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Last Weekend of April

April’s ending in 3 days! How fast does time fly? I had a very hectic, tiring but fun weekend, thank you very much. And because I’m too tired to construct proper paragraphs, I’ll go for bullets:

  • Overnight at a friend’s condo at Eastwood. This is to prepare for the outing the next day. It was fun talking to new friends (and seeing old ones; Hi Ate Xenia!), and it made me miss my dorm days when my school was just a few steps away. I swear, I really felt at home walking at Eastwood in my pambahay attire. Heh. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever live on my own in a nice condo with proper bathroom lighting somewhere near where I work.
  • Summer outing, second batch. It was…fun. Haha last week was more organized and we had a lot more things to do. This week had more people, but we also got to the resort late, so the games (which I was handling) was postponed. We decided to fill the balloons we have with water and throw it at each other. That was followed by swimming, throwing sand on each other, burying someone in the sand and then more sand throwing. :D The way home was filled with sound tripping and talking about stuff, which got my mind off some things but got me depressed over other things. Oh well, such is life. But the outing was fun, and it feels weird that its over — no more organizing (for now) and no more thinking about loot bags and games and whatnot. :D But I love my co-organizers. Go IBM Club! *group hug!* Loser moment though: I didn’t take any pictures. My camera decided to act up yesterday and I was too busy throwing sand at some people to actually take photos. Ohwell. Everyone had cameras anyway. :P
  • Sleepover! I got home last night late, and Happy was waiting for me at home for the sleepover. I was supposed to help her with WordPress but I was just too tired. I even fell asleep while she was talking. Oops. ^^; But it was fun, as usual. :D My moment of the night was when I woke up in the middle of the night coughing, and I went out to take a drink of water. When I got back, I had no voice. @_@ Oh, and there was when my mom stormed into the room to urge Happy to sleep on the folding bed, because my bed isn’t so wide. =))
  • Altar Boyz! I watched Altar Boyz again earlier with Reeya and Happy. It was their last show today and that made me feel sad, but I loved it as usual. I loved it as usual, and I’ve finally decided that my favorite Altar Boy is Luke. :) And yes, that is also because Reuben is the easiest to talk to among the Boyz and he also said my review was easy to read. *is 100x flattered :”>* Reeya was so amused that she’s looking into selling Altar Boyz to schools. I sure hope this pushes through. :D I have more thoughts about the show now that I have observed it more (the first review was all squealing and stuff haha), I’m gonna write a separate post. :D
  • Some other thoughts. This weekend does not excuse me from having more thoughts about some things that is not so easy to write about here. One thing I’d like to ask aloud though: Why is it whenever there seems to be something good coming out of something, there’s always something that happens that makes everything…I don’t know, complicated? Hay.
  • Last. Besides listening to the Altar Boyz soundtrack over and over again, I’m also loving an old song I know: Don’t Even Start by Dan Mackenzie, only because the lyrics hit me straight. Heh.

There you go, my weekend. Back to work tomorrow. I need to start writing my to-do list for tomorrow — focus focus! Good night everyone. :)

Yesterday, it rained

In case you’re not from Manila, yes, it rained yesterday. Hard. If my brother didn’t tell me to go home right after work, I would’ve been stranded at Robinson’s Galleria. Thank God for good timing.

In the shuttle on my way home yesterday, I listened to the water fall down heavily on the roof of the van. I closed my eyes everytime a flash of lightning comes and automatically start counting after until I hear thunder. I was worried that we might have no electricity at home because of the heavy downpour — I still have to charge Captain Tal and my service unit for work. I wondered if I might have to spend the night in the darkness with no cellphone and only Triskal ((You’ll get to know him really soon; I just need to have time to write about him ;) )) to keep me company.

I got home safe and sound and soaking wet, and as I was eating my dinner, I suddenly remembered why I (used to) love the rain: when it rains hard enough, no classes for the next day.

Haaaay. For the nth time, I missed being a student again. Last night I found myself wishing that it rains really, really, really, really hard (but still no power outage, of course), and the government would announce no work for private and government offices. I would wake up to the cold weather, learn about this, sigh and go back to sleep. Ahhh.

Asa pa. I wish. As if that would happen. :-<

Remember that Nescafe commercial a few years back, where there was these guys who live in a dorm and are preparing for their day when one of them turns on the radio, listens for a bit and then runs to the hallway and yells, “WALANG PASOK!!!” ((Read: No classes!!!)) That was one of the best and most relaxing commercials I can remember. The rain last night also reminded me of the cold days at the dorm when we’re stuck because it was flooded outside our unit. I remember those days we’d cook up warm soup/noodles to eat during rainy days, or play Monopoly, or watch a DVD…sometimes my roommates and I would just talk.

Hay, nostalgia. But I can’t go back, as much as I want to. Such is life.

But don’t get me wrong, I loved the rain last night. I used to love the rain back in high school then disliked it when I started commuting in college. Now I think I’m starting to like it again. :) But the rain made me think of things that as much as I want to think about, I avoid because it makes me sad and want to go back and then I feel bad even more because I know I can’t. Did that make sense?

