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Rain, rain, where are you?

I’m trying out blogging on my iPod Touch, Macy, just for kicks. I’m using the WordPress software for the iPod and it’s pretty spiffy. I’m just hoping this post pushes through with our fragile and slow Internet connection.

So today everyone I know that resides in the Southern part of Luzon are getting ready for the storm FERIA, who was said to hit us by afternoon of this day. When I went to work there were some slight rains and I thought that was it, but it stopped and it hardly rained all day. The sky looked scary though, and it looked like we were in the eye of the storm.

But alas, no rain.

Rain where are you?

Not that I’m complaining. Seriously, as much as I like the rain, it can be so depressing. Plus it makes my commute so hard and inconvenient that I can’t help but wish that I have a car (and I drive). Hay. Plus its traffic everywhere when it rains here, and it makes people sick…with all talks of AH1N1 now, who wants to be sick?

Hay. I miss the sun.

I have a feeling it will rain later, so I’m praying that electricity won’t go out. There’s nothing more I hate than being in the middle of a brownout – there’s nothing to do and I don’t want to use any of my gadgets because I feel like they’d run out of batteries. And there’s no Internet.

Well would you look at that. This is kind of a long entry…right? Anyway I better quit this and get back to reading “The Shack”. I’m almost halfway done! That’s book # 44!  6 more to go!

Good night everyone, stay safe. :)

Why I suddenly want an iPod Touch

When the iPod touch first came out, I didn’t like it. For one thing, I was already satisfied with my current player then, and I didn’t want anything touch screen. If you knew me way back then, I didn’t like the Palm, or anything that requires me to touch its screen to control it. I’m such an OC about my gadgets that I hate having to have fingerprints all over the glossy (and pretty) surface.

I didn’t want the iPod Touch, and I thought that if ever I’d be getting another iPod, I’d get the classic or the Nano since it has so many colors.

So why the sudden change of heart when I added it in my 23rd birthday wishlist?

I saw Mae using hers during WordCamp 2008, and I was…amazed. I mean, everyone was using their own laptops to Plurk/Twit/blog/whatever, but Mae was just fiddling with her iPod Touch. Then I wondered about all the other things I could do with that, most especially writing. I read somewhere that there’s a WriteRoom application for the iPod Touch…and I can sync my iCal with that (I wonder if Notes Calendar can be synced with it? Hmmm)…and I can just imagine what else I can do with that. :))

So why do I want an iPod Touch again? Let me count the ways:

  • Write anywhere. Whenever I have an idea that I just need to write, I usually use my phone. But I can only write so much in Captain Tal. I can probably even try NaNo-ing in an iPod Touch if I’m crazy enough. Plus WriteRoom!!!
  • eBook Reader. I discovered the fun of ebook reading in Triskal, but imagine how hard it is to read and remember which section I last read there. Plus using the clickwheel to scroll can be tiring on the thumb! I’ve seen how ebooks are shown in the iPod Touch and I can actually read multiple ebooks with bookmarking. Oh the possibilities.
  • Wider viewing pleasure. I tried watching videos in my teammate’s iPod Touch and I was amazed at how big the screen was. And so bright since it’s not composed of  led light bulbs. Haha, this should be fun too.
  • Internet anywhere there’s Wi-Fi. I don’t have to bring Aslan everywhere now, as I can use the iPod Touch to blog/Facebook/Plurk/Twitter. :D Portability oh yeah.
  • Built in speakers. I don’t have to get speakers to play my music in my room. Of course, Aslan is there…but I don’t have to turn him on all the time to play music. :D

That’s all I could think of now. Haha suffice to say I’m excited to have one. :)) I’d like to think of it more as a productivity tool than a luxury. ;) Or it could be both. Wahaha. It’s my birthday gift. :P

So as the ever-prepared (or so I’d like to think) girl that I am, I’m lining up apps to install once I get it:

  • eReader/Stanza. Still choosing between the two, but I think I’m leaning towards Stanza.
  • WriteRoom. This is the only paid app that I will really pay for. I can’t not have this. This is the ultimate writing tool for me. Unless of course there’s Scrivener mobile already…Hm.
  • WordPress. Self-explanatory.
  • Facebook. Self-explanatory too. :P
  • Twitteriffic. This, too.

Ah…all web stuff. :P I’m thinking of getting White Noise too, but it might be really a luxury since it’s not a free app. Anything else you might suggest?

Anyway, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. But I will get an iPod Touch…sometime…soon. Haha.

