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Yesterday, it rained

In case you’re not from Manila, yes, it rained yesterday. Hard. If my brother didn’t tell me to go home right after work, I would’ve been stranded at Robinson’s Galleria. Thank God for good timing.

In the shuttle on my way home yesterday, I listened to the water fall down heavily on the roof of the van. I closed my eyes everytime a flash of lightning comes and automatically start counting after until I hear thunder. I was worried that we might have no electricity at home because of the heavy downpour — I still have to charge Captain Tal and my service unit for work. I wondered if I might have to spend the night in the darkness with no cellphone and only Triskal ((You’ll get to know him really soon; I just need to have time to write about him ;) )) to keep me company.

I got home safe and sound and soaking wet, and as I was eating my dinner, I suddenly remembered why I (used to) love the rain: when it rains hard enough, no classes for the next day.

Haaaay. For the nth time, I missed being a student again. Last night I found myself wishing that it rains really, really, really, really hard (but still no power outage, of course), and the government would announce no work for private and government offices. I would wake up to the cold weather, learn about this, sigh and go back to sleep. Ahhh.

Asa pa. I wish. As if that would happen. :-<

Remember that Nescafe commercial a few years back, where there was these guys who live in a dorm and are preparing for their day when one of them turns on the radio, listens for a bit and then runs to the hallway and yells, “WALANG PASOK!!!” ((Read: No classes!!!)) That was one of the best and most relaxing commercials I can remember. The rain last night also reminded me of the cold days at the dorm when we’re stuck because it was flooded outside our unit. I remember those days we’d cook up warm soup/noodles to eat during rainy days, or play Monopoly, or watch a DVD…sometimes my roommates and I would just talk.

Hay, nostalgia. But I can’t go back, as much as I want to. Such is life.

But don’t get me wrong, I loved the rain last night. I used to love the rain back in high school then disliked it when I started commuting in college. Now I think I’m starting to like it again. :) But the rain made me think of things that as much as I want to think about, I avoid because it makes me sad and want to go back and then I feel bad even more because I know I can’t. Did that make sense?

Anyway. Tonight, it threatened to rain but it didn’t pour. Yet. It’s payday today too, and because of that and Triskal, my brother and I went to Metrowalk and loaded on TV goodies, i.e. Prison Break Season 1 (please tell me the DVD ripper has it wrong and it’s reading only 14 eps but it’s really 22!!! Please?), Supernatural Season 1 and 2 (It’s my first time watching this. I bet I’ll be scaring the willies out of me but my curiosity’s got me :P), and Heroes Season 1 (Peter Petrelli! ♥ ). I still have some CSI:NY to wade through before I get to the others. Marathon na to!

Speaking of, I still want to borrow a DVD of CSI Seasons 1-6. Anyone? Or does anyone have AVI files and is willing to burn me a copy? *bats eyelashes* I’m such a cheapskate; my pocket hurts at the thought of buying an entire set of only one show…unless I head over to Quiapo. But if there’s no CSI, Veronica Mars would do. ;)

Before I go, I want to give a big thanks to Noemi, who owns Protagonist Webhosting, for upping my bandwidth this month, thus the comeback of Refine Me after exceeding my bandwidth the other day. :) Thank you, thank you! >:D<

Off I go. Mac Taylor and the rest of CSI:NY awaits.

On Graduation

I was browsing through LiveJournal and I got to this post via Katia‘s post: Kung Bakit Bad Trip ang Pagtatapos ((Rough Translation: Why graduating isn’t all it’s cracked up to be)). This is a speech given to the University of the Philippines, College of Arts and Letters graduates last April 21, 2007 by Mr. Ben Cabrera, National Artist for the Visual Arts. Reading this made me realize that it’s been a year that I have been out of school. My graduation was held on June 17, so I’m not an official college graduate for a year yet, but I finished school around late April last year.

I’ve mentioned this to some of my friends and also here but let me say it again: I miss college. People say high school is the best years of their life, but I beg to disagree: my college life rocked. It’s probably because college opened my doors to so many new people after being surrounded by people I have known for almost all of my life in elementary and high school. I lived for the change and challenge college brought me, as well as the chance to be a “regular” student and not an overachiever that I was.

Mr. Cabrera listed ten reasons why graduation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and I’ll post them here (translated) with some comments of a 1-year graduate. :)

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Of long days, kind strangers and reunions

Well I sure had a long day yesterday. I didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed, so I was kind of cranky that morning. My moodiness lasted until my mom and I left for Megamall around lunchtime to hear the mass. I was kind of in a hurry because I had to be at Assumption College in Makati before 2:00pm for their club meeting because I was supposed to give a talk. So right after the mass, I bought some food and started running to the MRT…but first a quick stop at Papemelroti! I needed to buy this box of Bible verses to give to the YFC members in AC, but the girl was being difficult because she told me she didn’t have change for my P500. I tried to look for an exact amount but I was short so I told her, and she said, “Eh wala pa rin eh.” I wanted to strangle her then — HELLO, it’s not my fault you don’t have change…you should find a way because it’s YOUR responsibility! I decided not to because I was in a hurry already.

