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Twenty Two

Here we go again, exactly one year after I posted last year, before I turned twenty two. It’s less than 24 hours till I turn twenty-three, and…well, I thought I’d post early since I don’t think I’d have the time to post later. Busy, busy day at work. ;)

My 22nd year was a blur. I don’t know why, but it felt like it is. Maybe it’s because I was so busy with everything in my life that I hardly noticed things. Well, okay, I did, and they’re safely written in my journal (at least, almost all of it), so my memory is kind of failing right now. Maybe my journal-writing is really becoming like Dumbledore’s Pensieve (did I spell that right?). Hm. That’s a thought.

I was sick almost the entire week last week because of that nasty indigestion I had last Monday. I was so weak last Monday that I could have asked for NO2 Black, except I don’t know what that would do to me. I can’t remember if I posted about it, but I threw up again on Tuesday, for eating a too heavy dinner too soon. Bah. I was reduced to a crackers and juice and congee diet for the entire week. I was so hungry by Thursday, but I had to keep at it because Friday was Pizza day with the teammates. Good thing I was well enough by Friday, and I got to eat normally, but not as much as I used to.

Which is a good thing, really, because that means I can lose weight by eating less. :P

Anyway, Saturday was a big day, because I got my first birthday present for the year. :) I let go of Triskal last Friday and sold him to my boss, because I was planning to get the much-awaited and wanted iPod Touch. :) I’ve been losing sleep over the weekend playing with it and installing apps and making sure all my album art are complete. Haha, Apple products do this to people, srsly. I’ve yet to make a proper review of this, but here’s a photo:

Macy the iPod Touch

So pretty! The silicone case is my brother’s birthday gift to me, plus my pink earphones, so it’s all pink. ♥ I named it Macy after the lead character of Sarah Dessen‘s The Truth About Forever. I knew that a guy name wouldn’t fit this one. :))

Sunday, after catching up on sleep, I cleaned my room. I used to clean my room three times a year back when I was studying, but ever since I started working I hardly do. But yesterday gave me a reason to do so, and see here:

The Bookshelf!

YES, IT’S FINALLY HERE! Took three months, but it’s okay. :) This is actually my brother’s Christmas present, which I kind of feel bad asking for since it’s a bit expensive. :) But thank you, none the less! I realized yet again that I have so many books, that i didn’t know how to fix them yesterday. Note that those aren’t the only books I have — I have more on a separate single shelf on my dresser. :P

I haven’t figured out a real way to arrange the books, except that the non-fiction are on the left, the young adult/teens were on the right and the ones in the center are my favorites. The ones on the top are the books I have yet to read. I have to figure out a better way to organize this and fit more books, but for now, I just like looking at it. :)

Today’s going to be a long day at work, with QA’s and goal setting, and documentation and training at night. I hope I can get home before midnight, though. I want to start my 23rd year at home. :D

Why I suddenly want an iPod Touch

When the iPod touch first came out, I didn’t like it. For one thing, I was already satisfied with my current player then, and I didn’t want anything touch screen. If you knew me way back then, I didn’t like the Palm, or anything that requires me to touch its screen to control it. I’m such an OC about my gadgets that I hate having to have fingerprints all over the glossy (and pretty) surface.

I didn’t want the iPod Touch, and I thought that if ever I’d be getting another iPod, I’d get the classic or the Nano since it has so many colors.

So why the sudden change of heart when I added it in my 23rd birthday wishlist?

I saw Mae using hers during WordCamp 2008, and I was…amazed. I mean, everyone was using their own laptops to Plurk/Twit/blog/whatever, but Mae was just fiddling with her iPod Touch. Then I wondered about all the other things I could do with that, most especially writing. I read somewhere that there’s a WriteRoom application for the iPod Touch…and I can sync my iCal with that (I wonder if Notes Calendar can be synced with it? Hmmm)…and I can just imagine what else I can do with that. :))

So why do I want an iPod Touch again? Let me count the ways:

  • Write anywhere. Whenever I have an idea that I just need to write, I usually use my phone. But I can only write so much in Captain Tal. I can probably even try NaNo-ing in an iPod Touch if I’m crazy enough. Plus WriteRoom!!!
  • eBook Reader. I discovered the fun of ebook reading in Triskal, but imagine how hard it is to read and remember which section I last read there. Plus using the clickwheel to scroll can be tiring on the thumb! I’ve seen how ebooks are shown in the iPod Touch and I can actually read multiple ebooks with bookmarking. Oh the possibilities.
  • Wider viewing pleasure. I tried watching videos in my teammate’s iPod Touch and I was amazed at how big the screen was. And so bright since it’s not composed of  led light bulbs. Haha, this should be fun too.
  • Internet anywhere there’s Wi-Fi. I don’t have to bring Aslan everywhere now, as I can use the iPod Touch to blog/Facebook/Plurk/Twitter. :D Portability oh yeah.
  • Built in speakers. I don’t have to get speakers to play my music in my room. Of course, Aslan is there…but I don’t have to turn him on all the time to play music. :D

That’s all I could think of now. Haha suffice to say I’m excited to have one. :)) I’d like to think of it more as a productivity tool than a luxury. ;) Or it could be both. Wahaha. It’s my birthday gift. :P

So as the ever-prepared (or so I’d like to think) girl that I am, I’m lining up apps to install once I get it:

  • eReader/Stanza. Still choosing between the two, but I think I’m leaning towards Stanza.
  • WriteRoom. This is the only paid app that I will really pay for. I can’t not have this. This is the ultimate writing tool for me. Unless of course there’s Scrivener mobile already…Hm.
  • WordPress. Self-explanatory.
  • Facebook. Self-explanatory too. :P
  • Twitteriffic. This, too.

Ah…all web stuff. :P I’m thinking of getting White Noise too, but it might be really a luxury since it’s not a free app. Anything else you might suggest?

Anyway, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. But I will get an iPod Touch…sometime…soon. Haha.

I have to go and get ready for work! :D