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Random Thoughts on Checking Accounts

The first time I had a checking account was when I transferred to my new job. I never really knew what the difference between a savings account and a checking account was because I always had a savings account. Though I was confused a couple of times on that, like when I deposited cash on my friend’s account but mistakenly checked Savings instead of Checking (or was it Current?). Ooops!

Anyway I found out what is the main difference of a checking account from a savings account soon after: checking account comes with — you guessed it — checks. Yay, and that’s it, I think. When I opened my checking account here at work, I was surprised to learn that we had to pay a certain amount for our checks. O_o Ergh. I wish we did not have to, but then again, it’s not like I have any choice, so I still paid for it.

But I have to say, having a checkbook is quite convenient, especially when I’m paying for my bills and my debts to my mother. Yes, there’s the hassle of the three-day clearing and the possibility that the check would bounce (but it wouldn’t as long as there’s money in the account, so there), but it’s way easier to bring around a check than have wads of cash (not that I have that ;) ) lying around in my bag to do payment. :D And it’s easier to pay in exact amount too, instead of scrounging around for coins or making an over-payment to pay for bills. :D

Overall, I’m managing well with my checks. :)

Now where did this post come from? Totally random, eh? Aside from the link (hee, moolah!), it’s because it’s 1:50am and I’m at work and I’ve got a series of online trainings I’ve got to finish for this week and I feel like I don’t know how to write anymore and that I still want to strangle my NaNo 2007 characters. *sigh* So if this post did not make any sense to you…well, feel free to skip it. :D Hee. Good morning world!

Ten minute post

I’m supposed to upgrade my WordPress tonight but I don’t have time because I got home late and I want to sleep at 10:30 pm tonight, for a change. I’ve been trying to, really, but I always end up getting to bed at 11:30, which would make me have a hard time waking up and wish not to go to the gym, but I have to go to the gym.

And speaking of which, I have to pay for the gym within this month. The thing is, I have to pay 2,000 because my brother is also with me there and he already gave me his share of 1,000 but I spent it at Doulos. Now, I could wait for my next salary BUT I have to pay for February on January 27…but wait, we already paid for January…so that could last until the end of the month! Right? I hope so! Haha. That way, I could wait for the next salary and pay for the gym…that’s at the end of the month…that’s on…a Wednesday. Good. :)

It’s the first salary of the year and already I’m running low on funds. NOT GOOD. I need to save up for the next few days so my balance in my account wouldn’t go below 1K. Gah. That’s why I really am putting myself on a book ban/fast until June, so as I won’t have to spend anything on books. Until June. Why June? Because it’s OMF sale at June again. :P

I have two more minutes to this post and I still have to put the tags. Tomorrow’s another looooong day at work, and I have so many reports to finish and meetings to plan. Remind me next time to talk about passions, as in passions in life, and more on work and whatnot.

Oh and I still owe a post about forgiveness too.

I’ll get around to it.

Okay, one minute! Good night. :)

Thursday Thirteen # 5: Materialism

Now I’m back to Thursday Thirteen. And this week is payday week! :) Yay! I got my first pay slip earlier and it’s not that much, but still! It’s not exactly my first salary ever, but it’s my first salary in my first job so it’s a big thing. :P So I’ll be materialistic (kinda) this week. :P

Thursday Thirteen # 4: Cartoons

Thirteen Things I Will (Most Probably) Buy/Save For With My Salary:

