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Goodbye September, hello October

It’s the first two days of October and I’m nursing a runny nose and a just-healed sore throat, but I’m starting to get my bearings again after such a busy month. There’s still some leftover stuff that aren’t finished from September, but it’s almost done so there’ll be more breathing room, hopefully.

So October. The tenth month of the year — how fast does 2008 go? I can’t believe the year’s almost over. Pretty soon it’ll be November (NaNoWriMo time — please make sure and visit Pinoywrimos.com!) and then it’s December, and it’s the year-end party at work (last major project!) and then the year’s over! Whew.

I still owe a lot of entries, which I need to write before November rolls in since I’ll be pretty busy come that month. If only I could tear myself away from the TV shows (major distraction I tell you — especially FRIENDS!), and the plotting. But for tonight, I’m sleeping early to rest. After watching two more episodes of FRIENDS. :P

Next up, a post on the Cebu trip. Hopefully. If not, a post on the Tree Planting. :P Let’s see. :)

The Holy Rosary Podcast

The month of October reminds me of three things: lots of horror stories and Halloween specials on TV, my dad’s birthday and the month of the Holy Rosary. I remember back in high school, everytime it was October, we’d be asked to decorate our bulletin board for October and put up a small altar at one corner of the classroom and pray all five mysteries for the day of the rosary. I end up leading the rosary on most days, which I don’t really mind, and which is also why I memorized all the prayers and the mysteries.

But…I’d have to admit. I’m not the biggest fan of the Holy Rosary. :-s I liked that I can do it, but I don’t really like doing it. I’m not proud of this, and I’m trying my best to learn to love this form of prayer. I don’t doubt how powerful praying the rosary can be (and it really helped me calm down and be still in God during the time I was waiting for my exam results in my current employer); it’s just that sometimes it can get so repetitive that I get too antsy and I feel like my prayers aren’t getting through.

But I’m trying harder now. I’m trying harder to appreciate the rosary for all it is worth, because I know that it’s a beautiful prayer as a whole. Plus there are also these things, which Mr. Matt Smith from Lifeteen.com pointed out:

  1. The rosary isn’t all about me. (True!)
  2. A lot can happen when I pray for 20 minutes (approximately how long praying the entire rosary will take)
  3. It’s an interactive Biblical experience (gives me time to reflect at the important parts of Jesus’ life — yes, the rosary is still about Jesus, despite the number of Hail Mary’s prayed)
  4. It can make ordinary situations extraordinary (because I spent it in prayer)

Like I said, I’m trying harder. Which is why I’d like to thank Jun and Fr. Stephen for starting the Filipino Holy Rosary (or Santo Rosaryo) podcast. For everyone who wants to pray the rosary but is not quite familiar with it, here’s a guide for you. You may download these podcasts, put them in your mp3 player and just pray with it while you walk, commute, drive or work or while going through your favorite hobby shop. You can use this to teach kids or students how to pray the rosary in Filipino, or have a group of friends say the prayer together. You can send these to your Filipino friends abroad too. :)

If you’d prefer the English version, you may download podcasts at RosaryArmy.com. I will be putting these up for download by tomorrow at my Multiply too, so you can also download it from there in case you can’t access the two sites. :)

Tenth and Third Month, New Writing and Rains

Hello, it’s October! I’m still sort of swamped at work, but I thank my teammates for taking some of the load (Hi Mike!) off me. This is one of the moments I know that I am not a designer but a programmer. :D So thank you. Tomorrow I have a training and then a commercial shoot for our upcoming Townhall. Busy, busy, busy days, really, but it’s fun. I did get kind of stressed earlier, but it’s all good. :)

I told myself I’ll start playing Christmas songs come October, but I haven’t been playing them because I couldn’t find my CDs. Hmph. I know I kept them somewhere in my room, but I really can’t remember. Too bad. I’ll find them, I know, but maybe next week. Those Christmas songs can wait. :P

And speaking of months…it just occured to me that I’ve been in my company for three months as of today! Wohoo, happy third month! Interesting how I feel like I’ve been here too long already. Hmm. But it’s fun and it’s starting to get stressful, but I like it. :) How many times have I said that? :P

I managed to squeeze out some creative juices earlier and finally updated Bitesized Fiction after how many months of it being dead. It’s something that hit me as I was walking to meet my brother at the mall. I feel like my grammar was all over the place and it is overflowing with cheesiness, so forgive me if you can’t stand all the cheese. :P And speaking of writing, I need ideas for my next NaNoWriMo novel!

It’s been raining since yesterday and I am listening to some songs that shouldn’t be listened to during rainy days. What kind of songs? Well, if you read my latest post here, it lies along the lines of those. :P Haha I don’t know if I’m torturing myself with this, but a part of me is enjoying all the mushiness of the songs. *sings* Yeah, that’s what you do when you love someone. Awww. ♥

Good night everyone!