Anyway. Tonight, it threatened to rain but it didn’t pour. Yet. It’s payday today too, and because of that and Triskal, my brother and I went to Metrowalk and loaded on TV goodies, i.e. Prison Break Season 1 (please tell me the DVD ripper has it wrong and it’s reading only 14 eps but it’s really 22!!! Please?), Supernatural Season 1 and 2 (It’s my first time watching this. I bet I’ll be scaring the willies out of me but my curiosity’s got me :P), and Heroes Season 1 (Peter Petrelli! ♥ ). I still have some CSI:NY to wade through before I get to the others. Marathon na to!

Speaking of, I still want to borrow a DVD of CSI Seasons 1-6. Anyone? Or does anyone have AVI files and is willing to burn me a copy? *bats eyelashes* I’m such a cheapskate; my pocket hurts at the thought of buying an entire set of only one show…unless I head over to Quiapo. But if there’s no CSI, Veronica Mars would do. ;)

Before I go, I want to give a big thanks to Noemi, who owns Protagonist Webhosting, for upping my bandwidth this month, thus the comeback of Refine Me after exceeding my bandwidth the other day. :) Thank you, thank you! >:D<

Off I go. Mac Taylor and the rest of CSI:NY awaits.

What Happened When I Was Eighteen?

As requested by Jun. :) Which makes sense. :p

My debut with my hosts, Chris and Louie.My eighteenth year marked changes into my life, both external and internal. First off, I finally got the awaited laptop, Ginger, when I turned 18. There was a compromise for it though, because my dad had to go to Saipan to work. I started staying in a dorm because I couldn’t commute with my laptop, so started my “independent years.” I also fought with a friend, revealed something really embarrassing, went back to YFC, flew to two countries in a year and failed two subjects in school (although the second failure happened after I turned 19, but it was coming before my 19th birthday).

My eighteenth year helped me to own up and be responsible for my actions. Admittedly, I did a lot of stupid things when it started (and no, I don’t think I want to share it anymore :P You may ask if you want to know), and I had to learn from it because it’s the only thing I can do with it. I also got closure that year, after what, almost two long years of, er, heartache. Harhar. :P But it was one of the biggest learning experience I’ve ever had. :)

Dorm MemoriesMy eighteenth year was the year I learned how to be independent — sort of. Dorming taught me how to budget my allowance, manage my newfound free time during the week, learn when to sleep ((Our bedtime was usually 2:00am at the dorm)) and learn how to get along with people 5 times a week who are not my family. I almost failed a subject because of my negligence ((Not going to classes just because I didn’t feel like it, not listening to the class because the prof is boring, etc — classic student stuff)), but recovered by posting reminders to myself that I should do. It worked, I passed. :P

At Golden Buddha temple with my familyThis was the year I flew to two countries: first in Thailand, before my dad went to Saipan for work, and then to Saipan/Guam for Christmas. It was my first time to ride a plane, and my first time to go out of the country. The Thailand trip was fun, but I didn’t really enjoy that much because of my being such a priss and my moodswings (but I really want to go back there — shopping man! Shopping in Thailand is a must! It’s not like Black Friday in the US, but still!). My Saipan trip was fun and the longest one I’ve been out of the country. It was nice spending Christmas with my family in another place, but I realized here that there’s no place like home. Christmas and New Year in any other place than the Philippines is no fun at all. I like the noise of the holidays here. ;) Through these trips I discovered how much I like traveling and how much I want to see the world. I want to go around the world and see all the wonderful sights that God created. :D

With my YFC sisters before the Discovery CampMy eighteenth year was the year I found my way back to my community and ultimately, to God. I lied low for a while because I was preoccupied with school and my personal life that I wanted to “find myself” for a while. I guess I was burnt out — I went from member to leader for a short period of time that I never really felt how good it was to be a member and I never really knew God personally. I knew Him through YFC, but not with my heart. If it wasn’t for my good friend and sister Engel, who kept on bugging me that year until I finally gave in and talked to her, for Bea and Myka who kept on bugging me to go to the tambayan, for the others who welcomed me back in YFC, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. :) And like I mentioned, I got to know God again for the first time ever. I learned how to pray — to really pray — and to pray for others. In all my years in YFC, I think this is the only time I started growing spiritually.

This was also the year I formed new friendships and lost ((Although I am still praying that this is temporary)) friendships. I formed good friendships with my blockmates, roommates and people in neighboring dorms, and again, people in YFC. I lost a friend because of a petty reason, and this is where I learned how to really forgive from the heart, how to be a better friend and who my true friends are.

Finally, this was the year I started to really pray about my heart, my so-called love life. This was the year I seriously struggled, but continued to surrender it up to God.  It was hard, but I knew what I was doing is right and true. Learning experience and the start of something better and more wonderful than I could ever dream of. :)

Girls celebrate their 18th year with a bang, because it’s her “entrance to the world.” Or something like that. I agree. My eighteenth year certainly left me blown away, all ready to live life and to see what else God had in store for me for the next years of my life. :)

6 days to go!