  1. A birthday gift for my brother. He’s turning 24 on the 22nd of September and this is probably the first time I’ll be giving him a gift that came from my own money. :) I already asked him what he wanted and he told me (Folded and Hung slippers), and I told him he should come with me so I can get the right size for him. I’m thrilled to actually be able to buy him a gift. :D
  2. A birthday gift for my dad. I have no idea how I can give it to him though, because he’ll probably be in Saipan that time. Hmm. But I want to buy him a gift still (and of course he’ll see this because he reads my blog. Haha!). Funny, because it’s actually my dad’s birthday on his birth certificate today, but his birthday really is at the 18th of October. Something with his birth certificate and registration that’s why he has another birthday. We usually celebrate the 18th one. To think I actually really thought that my dad was born twice.
  3. A birthday gift for my mom. My mom is celebrating her birthday on the 20th of November, and I haven’t gotten him anything EVER. Now that I’m earning, I really want to treat her to something. She’s been wanting to be treated at a spa for so long and I might just get her a free body scrub and massage or something. :)
  4. Apple iPod USB Cable. My iPod USB cable’s gone kaput. :( I don’t know where it went, but it’s gone. :( Sad. I know I used it last May when I reformatted Ginger but now I can’t find it. Oh well. I think it costs around Php1000 (USD 20). Ouch.
  5. New eyeglasses. My eyeglasses has been calling to be changed since last year, or something. I want dark-framed squarish shaped ones because I like the way I look there. :P Haha. Intellectual but not that old-looking, like what my glasses do to me now.
  6. iPod mini Belkin leather case (pink or white) or an iPod mini iSee. My brother kept on teasing me about how I keep on breaking our iPods. While whatever iPod is in his possession always looks so pristine while using it (and he doesn’t have any other case except the iPod silicon on the 40GB iPod), while I end up scratching whatever I have with me. My earphones always conk out first and in fact, my iPod min has been replaced twice already. Talk about making use of my warranty a lot. :P Haha. An iPod case would surely help me take care of this toy better. :P
  7. Come to think of it, I want the new iPod Nano. The pink one. It is just like my iPod mini though, only thinner and colored. I wonder if Apple will release a pink iPod Nano with 8GB capacity? I hope so. :) 4GB is getting too small for me, really.
  8. Faber Castell 24 colored pencils. Haha! I always found these brand of colored pencils so expensive, but I’ve always wanted to own a set. :) I love, love, love colored pencils! I love to color things with them because they color just right. :D Haha, pretty soon, I’ll get myself a set just to indulge myself. :) Where will I use this? Planner designs, of course. You can never go wrong with colored pencils. :P
  9. Books. Of course. I still have about 5 unread books at home, but I never denied myself of having an addition to the list. Once paperback versions of Charmed Thirds (Megan McCafferty), Out of Egypt (Anne Rice) and The Fourth Bear (Jasper Fforde) comes out, I’ll get myself copies of that. And those other books that are in my to buy list and those that people would recommend. Haha, I’m such a bookaholic. I think it’s because when I was a kid, I was only supposed to have one book a month. Now that I’m older, I think I’m going to let myself indulge in that once in a while.
  10. And in addition to #9…I think I’ll buy myself a better bookshelf. To fit all my favorite books. Now if only I could fit that in my room…
  11. Give my first contribution to our parish and for Gawad Kalinga. I have to admit that I’ve been contributing to GK for a long time already, but it’s always with my parents’ money (i.e. something I asked from them, or my allowance). This time it’s coming from me and I want to be able to contribute to our family’s GK fund. And to our parish. And to SFC too. It wouldn’t hurt to give and help a bit. :)
  12. Gifts and a Jollibee trip for my GK kids. I haven’t been to any Gawad Kalinga site for so long already, and I really, really want to be able to visit them again soon! I owe my GK kids in Baseco a birthday treat and gifts for her birthday last May. I better to get them ready for a big treat since I’ve been absent for so long! Christmas, you think?
  13. Last, but not the least…CHRISTMAS GIFTS! :) I need to save up enough money if I want to buy my family and friends Christmas gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but I really want to get them something really nice this year, since it’s my first Christmas with a job. Even if they’re just simple tokens and all. I’ve always meant to give gifts for Christmas but things don’t work out as much as I want to. This should be fun! :)

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Holiday smells and thoughts

I went out to our terrace earlier to put the plastic pot my mom bought from the mall earlier and found myself taking a deep breath outside…and wait a minute. Is it just me, or does it smell like Christmas already?

Funny, yeah, but then it’s almost September and all Filipinos know that once September starts, it’s the “ber” months already…meaning Christmas is almost here! And the year will soon be over. Wow.

I bet this Christmas is going to be different than last year. Last year, Christmas was kind of lonely because my parents were at Saipan and my brother was out for work so I spent most of the holidays at home and alone. I minded, because well…it’s Christmas! And it sucks to be alone on Christmas. :( But my brother and I made it up on Christmas day and New Year’s day when we went out with his girlfriend.

Anyway, this year, I think Christmas will be different. Firstly, because I have a job by then and there will be a lot of new people to think of gifts for and to share Christmas greetings with. Plus I’m sure there’s going to be the office Christmas party, which is going to be my first.

I will be able to buy Christmas gifts for people now because I will have money by then: salary + Christmas bonus + thirteenth month pay (as my mom and brother told me on the last two), unless of course I end up spending them all before Christmas comes…I hope not. :p This will surely be fun, because I’ve never actually bought Christmas presents for my family and friends with my own money. Yeahba. :D

But why am I talking about Christmas when it’s not yet even September? Haha, pre-holiday excitement. Yeah.

On other news, I just found out my high school has a website: www.LorenzoRuiz.edu.ph . Interesting! And they have a catch phrase thing too, much like “Animo La Salle”: Semper Lorenzo. I asked what this means and a younger alumnus told me semper means “go”. Well…it’s certainly unique. ;)

Anyway, if you go to the website, most of the pictures there are mostly from my batch. You can even see my best friend during the CAT graduation. How cool is that? :P