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Merry Christmas!

So…I meant to write a story again this year, but alas, real life is always, always on the way. Have you noticed how quiet it has been here in this blog lately? I know, right. Even I am surprised. Maybe changes are coming along the way, who knows?
Oh who am I kidding — yes, there are changes, and I hope to have them up by January 2011. Please life, give me time to do that.

On another note, in lieu of a story, here’s a picture greeting instead:

Merry Christmas! :)

Yep, Merry Christmas everyone! :) I used to have a Santa hat, but it’s gone missing, so the sunflower hat should do, right? :)

So, flowering trees and snow aside, I hope this Christmas finds you well and blessed and happy with your family, loved ones and friends. And I hope this Christmas, forgive me for using the cliche, but I hope we remember the reason for the season. A little birthday greeting, perhaps? :)

Happy birthday, Jesus! :) Enjoy your party!

So peace, love, blessings, good food and books to one and all. :) Leaving you with a song from the one and only, Dave Barnes. :D


God bless everyone. :)

Beaches and Awesome Music Videos

So yeah, I’ve been busy. A little too busy than normal, and I’m really sorry for not being able to post. I wanted to, but there were always other things I had to work on, like a surprise party for one of my closest friends and a beach trip over the weekend. I don’t know why I ended up organizing all those in the span of two weekends, but I did, and truth be told, I can’t wait for May.

But that’s always the case for me, so I really should stop complaining and wishing for other things when I can be satisfied with what I have now, right?


So anyway, yes, I am off to the beach this weekend, because we’ve all been itching to go to the beach. I’m glad we won’t be spending so much there, and I’m just really psyched to go somewhere out of Manila and enjoy the heat of the sun in the best place — right beside the ocean. I can’t wait to go snorkeling again (because that’s a really effective way to lose the unwanted fats, even better than the best diet pills for women), and just feel the sand and water on my feet.

Yes, yes, I can’t wait for the beach.

And speaking of the beach, here’s Dave Barnes on the beach, with his music video of God Gave Me You, which premiered yesterday. Awesome video to an awesome song, and I fell in love with him all over again. ♥ His wife is at the end of the video, too, watch out for her! :)


What You Want, What You Get

day five.

I meant to blog this last night but I was too lazy to bring out Teo, plus it was late and I needed to sleep.

So I was browsing through Twitter last night and this tweet got my attention:

Of course that cheered me up. I didn’t realize it’s only a month till Dave’s new album comes out. To say I’m very excited is an understatement — we all know how much I love Dave, and how awesome his single from this album is, right? Right?

Then about half an hour or so later, I saw this tweet:

Guess who scrambled to get her computer out and pre-ordered the album? :P You don’t need high-end video cards to get that, I think. :P

So before I slept last night this morning, I had a brand new legit album in Macy, and I couldn’t be any more giddier. See?

Ah. Sometimes what you want is what you get. ;) I can’t wait to get my hands on the actual CD.

What are you waiting for? Go get Dave Barnes‘ new album, now!

God Gave Me You

I was all set to sleep last night to start my early day today, but this tweet woke me up:

God Gave Me You

That certainly woke me up. Guess who immediately went to iTunes store and bought the track?

A.D.D. Moment: I love that my dad has a US iTunes account that I use and is linked to his Paypal (where most my blog earnings are going). :D It gives me access to these music and I can support the artists I love.

In a few minutes, I was listening to his new song and swooning. If we weren’t about to sleep, I would have been squealing like an idiot too. :p I think I played the song five times last night until I fell asleep! Ah Dave, I love you so. ♥

Gaaah. I can’t wait for the new album. This will definitely give me more reasons to look forward to April!

Now excuse me, I’ll go back to listening to the song for the nth time. :P

God Gave Me You - Dave BarnesGod Gave Me You

Dave Barnes
Album: What We Want, What We Get (out April 6, 2010)

I’ve been a walking heartache
I’ve made a mess of me
The person that I’ve been lately
Ain’t who I wanna be

But you stay here right beside me
Watch as the storm goes through
And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you

There’s more here than what were seeing
A divine conspiracy
That you, an angel lovely
Could somehow fall for me
You’ll always be love’s great martyr
Ill be the flattered fool
& I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you

On my own I’m only
Half of what I could be
I can’t do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I could baby, never undo

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you, gave me you.
Gave me you.

