May you always have love

So I had this Valentine’s post planned that I started drafting last week, but I didn’t get to finish it because (1) I was busy writing; and (2) I honestly wasn’t sure where the post was going. And then I’m about to leave for Cagayan de Oro for the 21st SFC International Conference (yay) and it’s the first time I’m spending Valentine’s Day out of town (yay), so I would be even busier. So I thought: Nah, never mind. Screw that post. My blog will still live without it.

But I’m a sucker for dates, and I don’t know, it’s become some sort of a tradition, and I didn’t want to have the blog empty of posts for two weeks (because I didn’t write any last week).

So here. A short and sweet V-day post, written in advance, for you guys! I know some people feel bad about not having someone to spend V-day with, but if there’s anything I learned in the past years, it’s this: we are never without love. Sure, we may not always have romance, but we are never, ever unloved. :)


More posts when I get back! In the meantime, here’s a poem from one of the books I read recently, The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg. What a lovely and fun book. Here’s a poem that the main character read at the end, and I’ve been reading it over and over every now and then:

In the midst of happiness or despair
in sorrow or in joy
in pleasure or in pain:
Do what is right and you will be at peace.
In life there is no greater gift than peace,
except love.
May you always have love.

I hope you have a warm, joyful, and love-filled Valentine’s. ♥

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