So I went to Makati and walked to San Lorenzo Village. Of course, it was my first time there, so I followed an Assumptionista into the village so I’d know where to get in. I didn’t get lost and got there on time. I met up with Ms. Lea who led me to the YFC room and I met Louie, their president, who is such a sweet girl. They had a game, then my talk. The girls were kind of noisy but there were some who listened to me intently…I find them all kind of sweet and their noisiness didn’t really offend me because, well, they’re high school! Haha, after the talk, I got to talk to some of them who asked me some kind of difficult questions, and the other one, Shimmy, asked me about books. Haha. I’d like to go there again given the chance. :)

After the club meeting, I went to Glorietta again and browsed around bookstores while I waited for Gigie. When she arrived, she treated me some snacks and then I dropped her off at the MRT while I looked for a cab who will bring me to the Es-Twenty reunion. But it’s Friday night, and I’m at Makati, which means it’s hard to get a cab.

I went all around Glorietta and SM and Park Square to get a cab…until I ended up at North Park. I stood there waiting for a cab who will actually stop. There was a man a few feet away from me who was trying to hail a cab too. I stood near him and then he looked at me and asked, “Uunahan mo pa ba ako?” (Loose translation: “Will you steal a cab from me too?”) Of course, I said I won’t because I’m not like that. Then he asked me where I was going and it turns out we were going the same way and he told me we could ride together so it would be easier. I agreed reluctantly but of course I was kind of scared because I don’t know who that man is. We talked, and I found out he lives in the US but he was just visiting the Philippines and he was on his way to Batangas where he’s staying. He needed to catch the last trip of the bus from Jam transit and he was having a hard time catching a cab too. We stood there until we finally got a cab. We talked a bit more — he told me about his daughter’s college tuition fee, his divorce and how it is living in the US. Surprisingly, he wasn’t complaining that much about how the Philippines is compared to the US — so maybe there’s not much to complain? Anyway, when I got to my stop, I was about to pull out my wallet when he said he’ll take care of it. I accepted and he told me to have a good time and he and the cab went away.

That was really nice. :) It’s the second time that thing happened to me (the first time was during fourth year high school, a woman rode the tricycle with me and I helped her fasten her bracelet and she paid for half my fare), and I’d like to believe it’s God’s blessing for me. To be honest, I’m not comfortable riding cabs alone because I was always warned not to. I only do it in desperate cases like last night…and God is good. :D Amen.

I got to the reunion dinner on time…and it was fun being with my blockmates once again. There weren’t many of us though, and Jolai didn’t go down from Baguio which was what I was really looking for. But it was fun. It was fun reminiscing all our block days even if it was just for two terms. :D And because I love them so much, I’ll reserve all S20 memories in another post sometime soon. :)

Here’s one of the two pictures I have for the night…there’s a prof with us there…guess where he is. :P

Es-Twenty Reunion Dinner

Today I shall rest. And read. And watch TV. And fill out some forms for work. Haha that sounded so mature. :P

Thursday Thirteen # 1: Things I miss in college

There are so many fun things to do for blogs, don’t you think? :) Thursday Thirteen, you sound interesting! I’m going to try you now. :)

I’ve been going down to memory lane lately and I’ve been feeling nostalgic and all…so here’s Thirteen Things I miss from college (in no particular order), my first Thursday Thirteen. :)