I have to go and get ready for work! :D

iPod Update 1.2.2: Wait, where did my songs go?!

I stuck my iPod Triskal on Guilo (My office PC) today to play my music loud since the other night shift people on the neighboring cubicles weren’t there yet. I opened iTunes and a software update shows up. Now if it’s an iTunes update, I usually ignore it since iTunes is such a big memory hogger that any other update it adds means it hogs more memory (A habit I formed with Ginger, my old laptop. Well, now that I have Aslan, I don’t think of that anymore, hee!). But since it’s an iPod software update, I clicked OK and let the computer do its work.

Later, when people started coming in, I decided to unplug my iPod so I can listen to my music in private. I clicked on Shuffle Songs but it wasn’t working, which made me wonder if Triskal is acting up…so I decided to just go to my current favorite song (Until You by Dave Barnes) and play it from there but…


My iPod was completely empty! :( I wondered if I unplugged it prematurely, so I tried plugging it in again. I looked at iTunes and there were all my songs! I unplugged it again…and it’s gone again! ARGH!!!

I was panicking real bad and wondering how will I get through the night shift without my songs. I decided to restore my iPod, but I have to back it up first, so I started dragging the songs out to Guilo’s desktop. Then I did some browsing and some places were no help (seriously), until I got to this entry. And I quote:

Apple has released an iPod software update, version 1.2.2. This update is supposed to have some ‘bug fixes’. How important these fixes are to the enjoyment of your iPod is still undetermined.

Many users, myself included, have experienced an issue after installing the update where all the iPod menus are now blank even though it appears to have been properly synced with iTunes. This renders the iPod completely useless and unplayable.

The problem seems to occur when Windows users with 5th generation iPods install the 1.2.2 update before installing the 7.5 update to iTunes.

To avoid this problem install the iTunes 7.5 update and restart before applying the 1.2.2 update to your iPod.

If you’ve already installed 1.2.2 and are suffering from this problem then update iTunes to the current 7.5, restart, and resynch your iPod.

Argh, what a hassle. I went off to download iTunes 7.5, and then installed it (had trouble with installing QuickTime pa, hmph!), but when it’s finally installed, I plugged Triskal in again, and it worked fine. :) Whew.

Lesson learned: Don’t take iTunes updates forgranted. I’m just happy Guilo is a relatively fast computer that I can run Lotus Notes, MS Word, Firefox, Photoshop and iTunes all at the same time. :)

Who is Triskal?

Triskal I’ve mentioned Triskal a couple of times in my past posts, and I haven’t formally introduced him to you (although you may have a hint already). :) Friends, this is Triskal:

Yes, that’s Triskal over there, a 30GB Black iPod video. :) I got him last Monday in a really amusing way which I call, “Day of the Fast”. Or it could be called Cyber Monday, too, since it seemed to be a day full of gadgets.

First off, my brother sold his 40GB iPod the other Saturday to his officemate. That night, he called me and asked me if I was planning to sell Star, my pink 4GB iPod mini. Our iPods are both 2 1/2 years old — ran through a lot of unit and headphone replacement and used up Apple Care nicely. My brother and I were planning to get new ones but not really soon because of the budget constraints.

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Word overflow on a weekend

I realized lately that working in a telecommunications company wipes out the fun for me about anything related to mobile technology. For example, last Friday, I was holding SIM cards and cellphone load all day to prepare for this User Acceptance Testing I was conducting. A few months ago, I would’ve been really amazed at the amount of credits and SIM cards I was holding then…but at the end of the day last Friday, I was sick of it. Being the one who goes through the UAT of the promos we have, by the time the promo comes out in the market, I have no intention of taking advantage of anymore because I have used it a lot of times before it was released and I know every bug I’ve encountered that other people might see too.

Or like one of my officemates, who holds different kinds of cellphones everyday to test. She gets to see and hold and play with the latest Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola handsets, and she can tell you which phone is the best to suit your lifestyle. But when we talk, she tells me she’s tired of seeing all those phones because they’re all the same and there’s always something missing with the new unit. Being around new cellphones everday wiped out the amazement and wonder she used to get whenever a new unit comes out.

Hay, this is the work life, I guess.

I’ve made up my mind to go on gimmicks every weekend as this year started, and so far, I’ve been doing just so. Last year, I preferred staying at home during the weekends so I could rest, but I end up bumming around all day. For the past month, I’ve managed to go out every weekend and not be a party pooper. :P

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