explanatory. :P
  12. Having new [Christian] music to listen to. Yes, we just have to love this. :)
  13. Spending time with my family. I’m sure everyone’s own families drive you crazy at some point, and I’m no exception. But still, my family is the best. :) Todo para la familia: everything for the family — did I get this right? :P

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23 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen # 8: Happy Pills”

  1. Great list. I have been such a chocohalic (spelling?) lately! I’d have to agree with you on that one…You know what else I love ~ blank notebooks or journals. I think it’s because of all the possiblity they hold.

    Happy Thursday! Mine’s up!

  2. I like having new music to listen to, too. (Tutu?) Anyhow, when I see lists folks put up, I can check them out on Rhapsody. For $15/month you can get ANYTHING, including Christian music, unlimited uploads to a compatible MP3 player, or to just listen to through your computer. Good stuff!

    I’ve posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy! ;)

  3. We have so much in common…I looooove chocolates…I love love love icecream…and I am definitely a star person. I don’t know why but I just love ’em. Love you list, mine is up as well, drop by if u can =)

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