Single on Heart's Day

I’m a bit too busy to actually write something for Valentine’s Day right now so I’ll reserve that this weekend. For now, I’ll share with you an article I co-wrote with a couple of friends at work, so here! :D Enjoy reading!

Single on Heart’s Day?

It’s that time of the year again. Love songs play on the radio, flower and chocolate sales are at an all time high, and red is the color of the season.

Yes, friends, it’s time for Valentine’s Day.

Every year, more and more singles dread the month of February, especially when it comes to the middle of the month. Even if the 14th means payday, it also means that everyone who’s got someone is out on a date with their significant others, while singles are at a loss to look for what to do on that night.

It’s time to change that notion. You can have fun on Valentine’s Day, even if you have no significant other. Here are some suggestions for you to enjoy the 14th of February and not be sad or bitter (or both), because yes, it is possible to enjoy the day even without a date.

For the girls:

  1. Attend a fun class – ex. Gym, dance class, cooking class
    Learning doesn’t have to end when you’re already at work. Find some classes you can attend so you can learn something new. If you have a gym membership, attend some group exercise classes to get you moving – dance, yoga, or even boxing! If you’re not into sweating, find a more creative class: writing, acting, singing, or even cooking. Get your other single friends to join you, or go on your own. Be sure to smile and get to know new people when you attend those classes. You won’t only learn new things, but you’ll also have a new friend!
  2. Go to an orphanage or home for the aged and volunteer to do some charity work for the day.
    There’s a little saying, “Happiness stays with you if you share it with others.” Or at least something to that effect. One of the best things that can make you feel good about yourself is to do some charitable work. Visit an orphanage and play with the kids, or join a house building project, like Gawad Kalinga or Habitat for Humanity. You may even visit a home for the aged and talk to the residents – you’ll definitely learn something about life with them.
  3. Write notes or cards to friends to tell them how much you appreciate them.
    Who says Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? It can definitely be for friends, too! Get out those pens and papers and other materials and write notes to your friends and colleagues. You may also give them flowers and chocolates and other gifts, but that’s only if you have enough budget. This will not only make them smile, but will help establish your relationship with them. You may be dateless, but at least you have tons of friends!
  4. Have some bonding with your single girlfriends.
    What’s a Valentine’s Day without your single girl friends? Single girl friends definitely understand how it feels to not have significant others during the 14th. Organize a slumber party, go to the spa or salon and have your hair and nails done go to a bar and party or just simply hang out at one place and watch your favorite movies or TV shows together. And yes, it’s definitely okay to watch movies that have relationships-gone-wrong (think “Fatal Attraction”) that make you feel good about being single.
  5. Spend quality time with your family.
    No matter what happens, family will always be there for you. After all, you are their princess! Since Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Sunday, why not spend time with your family at home or outside? Who needs a date when you have your family to keep you company not only during Valentine’s Day but for every Sunday (or any other day for that matter) of the year?

For the boys:

  1. Go to a bar.
    Bars like Ponti, Fiamma and Distillery will surely come up with an event for singles this Valentine’s Day. Get dressed and prepare to party! If you’re not interested in clubbing, visit a comedy bar instead. Watch Pokwang, Allan K and other comedians, who will have you laughing all night. Cure those single woes away with laughter!
  2. Join a yoga class.
    Now it may not always be your cup of tea, but it’s good exercise for flexibility. Plus the ratio of girls to boys in a yoga class is 10 to 1, and you’ll definitely find a new friend there. Of course, do try to talk to them after class, not while you’re both doing the downward dog.
  3. Sweat it out in the gym.
    If you’re really not into yoga, go ahead and work out instead. Pump iron until you’re too tired to do so, have a protein filled dinner (you need to keep those muscles well-fed you know — and you don’t even need those testosterone boosters) and then sleep! You won’t have to worry about being alone on Valentine’s Day when you’re asleep, plus your time at the gym will surely pay off in the long run.
  4. Stay cool like you’re still in school! Read a book and you’ll surely be glued into it
    Pick up the book that you’ve always wanted to finish but never had the time read! If you’re not into reading, watch some educational documentaries or attend some new classes on things that you haven’t done (guitar lessons, Photoshop, etc.). Having extra knowledge and skill never hurt anyone, and what you learned there could be a good conversation starter when you meet new people.
  5. Do you have a sister who’s single? Take her out on a date.
    If you have a sister who has no plans for Valentine’s Day, then be a good brother and take them out on a date! Go out and watch a movie or treat them for a nice dinner. It doesn’t have to be expensive – McDonald’s or maybe even Burger Machine will do! What’s important is you spend quality time with them and they will surely appreciate your effort of making their Valentine’s Day less lonesome. If your sister happens to have a date, then treat your mother out instead! You can also bring them flowers or chocolates – they will surely love it. If your mom has a date with your dad, then I guess it’s grandma then!

There are a lot of other things you can do on Valentine’s Day that don’t require you to have a special someone: plan an out of town trip with friends, attend a concert, watch a play, go on a road trip, go to an arcade or amusement park. If you really want to go on a date, get your friends to set you up on a blind date, or better yet, join a speed dating event! What’s important is you have fun, meet new people and get to know yourself better, regardless of your relationship status.

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be alone and lonely. Valentine’s Day is just another day, despite all the red’s and all the commercialization of it. Use this Valentine’s Day to get to know yourself and your friends and your family better. Most importantly, be confident, be yourself and love being yourself because that kind of confidence is very attractive (just don’t overdo it). Who knows, maybe next Valentine’s Day, you won’t need these tips anymore. :)