Marchin’ On

I’m only really supposed to have one post here every week (have you noticed?), but I’m making an excuse this week, just because.

Thanks, February, for being so awesome. February 2013 may just have been the best February I’ve had so far, and I am not kidding about that at all. So just like how I thanked January, here I am thanking February, too.

And now…

Hello, favorite month. :)

Image from we heart it
Image from we heart it

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I stopped Facebook-ing and Twitter-ing last Ash Wednesday, so I am kind of having a hard time remembering some of the links I would like to share to you guys here. But, thank you, Google Reader and your stars. Here’s some of the things I read this month that helped me, and I hope would help you in some way, too. :)

  • He Withholds No Good Thing from Us (Single Roots)

    God wants good things for me, for you. And He gives good things even when we don’t seek them or recognize them. Because God is GOOD. ALL THE TIME. Period. I meditate on that truth and realize that singleness is good for me right now.

    I read Psalm 84:11 and in that verse I see that God’s timing is perfect. As I spend time with Him and seek to walk uprightly, I can take comfort in the fact that He knows. He knows when the timing will be right for both me and for my husband.

    He knows what is good for both of us and, when it is, He will not withhold it from us any longer.

  • The Pope’s Fearless Decision (LifeTeen)

    This is the Pope who fearlessly stood on a platform throughout a heavy rainstorm in Madrid and proceeded once the rain stopped falling to bring out the Blessed Sacrament and lead young people in a half hour of silent Eucharistic Adoration.

  • Love Will Find A Way (Allison Vesterfelt)

    In my quest to read a lot of books, I discovered that a lot of this comes down to knowing yourself. You’ve got to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and play to them. It works for trying to read a lot of books and it works for anything else you want to accomplish.

    If you love something, you’ll find a way to do it.

  • God is not an if-then God (the wild love)

    He blesses because that is who He is. Oh, friend, can I dig this deep into our skin and write it across our foreheads, and remind us when we sit in silence in the face of our choices and how much we fear they will be, not only wrong, but without blessing?

    God blesses because He loves us.

  • I Don’t Think God Has a Plan for my Love Life (Prodigal Magazine)

    I haven’t quite sorted out exactly how God works with us without controlling every detail, but it brings me comfort. It’s so much more powerful that trying to follow a map or hoping that other people are following their maps so that we can get past this mess and just get married. If there’s no map, but there is an incarnate God who will stand with us and for us, we can have peace even when things fall apart. We can simply engage with reality and ask God to meet us, wherever we are.

    I don’t need a God with a blueprint plan if I can have a God who is with me.

    (Make sure to read the comments section of this post — so amazing.)

Happy March, everyone!


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