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Search Keywords for Refine Me

I check my SiteMeter and FireStats referrals almost everyday because I am always on the lookout to see whoever gave linklove to my blog (and yes, I’m a bit narcissistic with regards to my blog :p). Jomar once told me that I’d probably see my niche based on my search words…so let’s see what my possible niche is. :P

More to come in Part 2. :P For now I shall go back to watching Heroes (my officemate is right, Heroes is like Pringles: once you pop, you can’t stop!) in one of the same links I posted above.

Oh, and before I go, mind if you take a bite at some Bitesized Fiction? :) Now open!

Monday Sickness

No, I’m not sick. I’m just feeling terribly lazy for a Monday. :P I feel like I had a long weekend even if I was at the office last Friday…probably because of the lack of activity and all.

Still not doing anything. Ho-hum. Okay, stop pouting about this! Be thankful, Tina.

Anyway, my dad went back to Saipan yesterday, so now my mom, brother and I are back to being roommates at night. When my dad is here, we sleep at our own rooms (my lovely, soft bed!) and my brother and I get to share my airconditioner through an exhaust fan between our rooms. But when my dad’s back there, we all sleep together in the master’s bedroom, so we could save electricity. I don’t know why, but for some reason my nose feels drier when I wake up there than in my room. I end up having to sniffle a lot just so my nose would feel normal again. Pfft.

But anyway. Today I’m doing some ebook reading and chatting with some people who are online through Gmail Chat. I honestly don’t think I have anything else up to do today except maybe wait until I can go home (whee). I think, tomorrow, I might have some kind of meeting, if I am included there (and somehow I hope so).

This is the life? Haha. I guess. :)

Anyway, because I’m doing a lot of leisurable web-surfing here…here’s some websites to check out. :D

  • Catholic Discovery – Are you Catholic? Do you have some questions about Catholicism? Or are you just plain curious? Go and join this yahoogroup and learn and re-learn things about Catholicism! (I promise, no spam here!)
  • Amazing Race Asia Teams – 2 Filipino teams! Manila represent! Haha. Wohoo! But wait, is that Aubrey Miles? I can’t wait to watch this.
  • Write Stuff – excellent tips and resources and references for writers. :) Gotta love this place!
  • Cuteness overload: The Daily Kitten, The Daily Puppy and Things That Make You Go Aahh.
  • National Novel Writing Month 2006. Ever wanted to write a novel? Or has the thought, “What if I write a novel?” ever cross your mind? If so…go here! It’s almost time to unleash your creative juices! Join the fun and craziness as we write a 50,000 (+) word novel in 30 days! :D

It’s 1 hour and 15 minutes till time to go home. :D