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Friday's Feast # 2

I just blew off P99 on a box of Smidgets from Mister Donuts. The box contains 33 pieces of Smidgets (or Munchkins, since it’s what we’re all familiar with), and I thought the box was originally P29, not P99. It sounds the same naman. Or maybe I should stop stuffing my ear with my iPod so I can hear better.

Anyway. It’s there, and I have about 30 Smidgets left. I feel bad for spending so much too fast when I’m going to watch Shrek 3 tomorrow and I could have spent that P99 on a popcorn for the movie or something. Oh well. Anyone want a Smidget?

Time for my second Friday’s Feast!

Friday's Feast # 2

List 3 emotions you experienced this week.

Sad, frustrated, excited.

Name a car you’d love to have.

– No doubt about it: a Honda Jazz! I’d love to have it in pink (so girly!), but any color would do, as long as it’s a Jazz. I will name my future car Betty, but before getting myself a car, I need to be able to drive on my own. :P

Describe your typical morning routine.

– I wake up, go to the kitchen to drink a glass of water, then head over to my room to get my towels and my contact lenses. I will wake my brother up to tell him to get ready and then take a shower. After the shower, if my brother isn’t up yet, I’d wake him up again, then get dressed. After getting dressed, I would pray, and then go out and eat breakfast and then leave for work.

I need to re-do my morning routine. I end up being so slow that I would miss out on my prayer time. :( I need to give more time for that, and I want to have time to do some exercises in the morning, even for at least 15-30 minutes.

This only means one thing: Wake up earlier. Gaaaah.

Main Course
Have you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply?

– Famous. I used to write snail mail letters to the Backstreet Boys and The Moffatts (GO AHEAD, LAUGH AT ME! :p). I remember emailing the Stephen Speaks (lemme see if I remember them all: TJ, Rockwell, Dain, Blake F., Blake H., and Amber) members back when they were still popular in the Philippines. Only one of them replied, though. Blake H., who is their bassist, I think. I still have his email in my inbox:


If you could, send me the pics over e-mail. Thanks so much for remembering!!
All the pictures I’ve seen have been great, so I’m excited to see yours.

Thanks again for coming out to see us. Our time in Manila was unforgettable.

Blake H.

Oh yeah, Jamie, the group’s roadie and Rockwell’s girlfriend also replied to my email too:

hi tina!! ya email me the pics*! that would be awesome awesome*!* and take your time :) i know what its like to be busy hehe. have a great week!!

I never got to email back the pictures because I used a point and shoot and we still don’t have a scanner then. :(

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?

– Yes, but not as much as other people who actually collect podcasts. I listen to some of New Release Tuesday, Grassroots Music and some of my blogger friends such as Riz‘s and the Band of Bloggers’ Podcast. It’s a random thing, really. Maybe when I (together with some friends) start podcasting, I’ll start listening more too.

Happy Friday everyone! :P

More job hunting thoughts

Yesterday was a long day. I had two interviews — one in the morning and another one in the afternoon — and a group meeting at night. The interviews…well, they’re pretty draining and the moment I got out of PBCOM Tower after my second interview, I was just brain tired already.

My weariness was lifted thanks to my group meeting (emphasis on the quotes :p) with Micko, Rye and Ramie, otherwise known as my thesismates. Ramie came fetching me in his brand new Honda Jazz (haha, because of you, I want to have a Honda Jazz more now!) and then we fetched Rye from his house (thesis overnight memories) and then met up with Micko at Seattle’s Best in Festival Mall. Micko, being the only one who has had a stable job among all of us, treated us to snacks at SBC. We were supposed to watch Click but we ended up just talking the night away while walking around the mall and settling down for dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. Haha, fun times. :) Of course, none of us would admit it seriously, but we all did miss each other. :D I love how being a small block bonded us into what we are right now, and I love how my thesismates and I are more than just thesismates but also real friends (altogether now…awww!). Next up should be an IST dinner, especially now that the other remaining THES2 groups just passed their final defenses. :) Wohoo, IST rulez, yo!

Anyway, I was supposed to have an interview today too…but after some thinking and talking with my brother on my way home, I decided not to go anymore because I don’t really like the job. I felt kind of guilty especially because the HR officer who interviewed me was very nice to give me tips and such about working, and I worried as well, because what if I’m passing up a big opportunity on this thing by not going?

Around last week (was it only just last week?), as I was on my way to an exam, I was asking myself if I am actually looking for a job that I like, or if I’m looking for a job just to say that I have a job. But that’s wrong, isn’t it? For me, I mean. I’ve always wished and prayed for a job that would not seem like a job to me because I like it. So why am I not looking for that?

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