Stories to Tell

Also known as: An early birthday present :)

Can I pretend just for a moment that this album was released at this month because my birthday is coming soon? You know, an early birthday present?

Stories to Tell by Dave Barnes -- in my iPod :)
Stories to Tell by Dave Barnes -- in my iPod :)

Okay, even if that is not true, I am still going to pretend it is so. Just like how I want to think that The Hunger Games movie is released this month for that same reason too. :P

Anyway, other than Switchfoot, Dave Barnes is probably the other artist that I’ve written on the blog so many times. I discovered Dave through some friends in 2007 while I was on a Matt Wertz streak (who is incidentally, a good friend of Dave, too). It took a while for me to appreciate his music but once I got to listen and appreciate Until You in full, I was absolutely in love. I played his songs over and over and over again, used it as an inspiration for a NaNoWriMo novels and other short stories and just talked about him so much. It’s not the same fan level as other friends do, but if there was any artist that I started auto-buying on iTunes, it’s him.

So, here he is again with another album with a lovely title: Stories to Tell. I am thrilled. Just in time, Dave. Just in time.  You just made my birth month a hundred times awesome-r, and I can’t wait to love this album just as I love the others.

If you haven’t heard him yet, then this is the perfect time to get his latest album, Stories to Tell. He’s amazing, I tell you, and indulge me a bit while I push you his album. :D

The chances of him reading this is low, of course, but Dave if you (or anyone connected to him) read this, then please, please come visit us in the Philippines. :) We’d love to have you here (and I’m pretty sure you’ll love our mangoes, too :D ). :)

There’s life to be lived, and stories to tell, lessons to learn, we don’t know yet.
Nothing to lack looking back knowing that we have lived it well with stories to tell.

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