If my life were a TV show, this is where the flashbacks come in

I’ve had a really, really long week. Stayed late at work almost all week, had meetings, rejoiced over David Cook winning American Idol, had a terribly embarrassing moment, had really painful realizations, and had a despedida dinner for someone at work. If it weren’t for the daily mass, I’d probably be crazy right now. And it’s not over because of some big things happening this weekend, which I want to be excited for, but for some reason, I am not. This is weird, yes, but I’m guessing this is just an oppression…so….

Anyway. Long week it was. Lots of changes, things happening at work and my life that sometimes I just want to ask God to pause all of it for a while, and let me breathe. You know the feeling? This is definitely one of the moments I want a remote control where I could pause life for a while when it’s getting too suffocating with everything that’s happening, ala Click. Or, have a pensieve (sp?) like Albus Dumbledore where I could just dump my thoughts and memories there and go back to them when I’m ready.

I was telling Alvin and Grace earlier while the three of us hung out at Starbucks: if this were a TV show, this is the moment where the flashbacks come in. You know, the episode where everyone recalls what happened to them in the past? That one. We had Grace‘s despedida dinner earlier at work, and it hit me more today that Grace is really leaving. I’m happy for her, really, that her dream to go to Japan is now coming true…but there’s the sad feeling of her leaving the company. I know it’s a fact of life, that people come and go into your life, especially at work. It just feels sad that one my closest friends at work is leaving. :( I know we’ll still be friends, but it’s just…different. We didn’t even get to wear funny t-shirts together. Awww.

So earlier, we were talking about our first days in the company and how much fun we used to have as a team…we still have fun, yes, but a lot of things have changed now. I can’t go into detail, but it is very different. A few days ago, I was listening to one of the songs I kept on playing when I was first in the night shift and I remembered how simple everything seemed then. How easy it is to love my job, how easy it is to love my team. I still love my job and my team, but…like I said, things are changing and it’s not really comfortable.

Truth be told, I miss the old days. I miss how it was before.

But…we’ve got to face the music. I’ve got to adjust.


So…if you could spare some time for me, friends, please pray for me. The next few days are bound to be physically and emotionally taxing, I’m going to need all the prayers I can get.

In the meantime…enjoy your weekend friends. To those going to the Hillsong United worship on Monday, see you! :) And pray for us too. :D

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