Also known as: I ramble because I feel like I need to post here. And some Black Saturday thoughts.

You’d think I’d write more here now that we’ve settled into the new-old house and had our Internet set up and all that. Yeah, I thought so too. But alas, life has caught up with me and I find myself not having words to write here. I’ve been busy with work, reading and generally trying to stay healthy after a slew of allergies and asthma attacks got me in the past weeks.

I wish I could regale you with more words, really, but I’m caught in this weird funk. Strangely, I can write tons about the books I read, spout random bursts of emo-ness and even attempted to write some pieces of fiction. It’s not really lost — I’m just at a loss for words here.

So excuse me for that.

On another note, Holy Week 2011 was very interesting. It was quiet, hot, and it crept up to me with surprises that got me blubbering like a grateful and loved idiot in the middle of the night during Good Friday. It’s good, remembering the story of ALL stories, and remembering that I am not just a spectator but a part of that story. Interestingly enough, I think I found this year’s lesson for me on Black Saturday, the day in the Holy Week where really, nothing happens.

I’m not sure why it resonated with me…except maybe I can relate to the nothingness of Black Saturday. To the waiting. The holding of the breath. The wondering in what happens next. I must thank Matt Maher for his Holy Week reflections, especially video #6:

To quote:

Imagine what that must have felt like…the combination of anxiety and excitement and fear…you know, the kind of hope where you like, “I don’t even want to hope this is real because I can’t even handle the let down if it’s not.” And so…I don’t know if there are areas in your life right now where you’re kind of sick of waiting and you’re trying to find easy solutions, or you’re trying to find quick ways around the waiting. But I want to encourage you today to wait. To let those moments sit. Like they do on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday…give yourself some space to wait, and to let God move. And I think you’ll be surprised at what He can do with a little bit of time.

That definitely made me think. Thoughts on waiting require more than one post, so I would spare you from that. Let’s just say that right now, I feel like I’m being asked to just…wait. I definitely have that feeling of “I don’t even want to hope this is real because I can’t even handle the let down if it’s not.” Believe me, I do. My defense mechanisms are starting to think of scenarios on how I’d handle that let down if it happens, and a part of me is wishing really, really hard for it to choose another way. I don’t know, really. Except for that — I’m being asked to wait. Let God move. Just like how He did on Black Saturday.


So yeah, this may be some kind of holding pattern. So I will wait. As for what I’m waiting for…maybe I’ll share next time. Maybe.

Welcome to Quarter Life

Also known as: The Twenty-Fifth Birthday Celebration

I apologize for the late post — as usual, work took over my life and it didn’t stop even during my birthday. It’s kind of stopping now, thank goodness, and I find it kind of strange that it took me up until the end of March to blog about my birthday. Usually I do that on the day itself, or at least, a few days after.

Maybe this is a sign of aging.

Anyway. My 25th birthday started a little early when I met up with one of my best friends, Happy, for a one-on-one girl talk. That’s where I got my first cake of the day, the Starbucks Cake Pop (which was awesome, by the way). I got home before midnight, and then the greetings started pouring in. :)

Cookie says "Happy birthday!"

I stayed awake a little bit more to answer some messages and answer a phone call from Dodge before going to bed. Then the real fun started.


But I must confess you’re so much more than I remember

Also known as: Anberlin in Manila!

I think I heard all about Anberlin from my college batch mate, Anne, who blogged about them sometime in college. I was kind of picky with my music back then (and until now, I think), so I didn’t really pay attention until I somehow downloaded one of their songs and somehow liked it. I got their albums, but I wasn’t able to appreciate them yet because I felt they were too heavy for me. It wasn’t until I was finally working that I paid attention to them and realized, “Hey, Anberlin’s a really great band!”

Suffice to say, Anberlin became the anthem of my early working life. I remember relating so much to Time and Confusion and Never Take Friendship Personal, and how they used to be my gym music and how I can’t pick just one favorite song. They became one of my quick-to-recommend bands, along with Switchfoot and Mae. Want new music? Listen to Anberlin!

So when I heard that they were going to Manila in March, there was absolutely no way I would miss it. Knowing their tickets were very cheap too got me more excited, and it was time to round up the concert buddies to watch this long-awaited show.

Anberlin in Manila


It was last night. I claimed a pre-birthday vacation leave, just as what I did last year for Paramore. I had no expectations with the concert, really, except enjoy their songs and the show and the company. I only wished for them to play A Day Late, but I saw a set list posted somewhere and it wasn’t included. I decided that it doesn’t matter anyway — as long as I get to hear them play.

So concert day, Happy and I arrived at A-Venue a little later than the usual (my fault, sorry) but we still got a good view at the left side of the stage. There were so many people in the VIP, which was expected because it was pretty cheap. They were selling booze and smoking was allowed inside, which kind of surprised me, but hey, there is a first time for everything, I guess.

Three front acts played and then there they were. HELLO ANBERLIN.

Wohoo! Probably the best shot I got of the whole band from my vantage point.