EDIT! I still can’t get enough of the song, and because of that, here’s a video. ♥

[youtube Ym5HqErLgYQ]

You, the Night and Candlelight

You, the Night and Candlelight

Ah Dave. If there’s any single artist I really and truly love for all the songs sung and written, it’s Dave Barnes. I’ve posted and raved about him and some of his songs and his video here, and he’s one of the artists that I have sworn to support and see live in my life time.

So when he announced in his MySpace and his email group that he’s going to release an EP…well, I knew I just couldn’t and won’t miss it. For anything. Even if it meant having to go through the confusing iTunes store sign up. Yes, I love Dave that much. No moving companies can stop me. (huh)

I’m not much of a music reviewer, really because I focus more on the lyrics, but I’m going to try reviewing Dave’s newest EP here…why? Because I love this guy. :P Haha. Seriously. You should go listen to his album. I’m not kidding. :P Anyway, here we go!

You, the Night and Candlelight is Dave’s Valentine’s offer to all his fans. It’s a five-song EP that contains two remakes of his old songs, one revival and two new songs. It’s all about love, obviously, and the wonderful (really? :P) feeling of being with someone you love during that special Valentine’s night.

Okay, maybe I’m making it up. But I have a feeling this EP is something that you can play on a date during Valentine’s day and enjoy every single song. It’s all clean music, which is a big big plus, and makes it even more romantic. :) From the first song, Loving You, Loving Me (about looking forward to the one you love coming home) to his amazing revival of My Girl to the beautiful remake of his own song Until You (I can never have enough of this song — and this one is in piano version…ahhh beautiful), to Home, where he sings about finding home wherever the people he loves are and finally to another remake of his wedding song, I Have and Always Will with singer Amy Grant.

It’s such a beautiful EP that I kind of wished it was longer, but then I wouldn’t have time to appreciate everything after. That, and the pretty album cover — I’m just really, really sold.

So don’t miss out. :P His EP is available in iTunes, and you can also drop by his website to watch videos and listen to voicemail which will only be available until February 14. And did I mention that Dave is such a comedian? :P

You, the night and candlelight is all I’ll ever need,
Loving you, loving me.

Until You by Dave Barnes Music Video

One thing I love about Dave signing up for a record company is now his songs would have more airtime (not here, of course) and that means his singles would have to have videos. :D YAY. So now I present to you Dave Barnes’ video of (in my best friend’s words) the ultimate song, Until You. Go and grab some food from your fridge, pantry, sit back and enjoy. :D Spread the Dave love. ♥


Her watercolored eyes they shine

In preparation for the arrival of Dave Barnes’ new CD in my hands (which will arrive around May :D), I’ve been listening to his songs from his past albums (Three then Four, Brother, Bring the Sun, and Chasing Mississippi). The thing I really love about Dave is that you get to love all of his songs over time. The first song I really liked listening from him was Grace’s Amazing Hands, followed by my love for his song Until You. And then there’s the sad Stay Away and the oh-so-happy Butterflies. As I was playing my Dave playlist, I found myself listening once again to one of his old songs which I never really paid attention to before, and now I’m loving it. :D It has this funky groove, the type you’d like to listen to while preparing for a night out with friends or driving somewhere on the way to an excursion, digital cameras in hand. Yeah. Makes me feel like summer all over again. :D

So without further ado, I share with you Someday Sarah by Dave Barnes from the Chasing Mississippi album. :D Happy Friday!


Dave Barnes

Her face can move a mountain
Her water colored eyes, they shine
Every breathe she takes, she takes a little bit of mine
She’s every woman’s envy
Her smile it rises like the sun
When you think you’ve come to the end of her, you’ve just begun

Someday, Sarah
Someday, you will be my baby
Someday, Sarah
Someday, you will be my baby

Her lips ring loud with glory
Her words they rattle and the hum
There’s no part of woman that she has not become
Her laughter peals like thunder
Her anger like the ocean tide
Her love is thick and sweet and it’s Sahara-wide

Someday, Sarah
Someday, you will be my baby.
Someday, Sarah
Someday, you will be my baby.

Me and You and the World

Dave Barnes - Me and You and the World

Following the release of his second independently recorded and launched album Chasing Mississippi, Dave Barnes began writing material for his next album while touring. During this tour, Barnes co-headlined a tour across the central states of the United States with best friend Matt Wertz. While on tour, Barnes was approached by Razor and Tie, a commercial recording label.

