Honey Let Me Sing You a Song

Well, would you look at that. It’s the second half of 2014. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was in Cagayan de Oro for SFC’s International Conference? ((I realized that I never had a recap post for this — must write this!))

I feel a little overwhelmed knowing that it’s the second half of 2014 already. May and June went by like that, mostly because my new role at work is keeping me busy every single day. To recuperate from all the stress, I do my best to start doing the things I like doing, otherwise known as the things I have time to do while I was still a semi-slacker. :P Of course, now that I don’t have all the time in the world to do all of that,  I have to choose and use my time wisely. Let me tell you: the temptation to do nothing right after a long day’s work is so strong, but now I try to battle that to do other things that I like. Like reading, or chatting with friends, or writing blog posts like this.

Of course, sometimes, the need to sleep and lie down and do nothing wins over, and well, that’s not so bad, either. Just not all the time.

I digress. This post is about songs, the songs that had somehow accompanied the first half of my 2014. I started doing this last year, and I thought it was fun, so now I am going to do it again. :D Because what is life without music, yes?

Seven songs, because 1/2 of 14 is 7. :)

(Post title is from Matt Hires’ Honey Let Me Sing You a Song. ♥)

1. I Will Be by Natalie Grant

[youtube MpkBCE57hyc]

Gracious, Gentle and Kind
Knowing that your love will shine
Through mine

I’ve had this song for so long, but I think I only really started appreciating this late last year to early this year. This song had so much positivity, and it gives me the fuel to try to be what the song says: I will be a candle in the darkness, I will be a hand from heaven above. :)

2. Slow Love by Michael Alvarado

[youtube fsoBTel5K60]

So sit back, relax, and enjow the show
We ain’t got too far to go
Before we make it
My heart is yours for the taking
But please dont break it

Oh the sweetness of this song. I discovered this from the playlist that I received from attending Better Story Project’s Love in 8 Chapters workshop. I latched onto this song immediately, not because I could relate to it, but because it was just so catchy. There was a moment, one day, while I was preparing for work and I had the fan to my face. Then the song played and I smiled at myself at the mirror, and it was that lightbulb “I’m so pretty” moment. Hihi. :D

3. Fearless by YFC Liveloud

[youtube vaNGmI61RDE]

For God is all enough,
In Him I will remain.

I heard this song at the SFC Metro Manila Conference last year, but it was given more emphasis in the last SFC International Conference. I love this song, mostly because of the line up there. This song helped me keep my focus on those days when I just feel so, so out of it, soon after I realized that I need to make some changes to my life.

4. For Good by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel

[youtube ZvxHWqySAtA]

And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I’ve done you blame me for
But then, I guess we know
There’s blame to share
And none of it seems to matter anymore

Oh, this song. I watched Wicked with some friends early this year, and naturally I listened to the soundtrack before that. This was the other song I loved from the soundtrack because I could definitely relate to it. I was teary-eyed when I finally watched this live, and it’s such a beautiful reconciliation scene and song, one that I could only really hope for.

5.  Heart Attack by One Direction

[youtube OfIvYrRiQbo]

Baby now that you’re gone,
I can’t stand dumb love songs,
Missing you is all I’m thinking about, yeah
Everyone’s tellin’ me,
I’m just too blind to see,
How you messed me up, I’m better off now, yeah

I can’t quite believe that I have a One Direction song on this list, but I will come clean now: I am a bit of a 1D fan. To be perfectly honest, I think their songs are very good writing companions. ;) There was a time when this song was my LSS for days (right after I LSS-ed on Little White Lies haha). I like it, I like them, and I still listen to their songs whenever I feel stressed. But no, I am not going to watch them in concert here. I’m not that big of a 1D fan (yet). :P

6. Whenever You Love Somebody by Matt Wertz

[youtube hQxK7fNrA54]

You risk it all to feel that fire
This crazy falling takes you higher, higher
You act the fool, oh, ain’t that the truth
Whenever you love somebody

I call this my “Act 2” song. I spent a huge chunk of the first quarter of the year revising my novella, and I had this little playlist to help me slog through the harder rewrites. This song is the perfect companion for one of those scenes. Sigh. (Now, finish revising, stat.)

7. All or Nothing at All by Switchfoot

[youtube EYZ_lUkpOkk]

You feel your heart beat loudest when it’s breaking
You and I both know our fatal flaws
We both know that love is what you make it
I want you
All or nothing at all

Switchfoot released their latest album Fading West early this year, and I was so, so excited to get it. One of the first songs I really liked in this was this one, especially when I heard that line in the chorus: You feel your heart beat loudest when it’s breaking. Ah, how poetically accurate. This is almost at the same level of Playing for Keeps, and I love it so much because of that. Switchfoot just does not fail. :)

* * *

I realized while writing this list that I haven’t been listening to my playlists much ever since I moved to my new job. I think maybe that’s also why I feel a little bit more stressed there? Must remedy that. Because again: what is life without music, yes? :)

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