Not so bad

Today wasn’t so bad. Now I’m pretty sure I won’t be plunged headfirst into the unknown, so I’m okay. :)

I realized from this entire ordeal that I am not so good in coping with sudden changes. I like slow, gradual changes that I am aware of. Sudden turns in the road make me worry too much. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of a control freak.

But such is life. I can’t expect it to make changes come slow for me just because I have some sort of a hard time dealing with it. I have to be the one to adjust.

I will be okay. :)

One thought on “Not so bad”

  1. Me too sister, me too. Glad you’re going to be okay, although I knew you would be. You’re so awesome. (=- Ciao for now. Love ya bunches. *Update coming very soon*

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