Wanted: Nike's Tessa

Day 15I interrupt the seriousness of yesterday’s post to make room for something…less serious.

I am totally in love with this bag:

Nike's Tessa Medium Duffel Bag
Nike's Tessa Medium Duffel Bag

I spotted this bag a month ago when I was looking for a bag and a pair of rubber shoes I could use to go to the gym. I decided to forego buying this bag when I got my shoes because I couldn’t afford it yet. I figured no one would buy this one yet because it’s on display, and who buys expensive bags in Nike anyway?

When I returned a couple of days ago, I saw that they only have the smaller version of the bag on display. I could have bought that one instead, but I wanted a bigger bag, one that I could use for out of town overnight trips, you know?

I checked the Nike Park branch near my office again and asked if they have the bigger version but they don’t! And now I’m quite depressed because I really, really want that bag. Really, really want.

Do I need it? Let me try and justify.

Haha seriously. I don’t really, really need it, but it would be a good kind of comfort for me to have a bag like this so I won’t be carrying Teo over my shoulder and instead bring it in my backpack that hardly feels heavy at all.

Plus it’s so pretty. It has pink interiors too! I want!!!

Now if only I can find one. I’ve got a couple of stores in mind to check out for this one, and I swear, the next time I see it, I will definitely buy it already. Itr couldn’t be harder to find than breeches, right? I’ve got a 10% discount (on selected stores) already because of my Fitness First membership…but if I can get a better deal, why not?

If you find this one in any Nike branch, will you please let me know? Please please please?

After this, it will be my last bag purchase for a long time. I promise. After this, I’ll start buying clothes. Harhar. :P

A more serious post tomorrow, promise!