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Ten minute post

I’m supposed to upgrade my WordPress tonight but I don’t have time because I got home late and I want to sleep at 10:30 pm tonight, for a change. I’ve been trying to, really, but I always end up getting to bed at 11:30, which would make me have a hard time waking up and wish not to go to the gym, but I have to go to the gym.

And speaking of which, I have to pay for the gym within this month. The thing is, I have to pay 2,000 because my brother is also with me there and he already gave me his share of 1,000 but I spent it at Doulos. Now, I could wait for my next salary BUT I have to pay for February on January 27…but wait, we already paid for January…so that could last until the end of the month! Right? I hope so! Haha. That way, I could wait for the next salary and pay for the gym…that’s at the end of the month…that’s on…a Wednesday. Good. :)

It’s the first salary of the year and already I’m running low on funds. NOT GOOD. I need to save up for the next few days so my balance in my account wouldn’t go below 1K. Gah. That’s why I really am putting myself on a book ban/fast until June, so as I won’t have to spend anything on books. Until June. Why June? Because it’s OMF sale at June again. :P

I have two more minutes to this post and I still have to put the tags. Tomorrow’s another looooong day at work, and I have so many reports to finish and meetings to plan. Remind me next time to talk about passions, as in passions in life, and more on work and whatnot.

Oh and I still owe a post about forgiveness too.

I’ll get around to it.

Okay, one minute! Good night. :)

On "Milenyo", more work and paydays

This is how I am so un-updated with the things happening outside the office. Typhoon “Milenyo” (International name: Xangsane) hit the country, and I only actually knew all about it around 5:40 am yesterday morning, after I have finished getting ready to go to work. If my brother didn’t tell me that there might be no work yesterday, I wouldn’t have known until the winds knocked me over.

But there was still work for us yesterday, albeit half day. We got the go signal to go home after lunch, but since it was still quite stormy, we stayed there for a while. Robinson’s Galleria was damaged big time, so we couldn’t exactly go malling while I wait for my brother. Anne and I ended up talking as we looked for places to hang out. We got to go home around 4:00pm and thankfully, there wasn’t any traffic. It was flooded at our village’s entrance and we dropped Anne off at their street corner because we couldn’t try to get in her street anymore. It was probably the deepest flood I’ve ever seen in our village, and it was…well, scary to see so much unwanted water in one place. I haven’t seen something like that since first year college!

You know what? I should have taken pictures. Darn.

And as always, electricity was out yesterday so I hit the bed at around 6:00pm. I woke up at 6:00 am with a slight headache from all the sleeping. The sun was shining down the window, and I knew it was back to work again.

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Thank God it's Friday

Hello, it’s Friday, and it’s payday! I didn’t exactly get a whopping big amount, but it feels nice to be able to earn something. Even if my work wasn’t so heavy for this week. I did do some work related things and attended lots of meetings. It gets kind of intimidating especially when my I suddenly lose track of the conversation and my brain gets mixed up and all that. :-s I will get used to this, I know. As Ramuel said, they wouldn’t put me in hot water immediately…they’ll boil me slowly to get used to everything. :P

But this week has definitely been better than last week. :) As I told myself last Sunday, I will make an effort to make friends on Monday, firstly by asking (Ate) Jane if I could eat lunch with them. There I met Anne, Reg and Caloy, my new lunch buddies. Anne lives in the same village as I do, which made it even better because at least there’s someone I could go home with if I can’t ride with my brother.

So for the week, I became their lunchmate. We’d even go down during merienda times to eat as well, and we’d always end up laughing ourselves silly over some “scoop”. I’ve also started to get to know and talk to the other people in our place of the office. That, and there’s been a bit more work, plus I might be getting the key of my drawer from Jenny…so at least I’d have something to stuff my things in. :) Yes, this week has been better. :)

Now that I said that, I am kind of afraid that next week might turn awry, but I shouldn’t think of that. There are some things I am quite afraid of, but I tell myself not to think about it and just take it one day at a time. Think positive! Next week will be just as good as this week was. :)

The only thing that I am having a hard time right now is the sleeping thing. Last week I found myself in bed by 11:00pm, which is early for me ever since I started bumming. I have to wake up at 5:00am, and then snooze a bit until 5:15am. Then I force myself up to get ready so my brother and I could leave by 6:30 am and I will be at the office by 7:30 am so I can go at 6:00pm. My body clock still needs to get used to these things, and I hope it’s soon because I don’t want to feel tired come Wednesday.

On another lighter note, my dad’s coming home tomorrow! :) He’ll be here for two weeks. :) And tomorrow’s the SFC CLP again and I’m really starting to like being in SFC. :)

Like I said, things are certainly looking up. :) Thank God. And Thank You because it’s Friday. ♥