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Rain, rain, where are you?

I’m trying out blogging on my iPod Touch, Macy, just for kicks. I’m using the WordPress software for the iPod and it’s pretty spiffy. I’m just hoping this post pushes through with our fragile and slow Internet connection.

So today everyone I know that resides in the Southern part of Luzon are getting ready for the storm FERIA, who was said to hit us by afternoon of this day. When I went to work there were some slight rains and I thought that was it, but it stopped and it hardly rained all day. The sky looked scary though, and it looked like we were in the eye of the storm.

But alas, no rain.

Rain where are you?

Not that I’m complaining. Seriously, as much as I like the rain, it can be so depressing. Plus it makes my commute so hard and inconvenient that I can’t help but wish that I have a car (and I drive). Hay. Plus its traffic everywhere when it rains here, and it makes people sick…with all talks of AH1N1 now, who wants to be sick?

Hay. I miss the sun.

I have a feeling it will rain later, so I’m praying that electricity won’t go out. There’s nothing more I hate than being in the middle of a brownout – there’s nothing to do and I don’t want to use any of my gadgets because I feel like they’d run out of batteries. And there’s no Internet.

Well would you look at that. This is kind of a long entry…right? Anyway I better quit this and get back to reading “The Shack”. I’m almost halfway done! That’s book # 44!  6 more to go!

Good night everyone, stay safe. :)