  1. My dorm. It may not be as glamorous or as nice as living in any of the condos near school, but my dorm was home. My first room was not just a living space but a party area because of all the visitors we have, and my second room was a place away from all the madness there is inside school. :) Ah, fun times. My dorm’s being torn down now though, because it’s going to be renovated. So sad. :(
  2. Planet Gokongwei. For those who don’t know, Planet Gokongwei is Gokongwei building, which is my College of Computer Studies’ building in DLSU. It’s called “Planet” because it’s far away from the main buildings. :D Gox may have been too far away from the main buildings or may be too hot or too crowded or whatever, but Gokongwei is still home. :)
  3. The YFC Tambayan. This is the place where most of the people from my college “org” (I used quotes because I don’t think of CFC Youth for Christ as an organization but as a community) hangs out. My place of solitude when things in Gox get too mad. Of course, it’s not exactly quiet if you think of solitude that way. In the YFC Tambayan, I can be forget about my academic worries and be with my friends who also seek the face of God. :)
  4. And speaking of which…I miss my IST block. I miss our classes, our miss the times we have food trips (that was usually before Ms. Lilet’s classes, right?), our random Y!M chats, our thesis woes, lunches and dinners and all that. I miss you aaaallll.
  5. The Pearl of the Great Price Chapel. This is the place where I know I’d find God for sure. If ever I needed some peace and quiet and some spiritual consolation and can’t find it because the place around me is so cluttered and noisy, this is the sure place I’d go to.
  6. Aithne, Janine and Ynna, my first roommates. We still haven’t got the chance to eat that bucket meal together! Man, we should should should do that, like soon! These girls made being stressed fun. All nighters galore. :)
  7. Ann, Aya, Jamie and Katz, my second roommates. My younger sisters. :) You guys made being “ate” feel tons nicer. I loved treating you guys for Cello’s and I love having food trips with you guys. I miss you!
  8. The Ampitheater. If ever I’m in need for a breath of fresh air, the ampitheater is the first place I’d go to. The place to hang out, to talk, to watch concerts in and to have households when there’s no place to go to — that’s the ampitheater!
  9. And again, speaking of which…my YFC Docu household! I miss being a mommy to all of you guys and our bi-monthly household gatherings. I seriously didn’t mind texting you all for whatever YFC activity we have. I promise to have a reunion and to treat you guys to dinner or something when I get a job!
  10. The Happy Veggie Girls: Bea, Tuesday and Happy. These girls are the ones who I knew I could run to immediately for anything that comes up into my life. I hope that thing on the 18th works out. :)
  11. Animo Canteen’s burritos, mojos, ham and french toast and melon juice. They’re not the cheapest food on campus, but they sure are yummy and easy to buy when I’m at the tambayan. :) Oh yeah, I don’t recommend eating them all together. ;)
  12. SPS Canteen’s soft ice cream. For Php25.00, I can get a cup of soft vanilla ice cream mixed with another flavor and topped with either chocolate or caramel syrup. :) My personal favorite is strawberry-vanilla topped with chocolate syrup. Yum!
  13. Having classes. I miss the general idea of having classes. Of having something definite to do everyday. Of having something to finish every week, every term. I even miss the stress of projects and exams, and the joy (and sometimes sorrow) of receiving the grades. I just miss being a student. *sigh*

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Leaps of Faith

I figure it’s time for some serious blogging, aside from reviews. I’ve been talking too much about the things I’ve watched and read lately that this is becoming a review blog.

I’m almost done with my self-imposed vacation, and I shall start my job hunting tomorrow. Well, I’ll start it on Monday, actually, since tomorrow isn’t a business day. But tomorrow, I shall fix my resume, beef up my portfolio a bit and then fix my JobStreet and JobsDB resumes as well. And then it’s work time…or at least, job hunt time.

I make it sound so easy, but you know what? I’m terrified. I still feel like a fish out of the water, a chicken running around with its head cut off. I still feel so inadequate and to think I graduated from one of the top universities in the country.

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Say goodbye to the you I knew before

It’s really and truly over. Ladies and gentlemen, I am now officially unemployed. I am now a statistic. :p

I wish I had better pictures to show how the entire event went through (well, I do have pictures, but I’m a bit too lazy to transfer them yet), but it would have to wait for now. Because I need a nap before I go to my CLP. :P

This is it! Welcome to the world. :)

I’ll post more sentimental whatever thoughts later. I just want to say this out to the people who sat through the entire 3 hour event with me in black gowns inside the PICC Plenary Hall:



In the brink of something beautiful

I’ve been wanting to make a graduation post for the past month already but I keep on stopping myself for the fear of jinxing the graduation by blabbing about it so much. Of course, that is just silly because the victory has been won already even before I started college (thank You for that!), but there’s just more drama when I write something nearer to the actual date. :P

Once again, I proved that the college I chose four years ago is really indeed so far away from where I live. My feet still ached from walking all day in heels yesterday. I am not a heels person. However, I should start getting used to it, right? When I start working, that is. Anyway, yesterday was our mandatory pre-graduation meet up in the school. It was the day when we pick up our graduation attire (as can be seen by the previous post), get class pictures taken, attend baccalaureate mass and rehearse for graduation. Talk about a tiring day — as Marvs mentioned in his blog, it was (almost) chaos. It was nice seeing my batchmates again, but it was just too tiring especially after my body got used to all the bumming I’ve been doing here.

So this is it. Well, almost it. Graduation ceremonies aren’t until Saturday, and though I am not really looking forward to wearing heeled shoes again, I am quite excited to get the feel of the ceremonies myself, as well as get this over with. I don’t know if I will shed some tears then — I feel like I won’t, but who knows? I could be a crybaby if I want to. But I bet, if I do shed some tears, it wouldn’t be mostly because of sadness but more of joy. Joy because it’s finally and truly over.

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