Having studied recording Industry Management in university, Barnes had developed the opinion that he should not engage in contracts with recording labels, however decided that in order to expand his musical audience, he would need to do so and signed an agreement with Razor and Tie, with whom he recorded the newly written album Me and You and the World.

As this album is his first commercial release, two songs have been included from his previous independent efforts, “On a Night Like This” and “Until You”, which both originated from his first album Brother, Bring the Sun. Originally upon the announcement of the track listing, the song “Someday” was speculated as being a re-recording and minor renaming of “Someday, Sarah” from his second album Chasing Mississippi, however it was actually a separate song altogether. The final track from the album is named “Annie”, which is Barnes’ wife’s given name.

The first single from the album is the re-recorded version of the song “Until You”. The song’s arrangement is nearly identical to the original, however is marginally slower, includes various additional guitar fills in the background, and additional backing vocals are evident towards the end of the song.


Well, okay, it’s not yet physically here, but Dave Barnes, one of my favorite artists, just released his newest album, Me and You and the World! :) I’ve been waiting for this since last month, and I even posted about actually going out to buy a CD instead of going the pirate other way. I ordered the CD last weekend and it will be delivered to my friend’s aunt’s house in California. Then she will go there late this month, and she will bring it home by May. I know it’s a long wait for me to get the CD (and free DVD!), but I know it’s going to be worth it. :D

If you still don’t know Dave Barnes (my gosh!), go to his website. Or his MySpace. Go, NOW!

Or, you can watch his Me and You and the World album preview right here. :D I’ll post a review of the album once I get my hands on it. :D This is definitely something I look forward to more than luxury vacations. :D

[youtube] DyK3XnJ9l_s [/youtube]

For the love of Dave

Okay, I admit.

I’m a big fan of mp3s.

I’m not much of a CD person. For one, they’re expensive. Yes, they’re cheaper than an Emily crib, but it hurts to spend so much money on a single CD. >_> Another thing is, the CDs of the artists I like doesn’t even reach our shores. I can get stuff from my dad, but at the back of my mind, I’d rather buy a book than buy a CD whose mp3s I already own.

I know, I know. If you love the artist, you wouldn’t mind spending for them…but that’s why I spend all out if the artist has a concert here. I mean, I even sell tickets for their events. Then again…that’s not the same. And not all artists I love actually come here.

Oh, but it’s not that I haven’t bought a CD ever. I’m a proud owner of two Jennifer Knapp albums, Warren Barfield‘s first album, Building 429‘s Rise, an Avalon CD given by Ganns, Our God Reigns by Hillsong, Audio Adrenaline’s Hit Parade, 2 Jars of Clay CDs and 3 of Switchfoot. It’s just that I’d rather download them since it’s easier…and yes, it’s “free.”

Now before you go all mad at me and scream, “PIRAAAATE!!!!”, let me say something first. It wasn’t until I got to meet one of my favorite bands, Switchfoot, till I changed my mind.

Backtrack to that concert, I bought two of their albums (Learning to Breathe and The Beautiful Letdown, and I managed to convince Tim Foreman to give me the broken Oh! Gravity CD for free :P) for the purpose of having them signed later on (it’s also why I bought Jars of Clay CDs before, just in case I can have them signed, at least I have CDs). I got them signed, yay, but that doesn’t mean I’d stop downloading, right?

A few months later, Switchfoot becomes independent, and then Jon releases his two EP, Fall and Winter. I was tempted to just download it, and I saw someone upload it on Multiply already. And then I remember how I sold CDs during their concert. I realized that I really loved this band, and because I know them personally, I can’t just rip them off or else they won’t be able to produce music anymore (took me that long to realize that, huh). It was then I decided that I’d buy his EPs online, and so I did (and they rock).

Now another one of my beloved artists, Dave Barnes, is releasing a new album soon. And I’m so darn excited. But I don’t want to just download his album. It doesn’t feel right anymore (and it should never have felt “right” in the first place). Now I admit I wouldn’t have found out about him if not for my friend’s patience in getting his songs, and I wouldn’t be able to even find out about him…but now that he’s releasing a new record, I thought I’d show him love as a fan and I’d actually pre-order his CD ((I’d pre-order it because I get more perks with the pre-order than if I just buy it after it’s released :P)). Yes, I will actually buy it. Thing is, it ships only in the US and on April. I have a friend who’s in the US right now so I guess I can ship it to her…but then again she goes back to the country on May. Can I wait that long?

Hm. I can, I can! FOR THE LOVE OF DAVE! And hopefully after that, I can save enough of my online earnings so I can buy his other CDs. :)

Oh, and I haven’t downloaded a song or album for the past three months. That’s a good thing, right? :) I’m hoping to find a way to actually buy all the CDs of my favorite artists, just so I can give back to them for making such great music. Give me time (and money), I’ll get them all. Promise.

And one more thing. Before I go, if you don’t know who Dave Barnes is…well, here’s a sample of one of my favorite songs:

[youtube fJuVbWy5dRU]

On Artists and Outrageous Concert Prices

Ack, my lips are so itchy. I’m praying these are just windburned lips and not some kind of lip allergy from using a more than six months old lip shine. Eep. I’ve been dousing it with petroleum jelly for the entire day and it gets itchier after I eat since it becomes dry, and it’s so annoying. :/

I accomplished some things for one of my goals for 2008 for this month, which I will post about in an update soon. It’s got me a couple of thousand bucks poorer though, but I’d like to believe that’s an investment. Besides, I badly need them. :D Heh. In the next week I’d be accomplishing some other goals too, which means more late time going home from work because of lots of meetings. I’m kind of nervous about tomorrow’s meeting, though, since it’s my first time to hea one, and I’m not yet entirely sure if I understood everything. I’m not regretting being placed in this position though; I’m just nervous. Pray for me, please? :) After that, I shall prepare for my first ever presentation during our general assembly on Friday. Eep. :o Which reminds me, I planned to work on one document I should be emailing by tomorrow today, but then…there’s such a thing as work-life balance, so let’s make use of that. I’d have time tomorrow. :)

Speaking of work-life balance, I just heard from some friends that Maroon 5 concert tickets for their March 5 show in Araneta Coliseum are already available via TicketNet…and check out these prices:

Patron VIP (101, 103, 1st 20 rows) (Reserved Seating) – PhP 10500
Patron (Reserved Seating) – PhP 7875
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) – PhP 5250
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) – PhP 3938
Upper Box B (Free Seating) – PhP 2625
Gen. Admission (Free Seating) – PhP 1575

Look. At. Those. Prices. More than a thousand bucks for General Admission?! My gosh. What can you see from GenAd anyway? And ten thousand for one ticket? What if you’re on the 20th row already, is that still worth P10,500? OUTRAGEOUS. That’s even more expensive than assisted living software (I think)!

Then again…I remember Josh Groban front seat tickets are P25,000 each…so this looks small compared to that. BUT STILL! The most expensive ticket I ever bought was for the Jars of Clay concert three years ago…and that’s really close. Switchfoot’s highest priced ticket is even cheaper than Maroon 5’s General Admission. :-o

Yes, they are big artists…but the tickets are just…whoa. I was planning to watch, but my wallet is seriously disagreeing with me; and if I do decide to watch, I could say goodbye to Sydney.

And now this makes me wonder who else will be going here this year. I haven’t heard any news from our bosing during the Switchfoot concert, since I guess she’s busy…so no news yet of who will be coming here that we’ll be able to help organize. Switchfoot is coming to the Pacific, but not passing by Philippines so I am totally envious of Gharri who will be in Malaysia at the same time they are. :P Here’s my current artist “wishlist” though:

  • Brooke Fraser (I heard she visited the Philippines early last year, but not to perform but as a part of some movement…I’m not sure if it’s World Vision).
  • Dave Barnes (Dream on, Tina :D).
  • Matt Wertz (Bring him with Dave!)
  • Jars of Clay (I still dream of being able to hug and have a picture with Dan Haseltine).
  • Switchfoot (Once is definitely not enough).
  • Anberlin
  • Mae
  • Bethany Dillon (Her show does not have to be in a big venue…a small venue would definitely be better :D)
  • Lifehouse
  • Relient K (Appetite for Construction tour here too? Please? :D)
  • Nichole Nordeman (She could do a show with Bethany? Hee.)
  • TobyMac

Ah. I could list so much more…but I’ll stop here. :D Now I have to finish watchig this Ugly Betty episode and finish the book I’ve been meaning to finish since last yesterday. Have a great week everyone. :)